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Diane Venora Biography | Diane Venora Actress

Diane Venora is an American stage, TV and film actress. She was born on August 10th, 1952 in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Diane Venora
Diane Venora

Diane Venora Age

She was born on August 10th, 1952 in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She is 71 years old as of 2023. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

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Diane Venora Height

Venora has an average stature she stands at a height of 5ft 5 in /165cm.

Diane Venora Husband

She was previously married to Andrzej Bartkowiak in 1980 but they got divorced in 1989.

Diane Venora Daughter 

Venora and Andrzej had a daughter Madzia Bartkowiak Horgan

Diane Venora Education Background

She attended East Hartford High School and graduated in 1970.  Afterwards she attended the Boston Conservatory of Music and she landed a scholarship to Juilliard School in New York City after two years. Then she graduated in 1977.


Diane Venora Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $9 million as of 2023.

Diane Venora Career

After graduation, Venora performed broadly on the stage, especially in Shakespearean plays. She made her film debut close by Albert Finney and Gregory Hines in Wolfen (1981).

Secondly, in 1983, she featured in Joseph Papp’s generation of Hamlet at the New York Shakespeare Festival ahead of the pack job, the principal lady to assume the job at the lofty grandstand.

She has a long history with Hamlet, having assumed the title job, having played Ophelia inverse Kevin Kline, and having played Gertrude onscreen inverse, Ethan Hawke.

Thirdly, in 1988, her widely praised exhibition in Clint Eastwood’s true to life highlight of jazz extraordinary Charlie Parker, Bird, as Chan Parker, his significant other, earned her a Golden Globe Award assignment and the New York Film Critics Circle Award.

Fourthly, in 1994, in the wake of taking five years off to think about her little girl, Venora handled a featuring job in the ABC TV arrangement Thunder Alley (playing Ed Asner’s character’s little girl), trailed by a repetitive job as plastic specialist Geri Infante in the Emmy-winning TV arrangement Chicago Hope.

Lastly in 1995, she featured inverse Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat, gaining high respect from the two pundits and spectators for her depiction of Justine Hanna, the Pacino character’s vexed spouse.

That presentation and her follow-up as Juliet’s mom, Gloria Capulet, in Romeo + Juliet (1996) earned her supporting jobs in The Jackal (1997), The Thirteenth Warrior (1999), and The Insider (1999). She was most as of late found in the 2010 film All Good Things.

Diane Venora Films | Movies


  • Wolfen
  • The Cotton Club
  • Terminal Choice
  • F/X
  • Ironweed
  • Bird
  • Three Wishes
  • Heat
  • The Substitute
  • Surviving Picasso
  • Romeo + Juliet
  • Seed: A Love Story
  • The Jackal
  • True Crime
  • The 13th Warrior
  • The Joyriders
  • The Young Girl and the Monsoon
  • The Insider
  • Hamlet
  • Looking for an Echo
  • Megiddo: The Omega Code 2
  • Heartbreak Hospital
  • Stateside
  • Self Medicated
  • Touched
  • Stiletto
  • Childless
  • Follow the Prophet
  • Little Hercules in 3-D
  • The Ministers
  • All Good Things

TV Shows

  • Getting There
  • Nurse
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Cook & Peary: The Race to the Pole
  • A.D.
  • Great Performances
  • Law & Order
  • Thunder Alley
  • Chicago Hope
  • Special Report: Journey to Mars
  • Race Against Time
  • The Practice
  • Class Actions
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Threshold
  • C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia
  • Criminal Minds
  • Medium
  • Eleventh Hour
  • Private Practice
  • NCIS
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • The Wish List
  • The Victorians

Diane Venora Heat

She starred in this 1995 movie playing the character role of Justine Hanna. Master criminal Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) is trying to control the rogue actions of one of his men, while also planning one last big heist before retiring.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Hanna (Al Pacino) attempts to track down McCauley as he deals with the chaos in his own life, including the infidelity of his wife (Diane Venora) and the mental health of his stepdaughter (Natalie Portman). McCauley and Hanna discover a mutual respect, even as they try to thwart each other’s plans.

Initial release: 15 December 1995 (USA)
Director: Michael Mann
Screenplay: Michael Mann
Box office: 187.4 million USD
Budget: 60 million USD

Diane Venora Romeo And Juliet

She played the character role of Gloria Capulet in this movie. Baz Luhrmann helped adapt this classic Shakespearean romantic tragedy for the screen, updating the setting to a post-modern city named Verona Beach.

In this version, the Capulets and the Montagues are two rival gangs. Juliet (Claire Danes) is attending a costume ball thrown by her parents.

Her father Fulgencio Capulet (Paul Sorvino) has arranged her marriage to the boorish Paris (Paul Rudd) as part of a strategic investment plan. Romeo attends the masked ball and he and Juliet fall in love.

