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Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers Biography

Kylie Rogers is an American child actress, best known for her appearance in The Whispers and in Miracles from Heaven. She rose to fame in 2014 after appearing in Space Station 76 alongside Patrick Wilson, Matt Bomer Liv Tyler, and Marisa Coughlan.

Since then, she has appeared in various movies and television shows including Mojave in 2015, Finders Keepers in 2014, in ABC’s Private Practice in 2007-2012 and in CBS’s hit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2000 and April 2013.

Kylie Rogers Age

Rogers was born on February 18, 2004, in Dallas, Texas, USA. She is 19 years old as of 2023

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Kylie Rogers Family

She was born to American parents who have not appeared on the limelight. She has an older brother.

Kylie Rogers Height

She stands at the height of (5′ 2½”) 1.59 meters

Net worth

As of January 2023, Kylie has a net worth of 500-550 thousand dollars.

Landscape with Invisible Hand

Kylie is cast as Chloe Marsh in the August 2023 American science fiction “Landscape with Invisible Hand”

Kylie Rogers Miracles From Heaven

Rogers was cast as Anna Beam in the 2016 American Christian drama film “Miracles from Heaven”

Kylie Rogers Collateral Beauty

Rogers was cast as Allison Yardsham 2016 American drama film “Collateral Beauty”

Kylie Rogers Movies

Year Title Role
2016 Miracles from Heaven Anna Beam
Collateral Beauty Allison Yardsham
2015-16 Mojave Sophie
2015 Lifted Emma
Fathers and Daughters Young Katie Davis
All I Want for Christmas Rebecca Patterson
2014 Space Station 76 Sunshine
Boys of Abu Ghraib Daughter
Finders Keepers Claire Simon
2013 The List Lily Dunston
The Gates Chloe Baxley
We’ve Got Balls Tinker Belle Hanley
2012 Forsake Me Not Maya
Horror House Helen
Shooter Young Charlie

Kylie Rogers TV Shows

Year Title Role
2018 ‘’Yellowstone’’ Young Beth Dutton
2016 Chicago P.D. Polly
2015 The Whispers Minx Lawrence
2013 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Molly Goodwin
Deadtime Stories Madison Tyler
Mob City Peggy O’Donnell
2013–2014 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Millie
2012 Days of Our Lives Pamela
Private Practice Sarah Nelson

Kylie Rogers Twitter


Interview with Queen Latifah, Kylie Rogers, and Miracles from Heaven Writers #MiraclesFromHeaven

To Queen Latifah, What about the project as a whole made you want to be a part of it?

I kind of pray about every movie I do. I sort of felt that this was a way of almost giving honor to God and saying thank you. If I can do this kind of movie I can give it just to you. It’s what people need and hopes for, being uplifted and knowing you go through difficult times. I like miracles. I do believe in miracles. . . There’s something special about that, it makes me excited about life and what happens after life.

Talking to Kylie, we found that she spent a lot of time together with Anna so she could get to know her.

It’s cool to know that I’m portraying someone that this actually happened to. It’s so crazy, that I actually got to meet someone that this happened to.

When asked about the challenges of the part Kylie shares,

The emotions and just being someone . . . this is just so big, that this happened to someone. It’s difficult for me to process it sometimes. And there’s just so emotional. I had to get emotional a lot.

Christy Beam discussed writing the book, Miracles from Heaven. 

It started out, I thought, cathartic. I thought it was because I needed that. Then it wasn’t about just me. It was so beyond me. Then I realized that it had to be shared. It was given to encourage and inspire others. It was just really powerful.

Did they really capture your story in the movie?

I love the heartbeat of it, the message of it, it’s just so exactly in line with the book. . . If you read the book and watch the movie they compliment each other very well. They still share the same message.

Are you still involved with Boston Children’s Hospital and Dr. Nurko?

Christy and her family still visit Boston Children’s Hospital and Dr. Nurko as well as their dear friend Angela. Since the writing of the book and the movie, the hospital has opened up a foundation to help children with this disorder.

Screenwriter Randy Brown shares the biggest challenge writing the screenplay. 

The biggest challenge in adapting the book was there was so much information in the book.  Tons of medical information because their story lasted a number of years. So condensing the amount of information into an hour and forty-five minutes and making it into a movie. Condensing down the medical language in ways that people can understand was probably the biggest challenge.