September 26, 2022

Lauren Stamile Bio, Age, Career, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Good Girls

Lauren Stamile Biography

Lauren Stamile is an American actress. She appeared o her first play when she was 4 years. She is famous for her role as Nurse Rose on the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy, Mitchel has also been cast on the NBC series Community, and CIA Agent Dani Pearce on the USA Network series Burn Notice. She Appeared in a 1998 Pearl Theatre Company production of The Miser.

Lauren Stamile Age | Family

Lauren was born on 12 September 1976 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is 42 years old. Stamile is the third born of five siblings. Her father is a physician and her mother is a nurse, although their names are unknown.  She is of Italian descent.

Lauren Stamile Education | Career

Lauren graduated from Cascia Hall Preparatory School. She later majored in theater at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Lauren moved to New York to pursue her acting career. After moving to New York she performed regionally, off-Broadway and as an understudy on Broadway. She then moved to Los Angeles and appeared in numerous commercials, television series, and independent films.

Stamile has done commercials for Old Spice, JC Penney, Summer’s Eve, Tassimo, and Volkswagen. She was cast in a 2000 episode of The Drew Carey Show. She then co-starred in the WB sitcom Off Centre. Lauren later had a series of guest roles in television shows such as Drop Dead Diva, Without a Trace, CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Boston Legal, Community, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Guys, Crossing Jordan, Tru Calling, The West Wing and Summerland. Lauren plays Shannon on Scrubs.

She has also starred in the 2009 film Midnight Bayou. Stamile joined the cast of Burn Notice for the fifth and sixth seasons. Her stage credits include The Miser, Murder on the Nile, Lion in Winter, and Lounge Act.

Lauren Stamile Husband | Children

Lauren is married to Randall Zamcheck. The couple got married in 2009. Once in 2012, there was a rumor that she was pregnant but since the baby is not born or was not seen with the baby bump, the rumor was just airy. The couple has been happily married for more than 5 years. Lauren has no children as of now.

Lauren Stamile

Lauren Stamile Movies and Tv Shows






2000 Something Sweet Mel
2000 Follow Me Outside Georgette
2004 The Last Letter Ms. Paige
2008 Kissing Cousins Liza
2008 The Blue Tooth Virgin Rebecca
2011 Low Fidelity Ann
2012 Overnight Abby
2015 Tooken Lenore Millers  







1999 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Sarah “Sophomore Jinx”
2001 The Drew Carey Show Julie Baker “Drew and the Motorcycle”
2001–2002 Off Centre Liz Limbardi Main role
2003 Without a Trace Jessica “There Goes the Bride”
2003 CSI: Miami Marie Heitzenrader “Spring Break”
2003 Strong Medicine Marcie “Skin”
2004 Married to the Kellys Jill “Double Dating”
2004 Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie’s Angels Kate Jackson Television film
2004 Cold Case Abbey Lake (1992) “Late Returns”
2004 Tru Calling Emma “Two Weddings and a Funeral”
2004 Summerland Lauren Cooper “Into My Life”
2004 Girlfriends Anya “L.A. Bound”
2005 Committed Natalie “The Perfect Person: Parts 1 & 2”
2005 Crossing Jordan Sarah Soble “Forget Me Not”
2005 Close to Home Karla Miller “Parents on Trial”
2005 Kitchen Confidential Julia “Rabbit Test”
2006 That Guy Cassidy TV film
2006 Boston Legal Audrey Puiezzy “Ivan the Incorrigible”
2006 Numb3rs Kelly Johnston “Hardball”
2006 Criminal Minds DEA Agt. Bonnie Ryan “Lessons Learned”
2007 Rules of Engagement Karen “Pilot”
2007 Heroes Ms. Gerber “Four Months Later…”
2007 CSI: NY Amber Stanton “Commuted Sentences”
2007 Scrubs Shannon “My Number One Doctor”
2007–2008 Grey’s Anatomy Nurse Rose Recurring role
2009 Midnight Bayou Lena Simone TV film
2009 Alligator Point Emma Lawson, M.D. TV film
2009–2010 Community Prof. Michelle Slater Recurring role
2010 The Good Guys Kiersten “Bait & Switch”
2010 Drop Dead Diva Charlotte Perkins “Last Year’s Model”
2010 The Event Molly Dixon “I Haven’t Told You Everything”
2011 Untitled Allan Loeb Project Amy Cheever Unsold TV pilot
2011–2012 Burn Notice Agent Pearce Recurring role
2012 The Secret Circle Lucy Gibbons “Medallion”
2013 The Mentalist Madison Yardley “The Desert Rose”
2013–2014 Scandal Carla Recurring role
2014 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dr. Heather Lanning “Bad Blood”
2015 Workaholics Lydia “TAC in the Day”
2015 Complications Bridget O’Neill Main role
2015 CSI: Cyber Dr. Colleen Marks “Hack E.R.”
2015 Major Crimes Molly Pace “Four of a Kind”
2016 Chicago Fire Susan Weller Recurring role
2017 NCIS Metro P.D. Detective Michelle Lane “Exit Strategy”
2018 Blindspot Millicent Van Der Waal Recurring role
2018 American Horror Story: Apocalypse Wife “Traitor”
2019 The Rookie Agent Phoenix Danvers Episode: “Redwood”
2019 Good Girls Gretchen Zorada Recurring role

Lauren Stamile Other Works

  • (2000) Promotional DVD for Sony
  • Strong Medicine (2000) playing “Marcie” in episode: “Skin” (episode # 4.13) 2003
  • Strong Medicine Guest Star 2003
  • (2012) The TV commercial for Cascade Complete dish-washing detergent.

