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Denise Vasi Biography

Denise Vasi is an American fashion model and soap opera actress. Vasi is famous for her role as Randi Hubbard on ABC’s All My Children, a role she had played since May 29, 2008, till AMC went off the air in the fall of 2011. Vasi signed to Ford Models at the age of 12. She is also a recognized model signed to Next Models appearing in many campaigns. She plays Raquel Lancaster on the TV series Single Ladies.

Age | Family

Denise was born on 1st March 1983 in Brooklyn, New York. She is 36years old. Her father is of Dominican descent and her mother is Greek Puerto Rican. Her parents later divorced.

Denise and her two younger brothers were raised by her mother after their parents divorced. Her mother has been following both ethnic family traditions. She is of Greek and Dominican descent.

Denise Vasi Husband | Children

Vasi is married to director Anthony Mandler. The couple got married in Santa Ynez, California on October 12, 2013. The pair is blessed with one child. Vasi gave birth to her daughter Lenox Mae Mandler, in February 2015, through home birth. Denise gave birth to baby number.

Denise Vasi Education | Career

Vasi attended Long Island University where she studied Business. Before her debut as Randi Morgan on ABC’s daytime soap opera, “All My Children,” She had already established herself as one of the entertainment industry’s top women to watch.

Vasi has also been featured in campaigns for fashion labels Maria Barros (2008), Fiorucci (Spring 2009), Dollhouse, American Eagle, Old Navy, and UK brand Republic. She can also be found gracing the pages of the Avon catalog as well as modeling for Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Vasi was signed to Ford Models at the age of 12 years old. She then had to balance school and her modeling career. As Randi Morgan, the actress plays a “hooker with a heart of gold” who is encouraged by Dr. Frankie Hubbard (Cornelius Smith Jr.) to ditch her tumultuous past and lead a more fulfilling life.

Vasi attributes her diligent work ethic to her mother. After Denise was approached to model numerous times, a family friend eventually sent her snapshots to agencies.

Denise has also been cast in the upcoming Disney feature film release When in Rome. she plays opposite Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory), “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,   She has also done independent films Doorman and The Good Guy (starring Alexis Bledel), and music videos for Grammy-winning recording artist Common and R&B singer Mario.

Vasi is represented by Next Models and has been featured in numerous on-camera and print campaigns for leading cosmetics and hair care brands including:

Olay- Spring 2007 and 2009 & Bobbi Brown -Spring 2008

Target, Nexxus, Urban Decay and Cosmopolitan’s “Beauty Capital of the World” NYC banner campaign

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Denise Vasi Movies | TV Shows

  • Single Ladies (TV Series)
    Raquel Lancaster

    – Last Dance (2014) … Raquel Lancaster
    – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (2014) … Raquel Lancaster
    – Game On (2014) … Raquel Lancaster
    – Cat and Mouse (2014) … Raquel Lancaster
    – Tell You No Lies (2014) … Raquel Lancaster
  •  2013 Things Never Said
  •  2012 Magic Mike
  •  2008-2011 All My Children (TV Series)
    Randi Hubbard / Randi Morgan

    – Episode #1.10712 (2011) … Randi Hubbard
    – Episode #1.10708 (2011) … Randi Hubbard
    – Episode #1.10706 (2011) … Randi Hubbard
    – Episode #1.10699 (2011) … Randi Hubbard
    – Episode #1.10695 (2011) … Randi Hubbard
    Show all 254 episodes
  •  2011 What’s Your Number?
    Cara – Donald’s Fiancée
  •  2011 The Protector (TV Series)
    Mary Jo Holder

    – Bangs (2011) … Mary Jo Holder
  •  2009-2011White Collar (TV Series)

    – On Guard (2011) … Cindy
    – Pilot (2009) … Cindy
  •  2010  How to Make It in America (TV Series)

    – Never Say Die (2010) … Alisa
  •  2010 When in Rome
    Gala Hostess (uncredited)
  •  2009The Magnificent Cooly-T
  •  2009 The Good Guy
  •  2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series)
    Sarah Baker

    – Assassin (2008) … Sarah Baker (uncredited)
    – Contract (2008) … Sarah Baker
  •  2006 Exposing the Order of the Serpentine (TV Short)
  •  2017 Philosophie & Annie’s Back to School Brunch (TV Movie)
  •  2013 The Arsenio Hall Show (TV Series)
    Herself – Guest

    – Episode #1.68 (2013) … Herself – Guest
  •  2012-2013 Big Morning Buzz Live (TV Series)

    – Cast of ‘American Hustle’/Mel B/Denise Vasi/Straight No Chaser (2013) … Herself
    – Denise Vasi/Sugar Ray/Smash Mouth/Gin Blossoms (2013) … Herself
    – Tia Mowry/Melissa Gorga/Kathy Wakile/Bill Telepan/Kyrie Irving (2012) … Herself
    – Jenna Ushkowitz/Belinda Carlisle/Chris Santos/James Morrison (2012) … Herself
  •  2012 Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show (TV Series)
    Herself – guest


A website for women who balance career, motherhood and family life without sacrificing self-care and style. Curated by Denise Vasi. For information please click here.

Net Worth

Denise gets most of her wealth from acting and modeling. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.

Denise Vasi Wedding

Denise Vasi Magic Mike



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An interview with Denise Vasi, the founder of MAED, a modern guide for nurturing yourself.

Denise Vasi approaches self-care as if it’s preventative medicine. For the actress turned wellness guru, the mental, physical, and emotional upkeep of existing are paramount — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable.

