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Joe Hill Bio

Joseph Hillstrom King, popularly known as Joe Hill is an American author and comic book writer whose work includes the novels Heart-Shaped Box in 2007, Horns in 2010, NOS4A2 in 2013, and The Fireman in 2016; the short story collections 20th Century Ghosts in 2005 and Strange Weather in 2017; and the comic book series Locke and Key from 2008 to 2013.

Locke & Key won British Fantasy Awards in 2009 and 2012, and an Eisner Award in 2012.

Joe Hill Age

Hill was born on 4 June 1972, in Bangor, Maine, United States. He is 52 years old as of 2023.

Joe Hill | Parents|Stephen|Tabitha

He is the son of Stephen King and Tabitha King.Both his parents are authors.

Siblings|Owen |Naomi

Joe’s younger sibling is also a writer and his name is Owen King and he also has a sister Naomi King.

Marriage|Divorce |Leanora Legrand|Gillian Redfearn

In 1999 Joe married Leanora Legrand and together they had three children.The couple later divorced in 2010.

Later in 2018 he married Gillan Redfearn (a publisher)and together they had twins in 2022.

Joe Hill Net Worth

 He has an estimated net worth of $US400m.

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Joe Hill Books|Author

Novels and collections

  • 20th Century Ghosts (2005, collection)
  • Heart-Shaped Box (2007)
  • Horns (2010)
  • NOS4A2 (2013) (published as NOS4R2 in the United Kingdom)
  • The Fireman (2016)
  • A Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers (2017, collection)
  • Strange Weather (2017, collection)
  • Full Throttle (2019; collection) – First talked about in 2018 Facebook Live event.
  • Up the Chimney Down (2020) – First talked about in 2018 Facebook Live event.


  • Locke & Key (2008–2013), illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez
  • Kodiak (2010), one-shot, co-written with Jason Ciaramella and illustrated by Nat Jones
  • The Cape (2010), one-shot, co-written with Jason Ciaramella and illustrated by Zach Howard
  • The Cape (2011), mini-series co-written with Jason Ciaramella and illustrated by Zach Howard
  • The Cape: 1969 (2012), mini-series co-written with Jason Ciaramella and illustrated by Nelson Daniel
  • Thumbprint (2013), co-written with Jason Ciaramella
  • Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland (2014), mini-series illustrated by C. P. Wilson III
  • Shadow Show: Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury: “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain” (2014), one-shot, adapted by Jason Ciaramella, illustrated by C. P. Wilson III
  • Tales from the Darkside (2016), illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez
  • The Cape: Fallen (2018), mini-series co-written with Jason Ciaramella and illustrated by Zach Howard

Short stories

  • “The Saved” (2001), The Clackamas Literary Review spring/summer issue
  • “Last Breath” (2005), Subterranean Magazine 2
  • “Voluntary Committal” (2005), Subterranean Press stand-alone chapbook
  • “In the Rundown” (2005), Crimewave 8
  • “Scheherazade’s Typewriter” (2005), 20th Century Ghosts, within the book’s acknowledgments section
  • “The Cape” (2005), 20th Century Ghosts, original to collection
  • “My Father’s Mask” (2005), 20th Century Ghosts, original to collection
  • “Bobby Conroy Comes Back from the Dead” (2005), Postscripts 5
  • “Thumbprint” (2007), Postscripts 10
  • “Jude Confronts Global Warming” (2007), Subterranean Press online magazine, spring issue
  • “Gunpowder” (2008), PS Publishing stand-alone novella
  • “Throttle” (2009, written in collaboration with Stephen King), He Is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson (also included in the audiobook Road Rage)
  • “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” (2010), The New Dead, edited by Christopher Golden
  • “The Devil on the Staircase” (2010), Stories: All-New Tales, edited by Al Sarrantonio and Neil Gaiman
  • “Wolverton Station” (2011), Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2, edited by William Schafer
  • “In the Tall Grass” (2012, written in collaboration with Stephen King), Esquire, June/July and August issues
  • “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain” (2012), Shadow Show: All New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury, edited by Mort Castle and Sam Weller
  • “Snapshot, 1988” (2016)
  • “Snapshot” (2017), Strange Weather 1
  • “Loaded” (2017), Strange Weather 2
  • “Aloft” (2017), Strange Weather 3
  • “Rain” (2017), Strange Weather 4
  • “All I Care About is You” (2017) The Weight of Words edited by Dave McKean and Willaim Schafer
  • “Dark Carousel” (2018), vinyl-first audiobook (to be included in the next short story collection.- Print TBA)
  • “You Are Released” (2018), Flight or Fright, edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent
  • “Faun” (2019), At Home in the Dark, edited by Lawrence Block


