Jack Gwaltney Biography, Age, Family, Height, Mohawk, and Net Worth

Jack Gwaltney Biography

Jack Merritt Gwaltney is an American actor and film producer. He was born in Roanoke but grew up in CharlottesVille Virginia. He is active as a film producer, in 2005 he produced the film Devil’s Punchbowl. 

Jack Gwaltney  Age

Born on September 15, 1960 in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.He is 62 years old as of 2022.

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1.3 Million as of 2023.

Jack Gwaltney Safe

He starred as Detective Reddick in this movie.
Luke Wright (Jason Statham) is a two-bit cage fighter, until the day he throws a fixed match. In retaliation, the Russian mob murders his family and destroys his life.

Though alone and haunted by grief, Luke springs into action to save a Chinese girl (Catherine Chan) from the same gangsters who killed his family — and lands in the middle of a high-stakes war.

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The girl is no ordinary child; she’s a math prodigy who holds in her head a numerical code for which various factions are ready to kill.
Initial release: 27 April 2012 (Brazil)
Director: Boaz Yakin
Box office: 40.35 million USD

Jack Gwaltney Films

  • 2017 Mohawk – like Charles Hawkes
  • 2013 Queen City – as Wilson
  • 2012 Safe – as a detective Reddick
  • 2006 Delirious – as Chuck Sirloin
  • 2005 Black Wine – as an officer
  • 2005 Love Thy Neighbor – as Jack
  • 2004 Despacito – as Anthony
  • 2002 Checkout – as Chad Anders
  • 1998 The Siege – as Fred Darius
  • 1998 The Secret of Mulan – as voice (animated film)
  • 1997 GI Jane – as Goldstein
  • 1996 One Way Out – like Frank
  • 1994 Vanishing Son IV – as Sandler
  • 1994 Risk – as Karl
  • 1994 Trial by Jury – as Teddy Parnell
  • 1994 Vanishing Son III – as Sandler
  • 1994 The Cosby Mysteries – as Thorne
  • 1990 Vital Signs – as Kenny Rose
  • 1989 Casualties of War – as Rowan

Jack Gwaltney TV Series

  • 2011 Damages – as Thomas Lowry
  • 2006 Conviction – as Robert
  • 2004 Star Trek: Enterprise – as Vosk
  • 1998 Trinity – as Billy Bingham
  • 1996 – 1997 Profit – as Pete Gracen
  • 1993 – 1995 As the World Turns – as Dr. Brad Wyndham


Jack M Gwaltney, Jr. M.D. has been training and field trialing Labs since 1963. He has qualified to compete in six national championships. Retrievers is a book that he wrote.