Initial release: 27 October 1996 (USA)
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Featured song: Kissing You
Box office: 147.5 million USD

Diane Venora 13th Warrior

She was Queen Weilow when she starred in this movie in 1999. A Muslim ambassador exiled from his homeland, Ahmad ibn Fadlan (Antonio Banderas) finds himself in the company of Vikings.

While the behavior of the Norsemen initially offends ibn Fadlan, the more cultured outsider grows to respect the tough, if uncouth, warriors.

During their travels together, ibn Fadlan and the Vikings get word of an evil presence closing in, and they must fight the frightening and formidable force, which was previously thought to exist only in legend.

Initial release: 27 August 1999 (USA)
Director: John McTiernan
Box office: 61.7 million USD
Budget: 85 million USD
Story by: Michael Crichton

Diane Venora Hamlet

She portrayed Gertrude in the 2000 version of this movie. This is a modern retelling of the classic tale of a young fimmaker in New York City (Ethan Hawke) struggling with the weight of a production company called Denmark Corp. following the death of his father, including dealing with those who would deprive him of his “crown.”

Initial release: 12 May 2000 (Los Angeles)
Director: Michael Almereyda
Language: English
Screenplay: Michael Almereyda
Producers: Amy Hobby, Andrew Fierberg

Diane Venora Wolfen

She was Rebecca Neff in this movie. New York City police investigator Dewey Wilson (Albert Finney) is trying to solve a series of grisly deaths in which the victims have seemingly been maimed by feral animals.

He teams up with expert criminologist Rebecca Neff (Diane Venora), and together they stumble upon a band of inner-city Native Americans, led by the streetwise Eddie Holt (Edward James Olmos), who warns Wilson and Neff about a wolf-like, mythical creature that could offer a shocking solution to this disturbing case.

Initial release: July 1981 (USA)
Director: Michael Wadleigh
Budget: 17 million USD
Language: English Language
Box office: 10.6 million USD

Diane Venora Bird

She played the character role of Chan Parker in this movie and won the following awards;

  • New York Film Critics Circle, Best Actress
  • Sant Jordi Awards, Best Foreign Actress

Director Clint Eastwood, a noted jazz aficionado, directs this heartfelt study of pioneering bop saxophonist Charlie Parker (Forest Whitaker).

Moving forward and backward through Parker’s brief life before his death of a heroin overdose at age 34, the film foregrounds the saxophonist’s difficult relationship with his wife, Chan Parker (Diane Venora), but also features lengthy scenes of Parker improvising on stage, lit with the neon and cigarette smoke of vintage jazz clubs.

Initial release: 1 June 1988 (France)
Director: Clint Eastwood
Music composed by Lennie Niehaus

Diane Venora The Jackal

She was Major Valentina Koslova as she entertained her viewers in this film.  During an FBI raid on a Moscow nightclub, the brother of Russian gangster Terek Murad (David Hayman) is killed. Murad wants revenge and hires anonymous hitman the Jackal (Bruce Willis) to kill FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston (Sidney Poitier).

With the help of Russian agent Valentina Koslova (Diane Venora), Preston finds the only man who knows what the notorious Jackal looks like, imprisoned IRA terrorist Declan Mulqueen (Richard Gere), and forces him to help hunt down the hitman.

Initial release: 14 November 1997 (USA)
Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Screenplay: Chuck Pfarrer
Based on: The Day of the Jackal; by Kenneth Ross
Story by: Chuck Pfarrer, Kenneth Ross

Diane Venora Grey’s Anatomy

In 2010, she played the character role of Audrey Taylor in the episode, Push, of this TV series. The medical drama series focuses on a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, who began their careers at the facility as interns.

One of the young doctors and the show’s namesake, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famous surgeon. Grey struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues, particularly the hospital’s one-time chief of surgery, Richard Webber, due to a pre-existing relationship between them – Webber and Meredith’s mother had a personal relationship when Meredith was young.

First episode date: 27 March 2005
Theme song: Cosy in the Rocket
Networks: American Broadcasting Company, ABC News
Spin-offs: Station 19, Private Practice

Diane Venora Law And Order

In 1993, she portrayed Mara Feder in the episode, Night & Fog, of this TV series. In 2004, she then played the character role of Marilyn Nesbit in the episode, Home. The detectives that are part of the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit investigate crimes of sexual nature.

While the focus of the other shows in the `Law & Order’ franchise largely deal with murder cases, the SVU detectives frequently deal with crimes, such as rapes, in which the victim survives and assists authorities in the investigation.

The series features a cast of veteran actors, including Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek and, after the first season, rapper Ice-T. Occasional crossover episodes feature detectives from other series in the `Law & Order’ franchise.

No. of episodes: 445 (list of episodes)
Theme song: Theme of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Networks: NBC, USA Network

Diane Venora Instagram

She has no official Instagram page.

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