  • “The Sundial Man” (2010)

Anthology appearances

  • “20th Century Ghost”: “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume Fourteen” (2003), ed. Stephen Jones
  • “My Father’s Mask”: “The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, 19th Annual Collection” (2006), ed. Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link and Gavin Grant
  • “Best New Horror”: “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume Seventeen” (2006), ed. Stephen Jones
  • “The Cape”: “Horror: The Best of the Year, 2006 Edition” (2006), ed. John Gregory Betancourt and Sean Wallace
  • “Thumbprint”: “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume Nineteen” (2008), ed. Stephen Jones
  • “Bobby Conroy Comes Back from the Dead”: “The Living Dead” (2008), ed. John Joseph Adams
  • “20th Century Ghost”: “Poe’s Children: The New Horror” (2008), ed. Peter Straub
  • “Pop Art”: “American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940s to Now” (2009), ed. Peter Straub
  • “Abraham’s Boys”: “By Blood We Live” (2009), ed. John Joseph Adams
  • “20th Century Ghost”: “The Mammoth Book of the Best of Best New Horror” (2010), ed. Stephen Jones
  • “My Father’s Mask”: ” Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror ” (2010), ed. Ellen Datlow
  • “Throttle” (with Stephen King): “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume Twenty-One” (2010), ed. Stephen Jones
  • “You Are Released”: Flight or Fright (2018), ed. Stephen King and Bev Vincent

Miscellaneous credits

  • “Pop Art” was reprinted in 2007 by Subterranean Press as a chapbook featuring illustrations by Gahan Wilson. As well, 52 lettered (A–ZZ) hard covers and 150 numbered soft covered chapbooks were signed by Hill.
  • “Fanboyz”, a comic script, was written for Spider-Man Unlimited 8 (2005). The story was illustrated by Seth Fisher.
  • “The Saved”, first published in The Clackamas Literary Review in 2001 and also as part of the bonus material included in the 2005 deluxe slipcased edition of 20th Century Ghosts, was reprinted in December 2007 as part of PS Publishing’s annual Holiday Chapbook series, available, free of charge, to subscribers of the quarterly magazine Postscripts.
  • “Thumbprint”, first published in Postscripts #10 in 2007, was reprinted as a chapbook in summer 2008 to accompany the anthology Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy published by Subterranean Press.
  • Hill was selected to serve as the guest editor of the first (2015) volume of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s series The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy.
  • Tales from the Darkside: Script Book was published in 2016 collecting three original scrips of the failed TV series reboot
  • The Fireman was referenced in Episode 0 of the podcast Point Mystic, which also featured Joe Hill’s voice and likeness.

Screenwriting credits

  • Fade Away (2005) (unproduced screenplay co-written with Owen King)
  • Tales From The Darkside (2015) (unproduced pilot episode)
  • Locke & Key (2018) (unproduced pilot episode)
  • Locke & Key (2019) (pilot episode co-written with Eli Coleite)

Joe Hill Awards

  • “Better Than Home” (A. E. Coppard Long Fiction Prize)
  • “Voluntary Committal” (World Fantasy Award for Best Novella)
  • “20th Century Ghosts” (Bradbury Fellowship)
  • “20th Century Ghosts” (Bram Stoker Award for Best Fiction Collection)
  • “20th Century Ghosts” (British Fantasy Award for Best Collection)
  • “20th Century Ghosts” (International Horror Guild Award for Best Collection)
  • “Best New Horror” (British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story)
  • “Best New Horror” (Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Story)
  • Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award – 2007
  • “Heart-Shaped Box” (Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel)
  • “Heart-Shaped Box” (International Thriller Writers Inc award for Best First Novel)
  • “Locke & Key” (Eisner Award for Best Writer – 2011)
  • “The Fireman” (Locus Award for Best Horror Novel – 2017)
  • “Strange Weather” (Bram Stoker Award for Best Fiction Collection – 2017)
  • “Strange Weather” (British Fantasy Award for Best Collection – 2018)

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