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Josh Zuckerman Biography

Josh Zuckerman is an American actor best known for playing Mark Cullin in the science fiction TV series Kyle XY, Eddie Orlofsky in Desperate Housewives and Nate Marlowe in the comedy series Significant Mother.

He also had a recurring role as Max Miller in the CW drama 90210. He was born as Joshua Ryan Zuckerman.

Josh Zuckerman Age

He was born on1 April 1985 in Los Altos, California, United States of America. He is 37 years years old as of 2023.

Josh Zuckerman Family

He was born and raised in a family of five.

Josh Zuckerman Wife

He is currently single according to records.

Josh Zuckerman Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars.


He is 1.78 m tall.

Josh Zuckerman Movies And Tv Shows




2000 Get Real Young Andy
Once and Again Toby Porter
Geppetto Featured
Return to the Secret Garden Timothie
That’s Life Eric Feinstein
The Amanda Show
The View from the Swing Ben
2001 The Myersons Murphy Myerson
Bette Tim
Jack & Jill Adam Fickman
The West Wing Boy #1 – Billy Fernandez
The Ellen Show Timmy
The Nightmare Room Jeremy Clark
‘Twas the Night Danny Wrigley
Judging Amy Rob Bird
2002 NYPD Blue James ‘Swirly’ Kilik
“Lather. Rinse. Repeat” Timmy (little boy)
I Was a Teenage Faust[2] Brendan Willy
Austin Powers in Goldmember Young Dr. Evil
2004 Surviving Christmas Brian Valco
2005 Pretty Persuasion Josh Horowitz
House Keen Student
Feast Hot Wheels
2006 The Hottest State Decker
Standoff Cary Steckler
2007 Close to Home Ben Murphy
CSI: Miami Leo Donwell
Boston Legal Michael Scanlon
Lions for Lambs Student
2008 Sex Drive Ian Lafferty
2008–2009 Kyle XY Mark Cullin
2009 “Ceremonies of the Horsemen” Zerach
2009–2010 Desperate Housewives Eddie Orlofsky
2010 “Ivan’s House”
2010–2013 90210 Max Miller
2011 2ND Take Ethan
Mr. Sunshine Jimmy Lincon
The Protector Josh Taylor
2012 Breakout Kings Rodney Cain
2014 Field of Lost Shoes Moses Jacob Ezekiel
2015 Significant Mother Nate Marlowe
2016 The Big Bang Theory Marty

Josh Zuckerman Desperate Housewives

He played Eddie Orlofsky on Desperate Housewives.


He had a recurring role in the CW series 90210 as Naomi’s love interest, Max Miller.


He attended Princeton University where he was a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity where he earned the pledge name “Checkers”. After his freshman year, he did not return to Princeton, deciding instead to focus on his acting career.

Josh Zuckerman Twitter



Josh Zuckerman has an eclectic career in both television and film, playing everything from a sex-crazed virgin to a serial killer.

Josh is currently shooting the lead in THE CW series SIGNIFICANT MOTHER about a guy who discovers his best friend is sleeping with his mother.

He recently wrapped the dark comedy MIND PUPPETS with Vinnie Jones and was last seen in the independent drama FIELD OF LOST SHOES based on a true story of the American Civil War about a group of teenage cadets who must confront the horrors of an adult world.

Jason Isaacs

Josh co-stars with Jason Isaacs.  Josh also starred in the feature film CBGB, the story of the famous nightclub in the role of “John Holmstrom”, the founder of Punk Magazine.

He is still widely recognized from his leading role in Summit’s SEX DRIVE opposite James Marsden, where he played a young man setting out on a road trip with the intention of losing his virginity, instead he falls in love with his best female friend.

Additionally, female fans remember him as the nerdy boyfriend of AnnaLynne McCord on BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and as the notorious Wysteria Lane Strangler on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

Prior film work includes LIONS FOR LAMBS for director Robert Redford as one of Andrew Garfield’s college companions, Mark Webber’s obnoxious best friend in Ethan Hawke’s  THE HOTTEST STATE, the wheelchair-bound brother of Baltazar Getty in the cult film FEAST, and the “brother” of Ben Affleck in Dreamworks’ SURVIVING CHRISTMAS.

