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Angela Ganote Biography

Angela Ganote is an American journalist who grew up in Brownsburg, worked at WLFI in Lafayette, WSBT in South Bend, and WCMH in Columbus, Ohio. Ganote graduated from Indiana University and had no idea she would go into the TV until a chance meeting with fellow news anchors, Anne Marie Tiernan.


Buchman was born on September 18, 1972. She is 49 years old as of 2021.

Angela Ganote Husband/ Family

Ganote is married to Bradd DeBello Ganote on 21st September 2002. Bradd is originally from Pennsylvania. Currently, the pair has two children- daughter Ashlyn Ganote and son Brock Ganote.


Angela attended Hamilton Southeastern High School where she was able to develop her interest in meteorology, the atmosphere, natural phenomena, and geography. She graduated high school in 1990 after being an excellent student.

Later, she decided to then attend Indiana State University with a major in business. After a short time, she changed her major to apparel merchandising but did not like that either.

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Her parents then encouraged her to talk to Chuck Lofton, a local weatherman. They were able to advise her correctly and she changed her university to Purdue University and her major to Atmospheric Sciences and graduated in 1996.

While in college, Angela worked at the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. After that, her first TV assignment was at WLFI-TV 18 in West Lafayette, Indiana. From there, she spent four years forecasting the weather in Sacramento, California.

She returned to central Indiana in 2001 to work at WISH-TV and then moved on to WTHR13 in 2012 where she works to date. Her forecasting has earned her five Emmy awards.

 Personal Life

Angela Buchman Ganote was born on September 18, 1972, in Newark, Ohio to parents Dan and Brenda Buchman at the Newark hospital. Furthermore, she has a sister, Erica Wojtalik née Buchman.

Her sister, Erica, and husband Pat opened Pat’s Philly Pretzels in June 2013 at Fisher, Indiana and Angela attended the opening of the store.

A very persistent rumor made by a few media outlets that Peyton Manning, who is a five-time NFL MVP for the Indianapolis Colts had allegedly dated Angela Buchman between 2009 and 2011.

Angela Ganote Facts

  • Angela is a travel softball coach in addition to being a NEWS anchor.
  • Despite having experience in being a cheerleader, basketball, and soccer coach in the past, Angela decided to make a career in the News business.
  • Like the majority of Americans, she loves football and is a huge Colts and Cowboys fan.
  • Let’s hope she never gets into a fight with her husband on this choice of life because he is a huge Dallas fan.
  • They say that age is just a number and Angela decided to celebrate her number 40 at two football games.
  • According to Angela her worst moment and according to people who have a crush on her, their best moment was when her skirt was lifted due to a leaf blower.
  • In an interview, Angela says that her biggest fear is not getting her kids through college. She goes on to talk about how being a woman in her business comes with a shelf life and that she wants to make sure that she keeps working so that her kids can get the education they need.
  • After 11 years of working at WISH-TV, she finally had the chance to work with Chuck Lofton who she owes her decision to change majors.
  • Angela works out four days a week and her favorite way to stay in shape is a ballet barre class.
  • Besides her work and family, Angela’s interests include travel, water skiing, fashion, and shopping.
  • How tall is Angela Buchman Height: 5’ 5”


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Angela Ganote WGU

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Soaring college costs are a hot topic. A touchy topic! From presidential candidates talking free college to others promoting no college at all as trade schools gain in popularity. There are a lot of options to further your education available and one right here in Indiana you might not know that much about.

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If you are graduating from high school and traditional college is more your thing. The department of education just released their top ways of bringing down college costs.

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