Ashlyn Sanchez Biography, Age, Family, Height, and Net Worth

Ashlyn Sanchez Biography

Ashlyn Sanchez is a former American child actress. Notable roles include Crash and The Happening. She was born as Ashlyn Kohl Sanchez.

She earned specific praise for her role in Crash: “Michael Pena and Ashlyn Sanchez flat out steal the movie with their sweet-yet-not-saccharine, wholly realistic father-daughter relationship.

They share an incredibly touching scene that not only adds gravitas to their storyline but also to the entire movie”; and criticism for her role in The Happening.


She was born on 27th July 1996 in California, USA.She is 26 years old.

Ashlyn Sanchez Dating

According to records, she is single.

Ashlyn Sanchez Family

She has not disclosed much about her family .she only states that her mother helped her pursue her career. The only family person disclosed is her younger sister  Madeline.


Her height is not disclosed.


  • Universal Signs
  • The Happening
  • Raines (TV Series)
    Grace Tobman

    – Inner Child Grace Tobman
  •  Without a Trace (TV Series)
    Sofie Delgado

    – Without You, Sofie Delgado
    – Desert Springs. Sofie Delgado
  •  Marrying God (Short)
  •  2006Vanished (TV Series)
    Inez Kelton

    – The New World (2006) … Inez Kelton
    – Resurrection (2006) … Inez Kelton
    – Before the Flood (2006) … Inez Kelton
    – Pilot (2006) … Inez Kelton
  •  2006The West Wing (TV Series)
    Miranda Santos

    – Welcome to Wherever You Are (2006) … Miranda Santos
    – Running Mates (2006) … Miranda Santos

    The Last Hurrah (2006) … Miranda Santos

  •  Kill Your Darlings
  •  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series)
    April Torres

    – A Bullet Runs Through It: Part 1 (2005) … April Torres
  • Alias (TV Series)
    Young Renée

    – Out of the Box  … Young Renée
  •  2004/ICrash
  • Charmed (TV Series)
    Little Bianca

Ashlyn Sanchez Now

She is matured and fully grown up now, but still, the audiences see her as a child actress who used to be cute and lovely. Sanchez holds an American nationality and has crossed a legal age to get married.

Although her appearance is low these days, still she is a perfect example of gorgeousness along with cuteness. Her body is slim and has got dark-brown colored eyes and hair.

Ashlyn Sanchez The Happening

She took a role, Jess of the 2008 film, The Happening which she received a lot of praise from fans.


She acted as Lara in the film.


She took the role of the Little Bianca in the first episode of Charmed.