Josh was born and raised in Palo Alto, CA and moved with his family to Los Angeles after the seventh grade.

He is currently living in Los Angeles where he is active with environmental causes.


Hi Josh, please tell us about you?

Oh gosh. I am an actor living in LA. I consider myself a Francophile and a foodie. The theater, cooking is what I like and a bunch of other stuff I won’t bother you with right now.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

The first thing that is hitting is traveling around New York City with my Dad for the first time. He grew up in Manhattan and took me to all the tourist spots we could fit into a weekend.

How young were you when you realized you wanted to do this for a living?

I think right after my first job at about 14. At the time, it was not a fully formed decision that acting would be my career because I was after all just a middle schooler.

But I knew I wanted to keep pursuing film acting. Years later I began to see more clearly how it was the best possible profession for me. Nothing else could compare for adventure, challenge, and lifestyle.

Family Members

Any other family member is in the business?


What inspired you to become an actor?

Movies. Weekend trips to the cinema and family favorite VHS tapes played over and over again. That and the rush and response of being in front of a live audience.

Who were your heroes when you were young?

Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Dam, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seriously. I loved cheesy action films.

Sex Drive

Tell us about “Sex Drive”?

It was my first big leading role. I was pumped and terrified to do it pretty much from the moment I booked it to the day we wrapped filming. I am so so grateful to have had the experience to work with some insanely talented actors and writers on that one.

Particularly I was fortunate with the comedic guidance of Sean Anders and John Morris as writers/director. All in all I am very proud of the film and the cultish following its received.

About 90210?

Hey, my job was basically to show up to set and make out with AnnaLynne McCord. I was not complaining. Seriously though AnnaLynne was an absolute joy to work with as a tremendous talent and as a lovely coworker.

We were fortunate to have really terrific storylines. It was the most sensational fictitious LA experience possible and I loved working on “90”.

Contacts With Casts

Do you keep in contact with the cast?

AnnaLynne and I keep in touch a bit. Michael Steger, Manish Dayal, Justin Deeley… I see those guys more often.

And now about you’re recent work on “Significant Mother”?

Dare I say it, the funniest most inventive material I’ve ever worked on with some of the most talented damn actors I can imagine. We are so lucky to have all joined up together for this gem of a comedy.

I can not read our scripts without literally laughing out loud. And equally important, every actor on our cast brings such heart to Significant Mother. I am very excited to share this show with the world.

I play Nate, a restaurateur in Portland, Oregon who returns home to find that his best friend and roommate Jimmy is sleeping with his mom, Lydia. The show follows the evolving relationship between Jimmy and Lydia with Nate being dragged into their drama at every turn.


How did you got selected for the role?

Actually, SIGMO started as a web series for CWSeed. The story goes they were looking for a “Josh Zuckerman type”. My manager got wind of that and asked if they would be interested in the actual Josh Zuckerman.

Fortunately, they were! My agent sent over the scripts (initially 3 of em) and it was love at first read. Funny, lovable, charming, engaging, endearing, exciting, all the qualities of a great comedy story.

Who will be your Actor or Actress dream to work with?

There so many. You know for as much as I have read about him and watched his interviews endlessly, I would love to work with the stage phenomena Mark Rylance.

He seems to be someone who’s mastered the element of play in acting.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Eva Green. Hands down. Oh. My. God.

How do you spend your free time?

I love hiking and playing chess and yoga and banjoing. Yes I play the banjo

How would your friends describe you?

Hard working, quirky, silly, hopefully kind, curious.

Are you a night owl or morning person?

I do so love the morning.

What is your favorite music?

Big band 1940’s Glenn Miller type music. That and any Sinatra Pandora station.

Where we can follow you?

Twitter: @illbezucked
Instagram: @zuckermanjosh

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