Cree Cicchino Biography, Age, Twin Sister, Boyfriend, Family, Movies and Net Worth

Cree Cicchino Bio

Cree Cicchino born on May 9, 2002, in New York City, New York, United States, is an American teen actress and dancer.


Born on 9th May,  2002, Cree is 20 years old.


She is 1.47 meters tall.

Cree Cicchino Family|Parents

She is the daughter of Chris Cicchino and Lori Cicchino.

Cree CicchinoTwin Sister

She has a twin sister by the name Jayce Cicchino, who is also a dancer.

Boyfriend | Boyfriend List

Being quite a private person, Cree has managed to keep her personal life off the limelight, thus details of who she has dated or if she has ever dated are not known.

And Jace Norman

She was once rumored to be in a relationship with Jace Norman but the rumor was never confirmed as true.

Cree Cicchino Career

Cree was introduced to the acting industry by her mother Lori Cicchino when she registered her into a comedy group and it was at this moment that she began to have interests in acting.

Cree kicked off her acting career in 2015, when she played the role of Babe Carano in the American sitcom Game Shakers . She has since become a fan favorite character in the series. She has a contract with the sitcom until 2018.

She also hosted Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Halloween Costume Party in 2015. Cree made an appearance as a guest on the show Piper’s Picks TV along with her Game Shakers co-star Madisyn Shipman.


Cree Cicchino Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $650,000

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  • Game Shekers
  • HoHo Holiday Special

Cree Cicchino Lifestyle



Cree Cicchino Facebook


On ‘Game Shakers,’ you play a young girl who successfully creates her own business. What does it mean to you to be that kind of role model for other young girls watching the show?

Cree: I always find the term role model to be a little confusing. Most of the time I believe a “true” role model needs to be someone you know personally; that’s how you know the character of a person, not just the persona. That said, if I have inspired anyone through my character or my journey or my words, I am so humbled by that.

What can fans expect throughout season two?

Cree: Season 2 is full of new and fun things that fans can really look forward to. We’ve got some crazy stunts, some cool guest stars, a lot of new sets and different sides and backstory to each character that we’ve never seen before.

What has playing Babe taught you about yourself and people around you?

Cree: Playing Babe has really shown me how many people it takes to keep a show going and how each job, from crew to cast to producers is so important. It takes an extreme amount of hard work and dedication.

Dan Schneider & Kel Mitchell

You’re working with Dan Schneider and Kel Mitchell, both Nickelodeon legends. What has that experience been like for you?

Cree: It’s honestly been such a new and crazy experience for me. When I got the show, I was new to acting and a huge fan of all of Dan’s shows so being able to work with him and a man as talented and legendary as Kel still has me pinching myself to this day.

What’s your favorite thing about the show, and your character?

Cree: My favorite thing about the show and my character is the portrayal of two girls not competing against one another, but working together and supporting each other. I think it’s a great message for young girls to see females as a team and not in a power struggle.


How/when did your passion for dancing come about?

Cree: My mom put me in dance when I was four years old, so I grew up with it. I guess it’s always been a part of my life, so I’ve always been passionate about it.

You’ve mentioned that you love writing in your downtime, what kind of stories do you write?

Cree: I write a variety of things depending on how much time I have or what mood I’m in. Some days I feel like writing a short fictional story while others I’m in the mood for poetry. It changes a lot and really depends.

Would you ever consider writing your own TV show or movie?

Cree: I haven’t planned on it, but don’t want to rule it out in the future. I love writing, and I love the craft so who knows what the future will bring.


Who are your acting/writing/dancing inspirations?

Cree: There are so many to choose from. Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Kristin Wiig, Gina Rodriguez are just a few. As for dancing my biggest inspiration is probably Beyoncé.

Looking through your social media, it’s clear you’re very supportive of anti-bullying campaigns. What makes you so passionate about this cause?

Cree: I grew up in a household that taught open-mindedness and equality and that the character of a person is most important. Over the years, as my understanding of current issues expands, it’s become very disheartening to see the world so different than what I’ve been taught. Bullying is such a problem. Hatred is such a problem. So my most basic of morals make me so passionate about this cause.

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