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Jayo Felony Bio, Age, Songs, Albums, Take A Ride And Nitty Gritty

Jayo Felony Biography

James Savage best known as Jayo Felony is an American Rapper who comes from Southeast San Diego, California. He was born on December 18th, 1969 in Portsmouth, Virginia.

He was signed by Jam Master Jay from RUN DMC, Jam Master Jay Records in 1994. This is when he released his debut album, Take a Ride. He then released Whatcha Gonna Do in 1998 and featured Method Man, DMX, Mac 10, WC, Redman, Kokane, Ice Cube, E-40, and 8 Ball&MJG. He released underground in 1999 and he was ready to release his 4th album. He released it in 2000, Hotter Than Grease, but for some reason, it was never released.

Jayo Felony Age

He was born on December 18th, 1969 in Portsmouth, Virginia. He is 49 years old as of 2018.

Jayo Felony Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $ 12 million.

Jayo Felony

Jayo Felony Career

In 1994 Felony was marked to the name possessed by Jam Master Jay from RUN DMC called Jam Master Jay Records. That year, Jayo discharged his introduction collection, Take a Ride. In 1998, he discharged his subsequent collection, Whatcha Gonna Do? on Def Jam.

It highlighted rappers like Method Man, DMX, Mack 10, WC, Redman, Kokane, Ice Cube, E-40 and 8 Ball and MJG. In 1999, he discharged Underground. He was because of discharge his fourth collection, Hotter Than Fish Grease, in 2000, however for lawful reasons the collection was never discharged.

In 2001, Felony asserted that Snoop Dogg took the melody “Crip Hop” and began a quarrel on the arrangement of Baby Boy. Snoop and Tha Eastsidaz took shots at Jayo on the melody “Screw All That Yappin” Jayo reacted with “You’s A Character” clarifying the Baby Boy circumstance.

In 2003, Jayo later ended up engaged with a contention with Daz Dillinger, for working together with Kurupt, and making a gathering with him called “The Riflemen”. Presently they are all on great terms and Kurupt is back together with Tha Dogg Pound and Snoop Dogg.

Jayo Felony Songs | Jayo Felony Albums | Jayo Felony Discography

Studio Albums

  • Take a Ride
  • Whatcha Gonna Do
  • Underground
  • Crip Hop

Collaboration Albums

  • Criminal Activity with Criminalz (2001)
  • Criminal Intent with Spice 1 (2007)


As lead artist

  • “Niggas and Bitches”
  • “Whatcha Gonna Do”
    (featuring Method Man and DMX)
  • “Hotta Than Fish Grease”
    (featuring Young Crook)
  • “Nitty Gritty”

Promotional Singles

  • “Sherm Stick”
  • “The Loc Is on His Own”
  • “I’ma Keep Bangin'”
  • “Whatcha Gonna Do (Remix)”
    (featuring Redman, Mack 10 and WC)
  • “How Angry”
    (featuring 8Ball & MJG)
  • “True’d Up”
  • “She Loves Me”
    (featuring Young Nube)
  • “1, 2, 3”

As featured Artist

  • “Knock On Wood (Remix)
    (Murder Squad featuring B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta, Evilside, Gripsta, Felony, Sh’killa)
  • “The Anthem”
    (Sway & King Tech featuring RZA, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit,Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Felony, Chino XL and Krs-One)
  • “Big Business”
    (Frost featuring Xzibit and Felony)
  • “Who Ride with Us (Remix)”
    (Kurupt featuring Daz Dillinger, Traci Nelson, Roscoe, and Felony)
  • “Got Beef”
    (Tha Eastsidaz featuring Blaqthoven, Felony, and Sylk-E. Fyne)
  • “California (Remix)”
    (Sly Boogy featuring Mack 10, Felony, E-40, Kurupt, Crooked I, Roscoe and 2Pac)
  • “Take ‘Em All Out”
    (Dido Brown featuring Felony)
  • “Informant”
    (Westside Bugg featuring Repa and Felony)
  • “Low Low Bounce”
    (Fatal Mack featuring Tony V, Glasses Malone, and Felony)
  • “Try Me”
    (Kay Nine Tha Boss featuring Felony, Tommy Redding and C-Quel)

