December 6, 2022

Adrienne Landau Biography, Home, Fur Throw, Fashion, And Early Life.

Adrienne Landau Biography.

Adrienne Landau is an American fashion designer with a career spanning over four decades. Based in New York City, Adrienne’s products specializes in items made out of luxury fur.
She has been known as ‘The Cape Lady’ due to her extensive collection of capes but is also famous for her coats, scarves, shrugs, leg warmers, and bags.

 Early Life

Despite  Adrienne Landau falling in love with one of her mother’s fur coats in her early childhood, she trained primarily in the fine arts as a painter while growing up.
Also, she spent most of the 1970s focused on refining her craft and on exhibiting her work.
Her foray into fashion design happened by accident when she traded some of her art supplies for fur swatches and a coat that she then assembled together into a sleeveless garment that would end up setting the tone for her fashion vision.
Adrienne’s trained painter’s eye gave her insight into new ways to combine materials and styles. Hence creating an aesthetic that would make her stand out from peers.

Adrienne Landau photo

Adrienne Landau Fashions @HSN.COM

She immediately became a fashion sensation, with Elizabeth Taylor ordering kimonos to wear as robes.
Since that accidental beginning, she becomes a household name.
Landau’s designs have been featured in the most essential fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W.
Additionally, her love of real fur hasn’t derailed her success. Although, in the last decade, she has continued to make an impact.
Adrienne has created custom looks for the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé.
Her label has expanded to include lingerie, bags, gloves, and other such accessories. This allows Adrienne to experiment even further with combinations of jewelry and colors.

Adrienne constantly produces luxury and opulent items. Accordingly, each season people flock to them, even after four decades in the business. Her vision hasn’t wavered.
Furthermore, her clothes defy the constraints of fashion and gender. Therefore going beyond limits to create a very specific and unmatched visuality.

 Adrienne Landau Home And Living

 Fur Throw

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