July 4, 2022

Danneel Ackles Bio, Age, Husband, Kids, Movies, Net Worth, SPN

Danneel Ackles Biography

Danneel Ackles born as Elta Danneel Graul is an American actress and model who played the role of Shannon McBain on the American daytime soap opera One Life To Live and as Rachel Gatine on the WB/CW television drama series One Tree Hill.

Danneel Ackles Age

Graul was born on March 18, 1979, in Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S. She is 40 years old as of 2018.

Danneel Ackles Family | Young

She was born in Lafayette and raised in Eunice in St. Laundry Parish. Her father’s name is Edward E. Graul Jr. is a practicing ophthalmologist while her mother’s name is Deborah Graul works as an interior designer.

Danneel Ackles Wedding

She became engaged to Jensen Ackles, the Supernatural actor, in November 2009 after three years of dating. They then got married on May 16, 2010. in Dallas, Texas.

Danneel Ackles Photo

Danneel Ackles Kids

They were blessed with their firstborn daughter was born in May 2013 and later they had their twins, a son and a daughter, who was born in December 2016.

Danneel Ackles Movies





TSA America: Suspicious Bulges



Mardi Gras: Spring Break



The Roommate

Irene Crew

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Vanessa Fanning


The Back-up Plan



Still Waiting…


Fired Up!



Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Vanessa Fanning

Harold & Kumar Go to Amsterdam

Vanessa Fanning

Extreme Movie



Ten Inch Hero

Platisha ‘Tish’ Madison


Rule Number One



The Plight of Clownana

Dildo Man’s Fan







Sister Jo / Anael


The Christmas Contract



Baby Boot Camp



How to Live with Your Parents…



Retired at 35

Jenn Harris

Naughty or Nice

Jill Rhodes


Friends with Benefits

Sara Maxwell



Jessica Shore

Trust Me


CSI: Miami

Abby Dawson


Free Radio

Danneel Harris

How I Met Your Mother

Nora Zinman


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Shasta McCloud


One Tree Hill

Rachel Gatina



New Paige Matthews


Cammie Cresswell


What I Like About You



London / Katie Harper


One Life to Live

Shannon McBain

Danneel Ackles Net Worth

She has acquired an estimated net worth of $3 million from her career.

Danneel Ackles One Tree Hill

She stars as Rachel Gatine.

Danneel Ackles Charmed

She stars as Paige Matthews.

Danneel Ackles Harold And Kumar

She stars as Vanessa Fanning.

Danneel Ackles Ten Inch Hero

She stars as Platisha ‘Tish’ Madison.

Danneel Ackles Supernatural

She stars her recurring role as Sister Jo/Anael.

Danneel Ackles Himym

She stars as Nora Zinman in How I Met Your Mother.

Danneel Ackles Tattoo | Wedding Ring

Danneel Ackles Tattoos and Wedding Ring

Danneel Ackles The Roommate

She stars as Irene Crew in The Roommate.

Danneel Ackles Twitter

Danneel Ackles Instagram

Danneel Ackles Interview

Danneel Ackles on Why ‘Supernatural’ Season 13 Was the Right Time to Guest Star

Source: variety.com

What was it about this time in the show’s history and your own life that made it the right moment to come on “Supernatural”?

The show has a huge fan based and they’re all on social media, and somebody pointed out to me that in 2006, on Twitter, I said that if “Supernatural” goes to Season 13, that’s when I’m going to guest star. And they screenshotted it and sent it back to me, so I guess the universe was like, “Yep, it’s time.” But I think it was just more the offer because before there had been some talk of going on and doing something like a demon or a sexy-something, and this particular role really interested me, and I thought it was good, and I don’t have to play a love interest of Jensen’s, so it works.

Is this marking a turning point for you, where you want to come back to acting?

You know, I would love to, but we have twin one-year-olds and a four-year-old and we just had another baby, which is our brewery we just opened about 30 days ago. So I would love to [and] if the opportunity came up, and it worked like this, great. This is fun, and literally we had all our kids in the trailer, and I was just running back and forth, and [Jensen] was the babysitter. It just worked.

How different is Sister Jo from previous faith healers the show has introduced?

She’s an extremely powerful faith healer — powerful enough that Lucifer finds out about her and is intrigued. He wants to elicit her help. She’s powerful enough that she’s able to negotiate with him, and that makes her different.

Where does Sister Jo fit in when it comes to the female characters on the show? Is there anyone you would compare her to when it comes to the type of strength or abilities she exhibits?

She’s definitely in line with all of the [women] in the “Wayward Sisters” spinoff. All of those female characters are so strong, and “Supernatural” is great about writing strong, female characters, and I feel like the majority of them hold their own. So I feel like in that she fits in with how “Supernatural” writes women.

What is it about her meeting with Lucifer that either inspires her to want to make a deal or forces her to have to make a deal?

Lucifer in “Supernatural” is very charming and kind of sexy in an offbeat way. She’s a very strong woman, and I think that he intrigues her. She’s attracted to him and his power. I think they kind of like that about each other.