Julia Fox, Net Worth, Properties, Fashion, Health, Upcoming Movies

Julia Fox

Julia Fox is an Italian-American actress and model who is known for her debut performance in the film Uncut Gems.

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How much is Julia Fox Net Worth?

Julia Fox net worth is $30 million as of Dec 2023 from her acting career.

Does Julia Fox own Properties?

The actress gave her TikTok fans a view of her two bedrooms apartment in NYC recently. On the clip, she stated that she doesn’t love to brag about her wealth.

“For me personally, I don’t like excessive displays of wealth,” Fox adds. “They make me feel icky, especially people who have really big houses. It’s just wasteful when there are so many homeless people in this country, and I am just not really like that.”

Julia Fox Car Collections

Julia has been spotted with a blue Maserati sports Car immediately after her break up with Kanye.

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Fashion Style

The model is known for her bold, defiant, and cool fashion choices, from barely–there dresses to leather pants.

Her fashion style transformed after she started to go out with Kanye West.

The most daring fashion wore a skin-baring autumnal look created by designer Emma Fujiko as portrayed on her TikTok and Instagram accounts in November 2022.

In the previous month of the same year, the actress stepped out to  CFDA Awards with a black dramatic gown that featured long ball sleeves and cropped turtle neck. The dress looked like it was cut out.

Julia Fox Makeup, Perfume

The American actress does her makeup, including red-carpet makeup. Briana Andalore is also the stylist behind her wildest looks. Julia uploaded a video on her Instagram of her simple makeup routine starting from foundation to concealer.

The actress keeps everything on a low key off- the camera, despite her black eyeshadow and eyebrow bleach.

She prefers using lavender deodorant instead of perfume because she believes in her natural scent


Among the actress hairstylists is Ezio Diaferia, who is behind her greasy-wet with denim blues and white shades hair at the diesel show. The actress has worn grey-colored hair and lengthy hair extensions among other styles.

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Rapid Weight loss

The actress uploaded her video on TikTok explaining that her rapid weight loss was unintentional. Before giving birth to her son in 2021, she used to be curvaceous, and she admits that chasing her son around is the contributing factor to her thinner frame.

OCD and ADHD Disorder

The actress opened up about her suffering fro Obsessive-Compulsiveness Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder impact on her career.

Julia responded to one of her fans on TikTok who inquired about how she manages her work while being neurodivergent.

“It’s been very difficult. I have bouts of like, great productivity, where I’m on top of the world and just feel like I’m invincible. “And then, I have moments of like, deep, deep, deep, stagnant type of feeling, like I just can’t f****g move.”

The actress uses marijuana to manage her OCD symptoms although she admits that it doesn’t assist her productivity issues with ADHD.

Past Relationship with Kanye

Julia and Kanye dated for two months. She came open and admitted that breaking up with Kanye was the best thing that happened to her. The actress confesses that there were red flags in their relationship that included unresolved issues Kanye was battling with, which led to their breakup.

Fox also stated that she dated Kanye so that he will leave Kim Kardashian alone.

“But then I had this thought: I was like, ‘Oh my god, maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case. Maybe I can distract him, just get him to like me and I knew if anyone can do it, it’s me because when I set my mind to something, I do it.’

Who is the father of Julia’s son?

Fox was married to Peter Armetiev from 2018 to 2020. The two were blessed with a son together in 2021.


The actress is also a fashion designer, and together with her friend Briana, they have a fashion line, Franziska Fox. She is into painting and photography as well. She has published two arts and photography books.

Fox has modeled for various brands and magazines and has in different campaigns. She was on the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia and has appeared in many other editorials as well.

Julia’s Upcoming Films

Fox is set to star in the upcoming drama Puppet, to be released in 2023. . She is also set to star in a dark comedy, The Trainer, in 2023.

Fox is also set to portray Hollywood hairdresser Carrie White in the upcoming biopic Upper Cut based on White’s memoir.

Is Julia Fox a movie director?

The actress wrote and directed Fantasy Girls 2021 film. The film is about some teenage girls living in Reno, Nevada, and involved in sex work.

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