David Dobrik, Net worth, Car Collection, Favorites, Pizza shop

David Dobrik is a Slovak Internet personality. He found early success on the video-sharing platform Vine, before starting his vlog on YouTube in 2015.

Why is David Dobrick famous?

Dobrik is known for being the leader of the popular YouTube ensemble The Vlog Squad, which features prominently in his vlogs and comprises rotating selections of his friend group.

As of 2022, his vlog channel had 19 million subscribers and 7.1 billion views.

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Net Worth

David’s net worth is $20 million

David Dobrik earned roughly $10 million a year. His income was mainly generated through his Youtube channel, brand deals, podcast, pizza restaurant, and brand deals among other businesses.


Dobrik owns a $12 million mansion in Los Angeles.

Showcasing the house in a youtube video, its yard includes an infinity pool, basketball court, and a two-seated sing deck. The mansion is seven bathrooms, six bedrooms, a movie theater, a jukebox, a pool table, three fireplaces, sculptures, murals, and an Iron Man suit.

Car Collection

The Youtuber owns a Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini LP610-4 variant, Ford Mustang Convertible, Jeep Wrangler, and Ford Bronco1976 model of the two-door Ford Bronco SUV, which he restored and gifted to his sisters.

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In 2021, David gave his fans a tour of his closet via Instagram. His closet was a sea of one color, black. Dobrick is known for wearing black.


David lost all of his youtube account monetization and advertisers in 2021 because of sexual allegations of misconduct. The incident occurred less than two months after the YouTuber had uploaded on his channel his new multi-million dollar home.

Dobrik rose to fame through his weekly vlogs with the “Vlog Squad,” a collective of friends and creators.

The group which doesn’t have set members travels around Los Angeles pulling pranks and wreaking havoc on each other. The internet personality has not posted on his youtube channel in months.

What happened to David Dobrik?

Dobrick has opened a pizza shop as he announced his break from youtube. The restaurant opened on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Nov. 12.

In the meantime, Dobrik has focused on online content that requires less editing and planning in places like Snapchat, where he was recently named one of the platform’s most viewed creators.


Favorite Pizza

David loves Chicago Pizza when he is back home. He loves thin, tavern-style pies. “That’s the actual pizza I grew up on tavern-style pizza, cut into squares, cracker-thin. That was my favorite.”

Favorite travel destination

Dobrik favorite travel destination is Dubai. “As far as travel goes, Dubai was at the top. Moving forward I’m really excited to see Japan it’s another very unique and futuristic city!”

Favorite Middle Eastern Food

The Youtuber said that he will take any food from CZN Burak. Anything from CZN Burak. “He was so sweet and his food was so great, unique, and presented in the coolest ways.”

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Is David Dobrik single?

David was alleged to be in a relationship with model Charlotte D’Alessio and he later denied the news as rumors.

He admits to having had a crush on Natalie Mariduena, but they never dated.

David dated Liza Koshy and the two broke up due to a distant relationship.

Other speculations were with  Madison Beer and Tana Mongeau, which David shut down.


David has received YouTube creator Awards, People Choice Awards, and Kids Choice Awards, among others.

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