John LeCompt Biography, Age, Wife AndMindrage

John LeCompt Biography

John LeCompt is an American musician.  He is best known for  being part of the Little Rock heavy metal music scene since the mid-1990s.

John has been associated with a number of bands, ranging from the unknown and unsigned to multi-platinum sellers, most notably the alternative metal band Evanescence.

One of his main collaborators is Rock Gray his long-time friend, who is often John’s bandmate in various group projects. The pair  are now members of the rock bands We Are the Fallen and Machina.


John was born on March 10, 1973 in Little Rock, Arkansas, US. He is 49 years old as of 2023.

John LeCompt Family

John was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, US.  The information about his parents is not yet known though he has a brother known as Jimmy LeCompt, whom he collaborated with in a project called Burnt Offerings.

Wife | John LeCompt Children

John is married to Shelly.  The couple has two children, daughter Bethanie, and a new son named John Charles LeCompt II (J.C.).

John LeCompt Mindrage

John’s  first commercial attempt was the Christian metal band Mindrage.  He performed as both lead vocalist and lead guitarist. for the project was Nick Williams on bass and Chad Wilburn on drums.

Mindrage signed to Bulletproof Records and in June 1998 recorded the studio album Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power, consisting of eleven tracks. Their second album was a split EP with band Nailed Promise featuring four tracks released on Pluto Records. For this album, Justin Carder replaced Wilburn on drums.

John LeCompt Kill System

Later, John joined with then-Living Sacrifice guitarist Rocky Gray to form what would be known as Kill System, alongside Chad Moore (Soul Embraced) on bass, Allen Robson (Becoming Saints) on guitar, and Lance Garvin (also of Living Sacrifice & Soul Embraced) on drums.

While the project never obtained an official distribution deal and despite LeCompt’s history of a heavier music style, Kill System evolved into something more melodic and became a favorite among fans.

Soul Embraced

Eventually John joined back up with Rocky Gray to collaborate with Gray’s band Soul Embraced. He played guitar during many of the band’s live shows, and was the featured vocalist on the track “Seems Like Forever” on the album, Immune.

 John LeCompt Hardware

John uses a different types of guitars, both electric and acoustic. For electric, he uses a number of ESP models, including the F-300FM, EC-1000, Viper-301, Viper Custom, Grynch, PC-1V PW, SC608B, H-301 and H-307. John’s acoustic guitars include the Yamaha CPX900 and LJX6C models. John stated that he uses a Mesa Stiletto Deuce for amplification.

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