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John Cochran Biography

John Cochran (John Martin Cochran) also is known as “Cochran”, is an American reality television personality and television writer.

He first appeared on the 23rd season of Survivor, “Survivor: South Pacific” and came in eighth place.

John Cochran returned for the 26th season, Survivor: Caramoan, and ultimately won the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. He later went on to become a writer for various CBS sitcoms, such as The Millers and, more recently, Kevin Can Wait.


He first appeared on the 23rd season of Survivor, Survivor: South Pacific, and came in eighth place. Moreover, he was born on January 17. 1987 in Washington, D.C. John is 36 years old as of 2023.

John Martin Cochran is also known by just his surname “Cochran”. He is an American reality television personality and television writer.


Cochran was born in 1937 in Shreveport, Louisiana. His father Johnnie L. Cochran, Sr. was an insurance salesman, and his mother Hattie Bass Cochran sold Avon products.

He was born together with one brother named Ralonzo Phelectron Cochran and two sisters, Pearl Baker and Martha Jean Sherrard.

The family relocated to the West Coast during the second wave of the Great Migration, settling in Los Angeles in 1949. He went to local schools and graduated first in his class from Los Angeles High School in 1955.

Furthermore, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1959 and a Juris Doctor from the Loyola Law School in 1962.

Additionally, he was a member and 45th “Laurel Wreath Wearer” of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

John Cochran Wife |  Married |  Kids

Cochran tries to keep his life private and especially his love life.According to various source John has had atleast one relationship but he has not been engaged to anyone.He is still single as of 2023.

He has no children as of 2023.

John Cochran Net Worth

Cochran is a television writer who has worked for American television sitcoms such as The Millers and Kevin Can Wait. In the 15th Anniversary of Survivor, CBS Watch magazine voted Cochran as the seventh greatest player of all time.

John Cochran made money by Actors niche. He has an estimated net worth of $59 Million dollars as of 2022.

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John Cochran Survivor South Pacific

Believing that Jeff Probst calls his favorite contestants by their last names, “superfan” John insisted he should follow suit. Jeff accepted the proposition and challenged him to live up to it.

Despite knowing game theories, Cochran found himself unable to use them. Therefore, he came across as socially awkward and physically unable.

After Savaii lost the inaugural Immunity Challenge. However, Ozzy Lusth perceived him as the weakest member of the tribe. But was saved when tribemate Semhar Tadesse was voting out for her poor performance at the Immunity Challenge.

He would continue to find himself on the outs of the tribe but formed a close friendship with Savaii tribemate Dawn Meehan.

Cochran also began becoming more of a provider for Savaii, despite Savaii’s de facto leader Ozzy already doing most of the food collecting.

At their next Tribal Council visit, Cochran was once again spared over the much weaker Mark “Papa Bear” Caruso.

Mark was blamed for the loss despite Cochran being in charge of rope management during the Immunity Challenge.

However, Cochran received a vote from Jim Rice, who was wary of the possibility of Mark really having a Hidden Immunity Idol.

His odds in the tribe would soon increase after Jim recruited him to help blindside Elyse Umemoto, Ozzy’s closest ally, after losing the Day 15 Immunity Challenge. The tribe lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 17, and the tribe as a whole told Cochran he was leaving.

Also, if he beat Christine Shields Markoski, he would come back into the game as a hero.

The Trojan Horse

However, Ozzy saw it as too risky after having a dream and introduced his new plan: “The Trojan Horse,” where he asked to be voted out so that he could beat Christine. Accordingly, allowing the on the outs Cochran to make the merge.

Ozzy gave Cochran his Hidden Immunity Idol for safekeeping just in case he lost but would ask him to return the idol if he did return.

Savaii wanted Cochran to become the double agent and gather intel from the Upolu tribe at the merge. Cochran, however, having notions of his former Savaii tribemates bullying him, flipped over to the Upolu tribe during a talk with Coach Wade.

At Tribal Council, it came down to a 6-6 tie between Upolu’s Rick Nelson and Savaii’s Keith Tollefson.However, when the tie votes came back, the Savaii tribe was stunned after realizing someone flipped.

Thus causing Keith to leave 6-4. Cochran admitted that he flipped to Ozzy and said that he would state his reasoning later. Jim called him a “coward,” but Brandon Hantz came to his defense.

John immediately became Savaii’s number one enemy, with Whitney Duncan calling him “disgusting.” Nevertheless, Cochran maintained his allegiance to the Upolu tribe.

Hence helping to take out Ozzy, Jim, Dawn, and Whitney at the following Tribal Councils, finding themselves competing for each other at Redemption Island, with Ozzy successfully defeating them all.

With no common enemy left, it had become clear that Cochran would be the first player out. Since he was the last Savaii member remaining.

Cochran didn’t win Individual Immunity, but he pleaded his case to stay to the Upolu tribe members. However, it was not enough, as Cochran ended up leaving in a 5-2 vote “Edna Ma being the only player to vote with him”.

Redemption Island

At Redemption Island, Cochran was doubtful that he would stand a chance against Ozzy in the duel, but Ozzy falsely assured Cochran he had a chance “Ozzy believing he could blow out Cochran in the duel”. Much to Ozzy’s surprise, Cochran came close to winning in the duel after being far behind Ozzy.

However, Ozzy managed to continue his Redemption Island winning streak. Hence, permanently eliminating Cochran from the game.

Cochran left the game having enjoyed every moment he spent in it and glad that he put up a fight against Ozzy, despite his expected defeat. At Final Tribal Council, as a juror, he cast his jury vote for Coach, but Coach lost to Sophie in a 6-3-0 vote.

 Television writing

After his second Survivor appearance, Probst put him into contact with Greg Garcia, creator of and writer for The Millers. Garcia offered him a job as a writer for the show.

He accepted the job, and after graduating from Harvard Law, moved to Los Angeles to start working on the show. Although the series was canceled shortly thereafter, he landed another writing gig on “Kevin Can Wait a few years later”.

John Cochran Popularity

After Caramoan ended, Cochran was inducted into Xfinity’s Survivor “Hall of Fame,” as part of the class of 2013. Alongside Kim Spradlin and Jonny Fairplay.

Several years later, in the official issue of CBS Watch magazine commemorating the 15th anniversary of Survivor, he was voted as the seventh greatest player of all time.

Additionally, in a 2015 interview shortly before the premiere of the 30th season, host Jeff Probst declared Cochran to be his favorite season winner ever.

John Cochran Cameos

 John Cochran showed up on the reunion show for Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the show’s 27th season. Jeff Probst asked Cochran about new developments in his life and even presented a comedy sketch starring Cochran and actor Will Arnett.

He later appeared as a guest on the fifth episode of Survivor’s 34th season, Survivor: Game Changers, where he visited exiled castaway Debbie Wanner to give her advice.

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