Keith Richards, Net Worth, Properties, Cars, Fashion, Health and more

Keith Richards The Rolling Stones

Keith Richards is an English musician and songwriter who is famous as the co-founder, guitarist, secondary vocalist, and co-principal songwriter of rolling stones.

Date of Birth

December 18, 1943.

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Net worth

Richard’s net worth is approximately $500 million


The musician owned a penthouse in Manhattan which he was selling for $11 million.

He also owns a home in the Chichester Harbour village of West Wittering, where house prices range from £758,000.  The village is a home for celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Michael Ball.

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Car Collections

Keith is believed to have owned at least five vehicles of significance: an early-era Bugatti, a Lamborghini Miura, a 1937 Lagonda Rapide, a bright-yellow Citroen 2CV (identical to the one featured in 1981 James Bond classic For Your Eyes Only), and an example of the ultra-complex Maserati-powered Citroen SM.


Keith loved to put on extra-long silk scarves, huge jewelry, power jackets, and loud sneakers. A number of his fashion inspirations were birthed from the women in his life.

He claims he still swaps clothes with his daughters and that he also turns to his wife Patti Hansen, when in need of new outfits.

The musician also used to be a lover of satin shirts, polka–dot or python blazers, and skull and shark tooth earrings.

Richards has worked with stylists Brian Coats and Maryam Malakpour.

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Keith Richards admits to still drinking, smoking, and not exercising although he is taking more care of his health.

A few years back, Richards was admitted after suffering from a subdural haematoma after he fell 16ft from a coconut tree.

A subdural haematoma is a serious condition where blood collects between the skull and the surface of the brain. It’s usually caused by a head injury.


Favorite meal

Keith loves shepherd’s pie. For Richards, it’s the crust that makes the pie holy.

“When I’m at home I cook for myself, usually bangers and mash, with some variation on the mash but not much,” he once stated in an interview.

Favorite guitarists: Chuck Berry

Top three favorite songs

  • Muddy Waters – ‘Rollin’ Stone’
  • Sonny Boy Williamson II – ‘Checkin Up On My Baby’
  • Jimmy Reed – ‘You Got Me Dizzy’

Favorite Bands

  • The Hillbilly Cats.
  • The Dave Bartholomew Band.
  • The Beatles.
  • Steve Marriott

Greatest Influences: Chuck Berry


Keith was nominated for 13 Grammy awards and has won three

Fun Facts

  • He was arrested at gun point in 1975
  • He slept twice a week on average for many years
  • He started listening to music at 3
  • The studio recordings of “Street Fighting Man” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” don’t have any electric guitar in them. Instead, Richards created the sound by putting down successive layers of acoustic guitar filtered through a cheap cassette tape player, a technique he’d developed for recording in crummy motels without disturbing the other guests.
  • “For ages,” he didn’t know that Jerry Lee Lewis, whose music he admired, was white, because British versions of American records usually didn’t feature photographs of the performers.

Injuries and near death experiences

  • As an infant, his mother and he evacuated their London neighborhood due to a Nazi bomb raid.
  • There were at least three times he nearly died by fire. Once, he and famed session musician, Bobby Keys, accidentally set fire to a bathroom at the Playboy Mansion; again during the recording of Exile on Main Street, he and his girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg, fell asleep, Richards with a lit cigarette, which caught the bed on fire; and another time when mice chewing through the wiring of his Redlands Estate set the home ablaze.
  • He’s also been electrocuted on stage.
  • He fell from a palm tree
  • A pile of books fell on him at his home library
  • He was poisoned while on tour in Switzerland, when someone put strychnine in his heroin.

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