Fatima Soriano Biography, Age, Family, Height, Recent Interview, Net Worth, Kidney Transplant, Living with Blindness

Fatima Soriano
Fatima Soriano

Born and raised up in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Fatima Soriano is a Filipino musician who was born blind.

The doctors confirmed that her kidneys stopped functioning normally when she was 9 years old, but that made her believe in herself more as a destiny child. In 2009 Fatima and her family moved to Union City, USA.

On 7th October 2022,Fatima was at Saint Mary Catholic Church, National City in San Diego CA. Soriano sung Ave Maria with her angelic voice. It was during the Novena to the Black Nazarene and First Friday Mass.

Fatima Soriano Age

She was born on June 12th, 1993 in the Philippines, Southeast Asia. Fatima is 30 years old as of 2023.

Fatima Soriano Height

Fatima’s height is 5 feet 6 inches (1.70 meters).

Fatima Parents

Fatima’s parents are Danny and Fely. Born in the Philippines but raised in the US, her parents decided to migrate to the US in 2009 despite their life struggles with their born-blind girl.

She is now recovered after successfully undergoing a kidney transplant and continues to inspire more with her musical gift.

Fatima and Father Jerry

Fatima first had a radio interview with Father Jerry Orbos when she was barely 10 years and the phone interview left everyone wanting to hear more from her. The two later met and instantly grew a friendship bond that since today feels inseparable.

Fatima Soriano Recent Interview

Fatima Soriano Net Worth

Fatima has a net worth of $1 Million as of 2023. Her main source of income is her music.

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Fatima Soriano Contribution-Life Story

Fatima is a living testimony and a source of hope to many humans all over the world. Maalala Mo Kaya featured her in numerous guest appearances on her show on ABC-CBN with the aim of mobilizing people online to contribute to her kidney transplant.

In 2004, there were massive online messages towards her that helped raise P1.2 Million to help Fatima undergo the kidney transplant.

She successfully recovered from her surgery and in 2006 she recorded 4 songs for Fr. Jerry’s CD of inspirational songs.

Two of the songs were written and sung by Fatima i.e.: ‘Falling Star” and ”You Are In My Heart”, while the other two songs were written by Fr Jerry and sung by Fatima i.e.: ‘Believe Like A Child” and ”My Suffering is My Offering”.

Their work was awarded ”The Most Inspiring Album” of 2007 by The Catholic Mass Media Awards.

Fatima Soriano Music career

Fatima is an amazing singer who was born blind but never took that as an obstacle to her gift. She is now an international singer with music accolades such as the Awit Award for the Best Inspiration and Religious Recording.

Fatima Soriano at Saint Mary’s Parish, National City

These are a few of her famous songs

  • Mahiwanga
  • Lift up Your Hands
  • Aking Alay
  • Give Thanks
  • The More You Worry
  • My Offering
  • Mama, Let ,Me Live

Fatima Soriano Songs

  • Mahiwanga
  • Lift up Your Hands
  • Aking Alay
  • Give Thanks
  • The More You Worry
  • My Offering
  • Mariang Ina Ko
  • Sino Ako
  • In Him Alone
  • Salve Regina
  • Mama, Let, I Live
  • I am Here
  • Fatima Soriano Awards and Achievements