Kevin Garnett(Basketballer) Bio, Age, Net Worth, Education, Career

Kevin Garnett commonly known as Kevin Maurice Garnett was born on May 19, 1976, is an American former professional basketball player who played for 21 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In 2020,Kevin was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame and in 2021 he was named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.


He is currently 46 years old since he was born on May 19, 1976.

Kevin Garnett  Net Worth

He has a net worth of $120 million(2023) which he earned from playing basketball for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin Garnett Education

He attended the Hillcrest Middle School and started exploring basketball for the first time there but it was at Mauldin High School that he started playing in the school team.

Kevin Garnett Family

His parents were never officially married and after he was born, his father left his mother. She did the sole job of bringing him up.

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Wife |Brandi Padilla |Divorce | Kids

In 2004 he got officially married to his longtime girlfriend Brandi Padilla in California. The couple has two daughters, On July 12, 2018, Garnett’s wife filed for divorce, asking for custody of the children.

Kevin Garnett Career

In 1995 he was the first player to be drafted directly out of school by NBA Draft’s Minnesota Timberwolves.

During the next season 1996, Garnett showed improvement in his performance which resulted in the better performance of the Timberwolves as well.

In 1997 he began with the contractual agreement between Timberwolves and Garnett to remain in association for another 6 years.

Garnett was named to the All-NBA Second Team in 2004 but Timberwolves was not doing so well and the next season was a bigger disappointment as Timberwolves had to let go of Cassell and the team logged the second worst record since Garnett joined.

In 2008 he was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. It was the only major award a Celtic player had not claimed since the franchise’s foundation in 1946.

He was also third in MVP voting for the year. In 2013 the Celtics and Brooklyn Nets reached a deal to trade Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry for future first-round picks in 2014, 2016, and 2018 drafts.



Kevin Garnett shoes

Kevin Garnett Interview

Did you tape that hoodie?
Kevin Garnett: I did not [laughs]. I repeat I do not tape my hoodie.

Like ever?
Kevin Garnett: Ever. That’s not even cool. Cool points is figuring out how to keep it right there. When you cool like that, it just stays like that.

The vibe on Area 21 is very casual. It’s really just a bunch of guys getting together to talk ball. How much of that was your idea?
Kevin Garnett: I think, like any idea, you have to go into it thinking how you want to do it. When the concept was first brought to me, I didn’t think I was made for television because of my personality.

After that, it was more about figuring out a concept that fit towards the mold of what I would like. My personal space is very intimate. It’s my friends, my personal circle, and watching basketball games is one of my favorite things to do with them.

It’s a great bonding tool. When we were coming up with the concept with Turner, I sat there and started to see myself in that space. It started to make sense to me, and we put a dope plan together.


Why did you think your personality wouldn’t be made for television?
Kevin Garnett: I have walls and layers like everyone. When I let you in, when I’m comfortable, it’s a process.

But I like to think that, I’m a country boy, so I’m hospitable, and I think I can carry a conversation. Though I thought the persona and me being private wouldn’t fit. But it’s worked.

I think, when considering the media, and how they want all the bits and insights, I just figured that most people knew the game, and I never looked at giving insight as a way to be a teaching tool for people.

For me, the locker room, the camaraderie with the guys, it’s all special. It was all stuff you take to heart; it’s not for sale. I had to look at [all of] it differently and take a new approach to it.

Do you appreciate the media more now that you’re a part of it?
Kevin Garnett: It just shows me how private I was. I was always like, no, no, no, no, no. But back then, we were drowned with so many interview requests, we didn’t have our own platform to speak out.

Now, when we have to track down a guy and put in a request with their PR, that’s funny to me [laughs]. I have so much respect for the process of it.

I wasn’t aware of it when I played, now when you’re trying to get people on the show, I totally get it and understand it.


Your preparation as a player was so intense, you were so locked in when you were on the court. Is it the same for you now, are you getting locked in right before the cameras come on?
Kevin Garnett: I’m a little more relaxed. But there’s a certain way I want that shit to look, that I want that shit to come off, that I want that shit to be delivered, so I take on the same kind of attitude.

It’s about the quality of something. I look at this as something I enjoy doing and as part of my brand. I do it with the best of everything I have.

You never know who is watching or who you are influencing. I always keep those things in the back of my mind. I know what’s going on with them, what’s current with them. Anything they want to talk about, we talk about.

Dream Guest

Who is your dream guest for Area 21?
Kevin Garnett: Colin Kaepernick.

I would love to watch a basketball game with him, or a football game and just have him decipher the game for me.

Or I could watch him play Madden and just get inside his head and see what he sees so I can improve my quarterback rating. I would love to get him in a setting where it’s just laid back and chill, and we can just be two human beings watching the game.

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