Promotional Singles

  • “Westside Part III (Bud’da Remix)”
    (TQ featuring Felony and Kam)
  • “Pussy Pop”
    (Xzibit featuring Method Man and Felony)
  • “Represent Dat G.C.”
    (Kurupt featuring Daz Dillinger, Soopafly, Big Tray Deee, Felony,Snoop Dogg and Butch Cassidy)
  • “Pop Pop”
    (Caz featuring L.A. Nash and Felony)
  • “Let’s All Roll”
    (Knoc-turn’al featuring Time Bomb, Butch Cassidy, Slip Capone and Felony)

Guest Appearances

  • “Sowhatusayin”
  • “Zoom Zooms and Wam Wam”
  • “Young Fun”
  • “Street 2 Street”
  • “Ghetto Politix”
  • “X.O. wit Me”
  • “Money Scheme”
  • “Masquerade”
  • “Get Ya Girl Dogg”
  • “Way Too Crazy”
  • “Ghetto Horror Show”
  • “My Name in Yo Mouth”
  • “Raised in tha Hood”
  • “8 Ball”
  • “Mr. Peer Pressure”
  • “Twirk It”
  • “Cradle to the Grave”
  • “Cause I Can”
  • “You Really Don’t Wanna”
  • “Naw! (That’s What They Won’t Do)”
  • “The Gutter Shit”
  • “U Can’t Fuck with Me”
  • “O.G. to Me”
  • “Extasy”
  • “Mad-Doggen”
  • “Ride or Die”
  • “Riderz”
  • “They Like Dat”
  • “Kick It Tonight”
  • “Bentleys & Bitches”
  • “Still Livin'”
  • “Bounce”
  • “Niggaz Theme Music”
  • “Playa Hataz and Bustaz”
  • “Lucky I’m Rappin”
  • “New Shit”
  • “Killer Kalifornia”
  • “We Pop (West Coast Remix)”
  • “Witness Protection”
  • “Thug Night (Let Me See Something)”
  • “Ride wit Us”
  • “Lately”
  • “I Ain’t No Joke”
  • “Deep Blue Sea”
  • “Don’t Move”
  • “Get Got”
  • “One Shot Kill”
  • “Money Thang”
  • “Gun Clappin'”
  • “Back 2 Back”
  • “Fuck Daz”
  • “End of the Road”
  • “Get Your Neck Crack Baby”
  • “We See You Niggas”
  • “C.Y.A.”
  • “Keep It Craccin'”
  • “Blaze It Up”
  • “When the Yellow Bus Stops”
  • “Guns & Roses”
  • “C.R.I.P.”
  • “Do What the Fuck I Wanna”
  • “Lets Your Nuts Hang”
  • “Lord Knows I’ve Tried”
  • “Things Ain’t the Same”
  • “Oh, Oh Here She Comes”
  • “Life in California”
  • “G.L.O.C.C. & J.A.Y.O.”
  • “Funny Shit”
  • “Money, Sex, Murder, Drugz”
  • “That’s the Way I Like It”
  • “Sorry I Left You (Remix)”
  • “We Do It Bigg”
  • “Step Ya Weed Game Up”
  • “Don’t Blow My High”
  • “Havin’ Thangs”
  • “The Elite”
  • “Gang Streetz”

Jayo Felony Take A Ride

The album has the following tracks;

  • “Lock Down”
  • “The Loc is on His Own”
  • “I’ma Keep Bangin'”
  • “Homicide”
  • “Love Boat”
  • “Sherm Stick”
  • “Niggas and Bitches”
  • “Day 1”
  • “Can’t Keep a Gee Down”
  • “Bitch I’m Through”
  • “Penitentiary Bound”
  • “Don’t Call Me a Nigga”
  • “They Got Me on Medication”
  • “Funk 2 da Head”
  • “Skit”
  • “Take a Ride”

Jayo Felony Crip Hop

The album has the following tracks;

  • “Intro”
  • “Gang Bangin Shit” (featuring Spice1)
  • “One Shot Kill”
  • “Girls & Boys” (featuring Ticky Diamondz)
  • “What Ya Need”
  • “Trued Up Remix (Real Anthem)” (featuring Baby Skar)
  • “Swing”
  • “Skit I”
  • “Hurt That Nigga” (featuring Soopafly)
  • “Skit II”
  • “Do You Love Life”
  • “Please Believe It” (featuring E-40)
  • “Sherm Sticc III”
  • “Hotta Than Fish Grease” (featuring Young Crook)
  • “Catch ‘Em In The Morning (Gay-Z Diss)”
  • “You’s A Character”
  • “Came Round” (featuring Dulo Gang)
  • “I Walk & Skip”
  • “She Loves Me” (featuring Young Nube)

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