When the Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn native was pregnant with her first child, she spent hours perusing wellness blogs for information, only to find that she could never really identify with the people behind them. Vasi didn’t feel seen, and she knew she wasn’t alone in this.

Over the course of a year and a half, she did her research understanding what it’s like to work in a digital space and with that, the wellness website MAED was born.

“My entire life I’ve been creating content for other people. I’ve been modeling since I was 12 and acting. All I did was create for others,” said Vasi, speaking to The FADER from her Venice, California home, fresh off of launching MAED at the end of June. Finally, she’s calling the shots, and the first thing on her list is letting the world know that wellness and good health care for everyone.

Who is MAED for?

The site isn’t just for moms — the audience can range from after college, all the way past motherhood. The idea of the site is that it grows with you, through all the points that would make you feel “made.” Our intention is to cover things like what getting your first job out of school will look like, or dating. The beauty and food aspects are ageless. Living healthy is all about self-care. Self-care is healthcare, especially in the country that we live in.

How did you get into holistic health before MAED came to be?

As an actress, one of your tools is your physical [presence]. Not only how you use it in moving across a set or stage, but let’s be real, you’ve got to keep yourself looking good. That’s just in the nature of the beast. My entire initial journey stems from pure vanity.

I was in VH1’s Single Ladies, I was in sex scenes every two days, my character’s whole attitude was about shopping and hair and keeping herself looking fly. So it started from there — how do I keep my skin looking good? How do I keep my nails looking good? But it really stemmed from vanity, having to take care of myself to make sure I was looking good.

When I moved out [to Los Angeles], I started learning more about holistic doctors and naturopaths, and the in-depth blood work they can do. Basically, you can take these elaborate blood work tests that can tell you what really makes you-you and optimize your health.

What about lower income people who can’t afford that blood work or even eating clean?

There’s this misconception that health has something to do with wealth or being white. I see it as if you come from a lower-income or middle-class family — which is the type of family I came — you might have to go an extra step. It might be a little more work to make something at home, but at least you can determine what’s in it. I think education is important, and that’s where MAED comes in. Giving people information on how to live healthier in little small tidbits.

What are the goals for MAED?

Giving information, supplying inspiration, and having fun. Giving women a place to go where they feel included, inspired to try something new, and giving information, whether it’s about a new product I’m loving — like something beauty-related, something that creates an easier work-flow situation, or something I love for my daughter. Everything is fun. I don’t want things to be so serious — there’s this misconception of wellness being so super serious. For me, I want women to take time for themselves and understand that time makes them a better woman, makes them a better friend, better daughter, mother, wife.

I feel like as women we get stuck in this mindset where we have to do everything ourselves to prove ourselves. That can burn you out if you don’t understand that you need to turn to the people around you and say, “Hey, I really need you to help me with this.”

Opening up communication instead of hiding [feelings] and trying to do everything on your own. That’s not going to get you anywhere. Self-care is a really important aspect of MAED. Nurturing your relationships with people and knowing who you want to spend time with is really important.

What was the moment you realized you needed to make MAED?

I was in my DMs one night reading questions people would send me and I thought, “Wow, this is information that’s readily available.”

I believed the information — it was really thorough to me. But I didn’t trust their beauty advice. It wasn’t fresh and modern. The people behind the sites didn’t look like me, they didn’t sound like me. If I sat down to have a conversation with the faces behind these other brands, would they know what I was talking about if I dropped a verse from a Biggie track? They just didn’t get me.

The women I was talking to were just like me. So if I have a moment where I and my daughter are dancing to “In My Feelings” my audience is going to get that.

They weren’t getting this idea of self-care, this idea of wellness, this idea of cooking at home [from elsewhere]. They weren’t resonating with anybody else talking about it, and it was sad. Like, my community doesn’t know how to do [self-care] or doesn’t necessarily believe other people who are pitching it.

How does it feel to call the shots with MAED?

It’s overwhelming for sure. It’s totally scary. You can’t look around and even attempt to blame anyone else. You can’t be like, “Well, team…” or, the network did not support this show with these marketing dollars. That’s the world I came from.

There are so many other places to attach guilt too. Real talk, of course, there’s anxiety. I’m doing something completely new. It’s all me f if things don’t work out the way I want them to. I think the most exciting is that I know it will, I know my community really well. I know what they’re looking for and they ask for it. That’s where it’s starting. They asked for it.

Denise Vasi News

All My Children’s Denise Vasi Reveals Second Pregnancy Fear.


Candace Young -Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019.

The actress, who’s most recently appeared in the TV series was Single Ladies, then opened up in her blog, Maed, about the reasons she decided to keep the news a secret until so late in the pregnancy. Vasi reflected, “This time around being pregnant felt different.

When we found out we were expecting again I was flooded by a whole new slew of emotions. I couldn’t believe we were about to be bestowed with another blessing. While I was tremendously grateful, I also found myself tremendously scared. More so than when I was pregnant the first time.”

She couldn’t shake feelings of concern and questioned where they were coming from. Vasi recalls, “Hiding this pregnancy got tricky fast though. Once I hit three months my belly popped.

I often needed to sit down due to a rush of nausea or run to the bathroom to vomit. There were dizzy spells and sweating spells. There were also many dinners, events, and holiday parties, and I found it more and more difficult to hide the fact that I was not drinking.

Everyone would surely catch on to that!” After sitting down alone to consider things, the actress realized, “It dawned on me that my fears with my second pregnancy were not because I’m a superstitious person but because I understood how delicate life was.” She then made the decision to share the news.