Jourdan Miller Biography, Age, Family, Career, Model

Jourdan Miller Biography

Jourdan Miller, best known model and an American fashion. She is best known for winning the twentieth cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

The American fashion Model attended Mountain View High School in Bend.

Jourdan Miller Age

Miller is 29 years old as of 2022. She was born on October 6, 1993 in Olympia, Thurston in the state of Washington, United States.


Millers family relocated to Bend, Oregon where she was raised by her two sisters

Jourdan Miller Husband

At the age of 18, the American model was both married and divorced. She had in an abusive relationship which left her emotional scarred.
She later explains on how, these days she has a special man in her life who has given her renewed hope in love.

Jourdan Miller Career

America’s Next Top Model
Miller appeared in Cycle 20 of the CW Network reality television show America’s Next Top Model In 2013, which she competed against fifteen other aspiring models.

In the competition, she was one of the front-runners. She was one of the strongest among the contestants, having won a total of five challenges and received six first call-outs.

The American top Model’s photograph from the paint photoshoot was deemed by Tyra Banks as one of the best produced in the history of the show.

LA Style Fashion

In her 8th Week, she failed to book any shows during LA Style Fashion Week. At the final runway show in Bali, she faced difficulty when she accidentally stumbled with her stilettos on her gown.

Despite this, the judges were still happy by her walk. At the final , the judges noted Miller’s command on the runway, fluidity, as well as her high-fashion and girl-next-door appeal.

Miller would eventually beat fellow competitor Marvin Cortes in the season finale, becoming the twentieth winner of America’s Next Top Model.

Her win also explains that she is the sixth winner of America’s Next Top Model to have never made an appearance in the bottom two, along with Jaslene Gonzalez, McKey Sullivan, Nicole Fox, Krista White, Sophie Sumner and later winner India Gants.


However she became the second America’s Next Top Model winner to have also never even appeared in the bottom three. This was preceded by cycle 13 winner Nicole Fox.

She also became the second winner of the show to have received a total of six first call-outs after Ann Ward, the winner of cycle 15

After her marvelous winning of theAmerica’s Next Top Model, Miller received a modeling contract with NEXT Model Management in Los Angeles, an eight-page spread in the December/January 2014 issue of Nylon magazine and a $100,000-ad campaign with Guess.

Post Top Model

Besides her win in America’s Next Top Model, she featured in a segment for the November 22, 2013 episode of VH1’s Best Week Ever and OK!TV[5] in December 2013.

She appeared on the cover and spread for the February issue of Cleo magazine Malaysia, and an editorial for August Man magazine Malaysia, In 2014.

Miller has recently fronted the covers of SÝN magazine, Swiss Made Magazine and Blum Magazine and has spreads in Ellements, Kode, Creem, Remix, 35mm, Flesh, Cake and Ugly magazine, and also appeared on the music video for Fences in 2015 and for Finnish singer Niila in 2016.

Jourdan Miller America’s Next Top Model

She appeared in the Cycle 20 of the CW Network a television show America’s Next Top Model. where she competed against fifteen other aspiring models, and won twentieth cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

Jourdan Miller Guess Campaign

she scored a contract with NEXT Model Management which was an eight-page spread in Nylon Magazine and a $100,000 ad-campaign with Guess.

Victoria’s Secret

She appeared in Victoria’s Secret cover girl after the twentieth cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

Jourdan Miller Video


PUBLISHED: Dec 04 – 2014


K: Please briefly introduce yourself to the readers of VOGUE INSIDER, and tell us a little bit about how (and what) you are doing these days. 

Jourdan: My name is Jourdan Miller Rzonca and I am the winner of America’s Next Top Model Season 20, I am a fashion model signed with Next Models traveling the world, continuing my dream as a Top Model and sharing my career on Social Media.

K: You seem to be a very disciplined and a courteous person. You didn’t flirt with male contestants on the show, didn’t stay up late, and (this is the best part) you were willing to apologize when you made mistakes. These are rare qualities among the contestants on the show. Looking back on your life, what experiences made you such a calm, disciplined, and courteous person?

Jourdan: My father is a large influence on the mannerisms that I have now. I believe that honesty and loyalty are so important in life and I have learned these things from personal experience. My Dad always taught me to apologize when I am wrong, but know when to stand up for what is right. I am grateful for those lessons and qualities he has taught me.

Make over

K: The make-over episode in the show changed you from a brunette to “a sweet blonde girl,” but I liked your original hair color and think it’s elegant and classy as well. How do you feel about this make-over?

Jourdan: I had a hard time recognizing my reflection in the mirror and went through a struggle with the new texture of my hair extensions. I was happy to go back to my natural color due to the fact that my blonde hair was so weak from chemicals that it was falling out and breaking. It is much healthier now!


K: Please tell us a little bit about how you felt the moment that you won the show (I especially adore your reaction when you won. The winners in the past usually screamed and jumped around, but your reaction was humbling and grateful, and it was as if you were relieved).

Jourdan: I just felt so much Joy! My faith and hard work paid off and I didn’t have any more challenges. It was like crossing the finish line at a race, you just take a deep breath and say to yourself “I did it”. The feeling is almost indescribable. It was a dream come true.

K: I really like the concept of the final runway show/episode – “rebirth and purpose from tragedy.” It was as if they tailored this theme for you. Needless to say, you have communicated a real and powerful message through the show. Do you have any plans to collaborate with antiviolence organizations in the future? 

Jourdan: Yes, I plan on reaching out to different organizations when I can donate my time to them. I want to share my story with young girls and teach them about staying strong and fighting for what is right. I want women everywhere to know that they are not alone and we can stop abuse together.


K: And (I hope it’s okay to ask), did your ex-boyfriend apologize to you after the show?

Jourdan: I forgave my ex-husband a long time ago, but I can’t remember if he ever apologized. I am re-married to a new man now, so I don’t think about my past often.

K: I was bullied when I was in the junior high school, which made me question humanity, but also facilitated my ability to observe and write about different types of people. Did your challenging past experiences change you in any way? How did you overcome those dark times and troubling memories?

Jourdan: Everyone has a different life path filled with lessons. If you look at everything as an opportunity to learn, you don’t see it as a bad thing anymore. I was bitter after my divorce, but I realized the importance of the lessons I learned. I am no longer angry because I gained knowledge from my divorce.

K: The 21st season of the show has aired; which contestant(s) are you rooting for? Any gossip, insider information, or hits you could share with us about the show? (For example, you will do the opening walk in the final episode, which I already know, so it doesn’t count. :P) 

Jourdan: I don’t have any juicy details for you, but I can say that my favorite girl is Lenox and my favorite guy is Will.


K: “America’s Next Top Model” realizes the modeling dream for many people, and also promotes such a dream to teenagers all around the world. What do you think about this considering the reality and challenges in this industry? Any advice you’d like to share with these young males and females?

Jourdan: There is a reason why some people settle and some people strive, if you want it bad enough you will go get it yourself. You have to make your dreams come true.
My advice is to be unique and don’t be afraid of being different. Keep humble and moral. Dedication and determination will get you success. Hard work pays off.

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