Ernie Hudson Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Movies, Tv Shows, And Career

Ernie Hudson Biography

Earnest Lee Hudson commonly known as Ernie Hudson is an American character actor, playwright, and producer who was born December 17, 1945, Benton Harbor, Michigan, U.S.

He has appeared in dozens of film and television roles throughout his career, but is perhaps best known for his roles as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters film series, Sergeant Darryl Albrecht in The Crow (1994), and Warden Leo Glynn on HBO’s Oz (1997-2003).

Hudson has also acted in the films Leviathan (1989), The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992), Airheads (1994), The Basketball Diaries (1995), Congo (1995), and Miss Congeniality (2000). He had a cameo in the remake of Ghostbusters (2016).

Ernie Hudson Age

He is 77 years old as of 2022, having been born on December 17, 1945.

Ernie Hudson Height and Weight

He has an estimated Peak height of 6ft 0 (182.9 cm) while his weight is yet to be updated but very soon.

Ernie Hudson Family

Hudson grew up in Benton Harbor, Michigan he never knew his father who left his mother while he was still a toddler. His mother, Maggie Donald, died of tuberculosis when he was two months old. He was subsequently raised by his maternal grandmother, Arrana Donald.

Ernie Hudson Education

Having been raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Hudson attended school in his elementary level in the same city, and later he joined the United States Marine Corps immediately after high school where he was dismissed after only three months due to asthma, before he moved to Detroit, Michigan.

Later, he enrolled and subsequently graduated from Yale School of Drama.


Hudson married his first wife, Jeannie Moore, in 1963, when she was sixteen and he was eighteen. They had two sons, Ernie Hudson Jr. and Rahaman Hudson.

When Ernie and Jeanie divorced in 1976, their sons moved to live with Hudson in California.
Hudson remarried in 1985 to the former Linda Kingsberg; they also had two sons, Andrew and Ross.

Ernie Hudson Children/Kids

Hudson had about four known children from his two marriages, first marriage before divorce with Jeannie Moore he had two sons  Ernie Hudson Jr. and Rahaman Hudson.

Then later after divorce, he remarried and was blessed with two more sons Andrew and Ross.


One of Hudson’s early films was in Penitentiary II starring Leon Isaac Kennedy. Hudson gained fame playing Winston Zeddemorewho enlists with the Ghostbusters in the feature film Ghostbusters and its 1989 sequel.

Hudson was cast as Warden Leo Glynn on HBO’s series Oz. On Ozhis son ErnieHudson Jr. co-starred with him as Muslim inmate Hamid Khan. He also appeared as Reggie in the film The Basketball Diaries.

Hudson also had a recurring role on the final season of Law & Order as Lt. Anita Van Buren’s boyfriend and then fiancé. Beginning in 2015, Hudson was cast in a recurring role as Jacob, an organic farmer who is the romantic interest for Frankie Bergstein in the series Grace and Frankie.

Hudson appeared in the 2016 Ghostbusters rebootplaying Bill Jenkins, the uncle of Leslie Jones‘ lead character Pattie Tolan.

Net Worth

Hudson as an actor has a net worth of $15 million as of 2023.

Ernie Hudson Ghostbusters

Wellyou can count on Ernie Hudsonaka Winston Zeddemore.Footage Ernie Hudson on new Ghostbusters movieEverybody is in, Of courseHarold Ramiswho sadly passed away in 2014will not be returning as Egon Spengler.

In the same interview with The Daily MailHudson commented on the loss, that he miss Harold because Harold was really the glue that he thought held everybody togetherHe was always his go-to point and anything that was a little bit weirdor whateverHarold was the guy who would sort of say, ‘Erniejust‘ and explain the world to me. Nowhere’s where things get interestingif not a little confusing.
In the same reportThe Daily Mail’s sources say that Aykroyd is “The driving force behind the new movie” who “Completed a script treatment” for Sony.


While we now know Reitman co-wrote the actual script with director Gil Kenanthe source’s comments do parallel Aykroyd’s own from back in November.
If you recallAykroyd discussed the sequel on AXS TV’s The Big Interview withDan Ratherinsisting, “There is a possibility of a reunion with the three remaining Ghostbusters,” confirming that “It’s being written right now.” He even felt confident about Murray’s involvementaddingI think Billy will comeThe story’s so goodEven if he plays a ghost.” Perhaps he wrote the treatment for Reitman and Kenan to work off ofOr helped them develop ideasAfter allthe Ghostbusters franchise has always been Aykroyd’s baby  and he was even creatively involved in the 2016 reboot  so it’s possible.


All we really know is that Reitman is directingthe script is doneand that he reportedly “On the lookout to cast four teens in the movietwo boys and two girls.” That description certainly doesn’t fit HudsonAykroydor Murray, which means they may be waiting by the phone for a little longer.

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Ernie Hudson Dead

Ernie is alive and kicking and is currently 77 years old.


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