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Danielle Vega

Danielle Vega Biography

Danielle Vega is an American actress best known for her roles as Kim on the PBS television series Barney & Friends and as Ceci Camayo on Hulu’s drama series East Los High. She was born as Erica Danielle Rhodes.

Danielle Vega Age

He was born on February 4, 1986, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.She is 37 years old as of 2023.

Danielle Vega Husband

She was married to former England footballer Gary Lineker from 2009 until 2016.

Danielle Vega with her ex husband Gary Lineker.

Danielle Vega Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $950,000 as of 2023.

Danielle Vega American Idol

She auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol in 2009but was later cut in the Hollywood week auditions.

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Danielle Vega Interview

NT: Why did you choose to eat here at El Cholo?

I’ve been at this restaurant before and I loved the food. I also felt it was a great place both to eat and to be for the interview.

NT: Why did you choose to go to college and study broadcast journalism to then pursue a career in acting?

Acting has always been a passion of mine. actually  I started acting at the age of nine on “Barney and Friends.” I didn’t want to get my degree in the theatre because [I had] already been acting for so long and [had] taken classes before I was even on “Barney and Friends.”

I figured, “I’m going to get my degree in something that I can potentially use if acting doesn’t work out.”

Human Trafficking

NT: I saw your reel and I really liked it! In your reel, there was a scene from this short film that you did about human trafficking. What made you want to do that?

I consider myself to be a feminist and when my agent asked me if I was interested in doing that piece I said, “Yes!” It was a PSA and it didn’t pay much, but working with the director got my interest in the PSA.

I’m with [President] Lincoln basically saying that he freed the slaves, but we still have slavery going on today. I definitely wanted to be a part of that and I liked the message and movement they were going for.

NT: You can also say that topic and theme has a long way to go and connect with the misrepresentation of races in the media. I feel that minorities still have a long way to go.

Yes, I agree! It’s kind of sad how far we’ve actually gone in baby steps, but at least we are continuing to see progress.

I don’t feel like it’s asking for too much, but it’s actually really funny that I got that role and later on I found out Ceci’s journey East Los High in season two.

Domestic Abuse

NT: Speaking about domestic abuse and how your character in East Los High has to deal with that, my nail lady had told me a story about one of her clients suffering through an abusive marriage and how she couldn’t leave him because she was afraid. If I was that woman, I would have left, but sadly not everyone has the strength to do that.

I also know that financial stability is another factor that women take into consideration in a case like that because their husband is their source of income and if you were to leave that, what are you going to do?

With my character, Ceci, that’s something that she’s dealing with as well. I know when I was researching the role, I turned to a lot of people who were close to me who have been in those situations, which is disheartening.

Ceci showing off the bruise from her boyfriend (@EastLosHighShow/Twitter)

New Season

NT: Where do you see your character heading in the new season?

I get asked that a lot by my fans and I honestly don’t know. I hope that Ceci is strong enough to throw in the towel and leave if Pedro [her boyfriend] doesn’t change and continues to behave violently.

NT: How is it like on a set of “East Los High?”

Last season, we got the scripts a week before our table read and that’s where we met the other new cast members. We filmed from mid-February till April.

The show is kind of like a movie because we don’t film by episode, we film by location. We rehearse, shoot, go on break, and go back on set. One day you can be on set and then have to shoot something for the transmedia team in another studio, which can only be seen online.

Currently, we are on hiatus, which is why I don’t know much about what’s going to happen for the new season. The writers are still writing and we will start filming sometime in February.

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Future Projects

NT: Are there any future projects you are working on?

For now, it’s just “East Los High” and most of my castmates are hoping for the show to take off. I’m just excited for what the future holds.

NT: Now that you’re doing “East Los High” and people are starting to voice their opinions on controversial issues like diversity, do you believe your character is being represented accurately?

I think that a lot of the decisions that she is making really are in tune of someone in that situation. I think that Ceci has the fear of Pedro coming after her and her daughter because she has no one that she can turn for support.

Without him, she won’t be able to survive for both herself and her daughter, but I think she does realize how bad the situation is and she is willing to do whatever she needs to do to put her daughter in a better situation. The writers have done an incredible job in making the characters authentic.

NT: Any final words for those who want to make a change in the media?

I think that persistence is key with anything you want to see happen. If you want to see a change in how Latinos are represented on television then you need to make that happen yourself.

I don’t think that anyone is going to wait for you to make that change happen. “East Los High” started as a personal project because people got tired [of] seeing Latinos represented in a false light. Just know it can be done.

“East Los High” is preparing for their third upcoming season on Hulu. If you aren’t familiar with the show, make sure to check out their website and watch a scene of Danielle’s character Ceci below.

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