Junk Kook Biography, Age, Family, Height, and Net Worth

JunkKook tops as the most viewed musician in TikTok as of 2023. Jeon Junk Kook is a south Korean singer and a member and vocalist of the South Korean Boy Band (BTS). He is the only non-footballer in the top five of FIFA 2022 s, ‘Mentioned on social media list’.

Date of Birth

Junk Kook was born on September 1, 1997.


The famous musician is 5’’10’’ inches tall


Jean weighs 70 Kg. He is the tallest and heaviest of the BTS members. They are all under 170 cm tall and weigh less than 70 kg.

Junk Kook Education

The musician graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul, an arts high school, in 2017 and holds a degree from Global Cyber University’s Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment.

Junk Kook Net Worth

Jean’s net worth is $24 million

Trending News

He is the youngest member of (BangTan Boys) BTS and has made the history of becoming the only non-footballer in the list of the top 10 people mentioned on social media around the FIFA World cup, 2022.

NetBase Quid shared a list of the top 10 mentioned on social media and the famous artist ranked fourth.

The member of the BTS band also stole the show by performing at the FIFA world cup opening ceremony on November 20.

Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi clinched the sixth spot on the list. He and Jungkook performed the World Cup anthem Dreamers during the opening ceremony of the world cup at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar’s Al Khor.  

What are the Real Names of BTS Members?

Stage NameReal Name
RMKim Namjoon
JinKim Seokjin
J-HopeJung Hoseok
SugaMin Yoongi
VKim Taehyung
JiminPark Jimin
JungkookJeon Jeongguk

Will Jung Kook attend the 2023 Grammy Awards?

In the latest news, the Grammys’ official Instagram award has started following only two members of the BTS, RM, and Jung Kook.

There is growing suspicion among the other GBTS members and fans as to the reasons the Grammy s began following only two of the boy band group’s seven members.

Reports have it that Kim Namjoon and Jean Jung kook from BTS will attend the 2023 Grammy Awards ceremony. RM is anticipated to represent BTS at this year’s awards presentation, while Jungkook’s participation is uncertain.

BTS has made history by getting nominated for three Grammy Awards in the year 2023.

  1. Best Music Video for ‘Yet To Come,’
  2. Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the collaboration tune ‘My Universe,’ with Coldplay.
  3. Album of the Year for Coldplay’s ‘Music of the Spheres.’

BTS has been nominated for the Grammy Awards for the third year in a row.

Is JungKook currently dating?

The youngest BTS member has been linked to various dating rumors and speculations. Here are some of the ladies who have been linked with the famous musician; Blackpink’s Lisa, Lee Yubi, DIA’s Chaeyeon, Lee Mijoo, Former Lovelyz member Yein, and Ko Seo-hyun.

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