Lauren Stamile Net Worth

Lauren has acquired most of her wealth through her career as an actress. She has an estimated net worth of $7 million dollars.

Lauren Stamile American Horror Story

“Traitor” is the seventh episode of the eighth season of the American Horror Story television series. Porter as Behold Chablis; BD Wong as Baldwin Pennypacker; Lauren Stamile as Wife; Tom Fitzpatrick as Grandpa; Joan Collins as Bubbles McGee.

Lauren Stamile Good Girls

Complications alumna Lauren Stamile is set for a recurring role on NBC’s drama series Good Girls. Good Girls is an American crime comedy-drama television series created by Jenna Bans that premiered on NBC on February 26, 2018. The series is executive produced by Bans, Dean Parisot (who directed the pilot) and Jeannine Renshaw for Universal Television.

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Lauren Stamile Interview

Exclusive interview with Lauren Stamile


1. You just landed the part of Lucy on “The Secret Circle”, who has ties to Cassie’s parents. Can you tease a little bit about your character, her intentions and her role in the game? 

Hmm. All I can say is that Lucy is a very complicated woman who is haunted by her past – a past that is tangled up with Cassie’s parents. I wish I could tell you more!!! The story is so good!!

2. What drew you to audition for this part?

I didn’t! Not that I wouldn’t have been excited to do so – I love the show! This was one of those rare and terrific times when I actually had it offered to me! You can bet I said “YES!” without even taking a breath 🙂

3. There was some discussion on how Charles Meade, the villain in the pilot, tolerated being condescended to by Dawn Chamberlain ever since the pilot. Is your character going to shed some light on that and the structure of the parent’s circle?

Oh, boy …many, many interesting things come to light in this episode. There are definitely some “WHAT?!” moments. What they are, however, I cannot say. Ugh. I’m sorry! You gotta watch – it is well worth it!

4. You worked with Gale Harold before on the film “Low Fidelity”. He has an intense screen presence. What is he like and what is it like to work with him?

I am a huge Gale Harold fan. I mean, how can you not be! And I am an even bigger fan after having worked with him. He is such a kind and giving actor and person. He is so prepared and so meticulous in his exploration of character and story. And he makes me laugh! His outlook on things is so, so interesting. I hope I get to work with him many more times in the future!

5. Is it funny to work with the same actor(s) on different projects? Is it new every time because the character is new or is it more comfortable when you know the way your counterpart works? 

I really like working with people whom I have worked with previously. While thrilling, it is extremely challenging to create a relationship with someone I don’t know in the very little time I usually get – especially on television. If I already have some sort of relationship with the person, I find it easier and less frightening, frankly, to create an even deeper acting relationship. Whenever I first meet an actor whom I will be working with, there is this, “Oh my, how will I measure up? Can I keep up with them?” moment. And unless that is part of the relationship I am trying to create, that thought needs to go away right away, because it can negatively affect the work. That being said, of course, there is always some difference, some fear and (a lot of) doubt no matter how well you know the other actor depending upon the project, the role, the relationship – but that keeps it exciting.

6. What do you remember best from working on “Grey’s Anatomy”? Anything you can share with us about life on the set of this show?

My experience on “Grey’s Anatomy” was full of so many lessons. I learned a lot from watching really good actors, writers, etc. create a hit show and then navigate that giant ship. I would always imagine how much pressure everyone must have been feeling in that position and was so impressed with their collective ability to just concentrate on the work, on the job that needed to get done and to do so while having a good time. I did a lot of watching and listening during that year.

7. Fans didn’t really like your character Rose because she got between Derek and Meredith. What is it like getting into character knowing some of the viewers won’t be giving your character a chance?

The fact that many people despised Rose led to probably the biggest lesson of all – NEVER. READ. A. BLOG. Ever, ever, EVER. I made the mistake of doing that one cold (well, cold for Los Angeles), winter afternoon. I was amazed by how strongly people reacted to poor Rose! But then it occurred to me, “Rose is coming between two absolutely beloved characters that I am ALSO rooting for!” The audience has been – and continues to be – very invested in Derek and Meredith’s relationship! Of COURSE, they didn’t want someone else getting in the way… Once I got my perspective straight, it really hit the lesson home that an actor’s job – my job – is to tell the story – it is not a popularity contest. That is not why I do what I do, and if my mind ever starts wandering into the neighborhood of “do they like me?” – I can bet that my work is going to suffer.

8. How do you feel about the way your character evolved? Can you relate to her losing it and then deciding to rather leave the place then to face Derek every day?

Well, I wish Rose wouldn’t have accidentally cut Derek! My Dad is a surgeon, and a surgeon’s hands are his/her primary instrument(s)! Love, however, can make us handle ourselves in ways that, in hindsight, we…(eek!) may not be so proud of. But, yes, I can (unfortunately) relate to her losing it. She wasn’t this unhinged stalker to begin with! She was a low-key, smart woman who was led on and then…dumped! I respect her decision to leave, and it really was a sacrifice on her part. Shame had a little to do with the decision but ultimately, her leaving made it easier on Derek and Meredith as well. So, “Yay, Rose!” She made it through a sticky situation with some dignity leftover.

9. How much McDreamy is in the air working with Patrick Dempsey? Is he anything like his character?

Patrick Dempsey is warm, smart, handsome and has incredible focus when working – so yes, he is a lot like McDreamy. But he is also a lot goofier – which is a great quality to have on a set of so many people, who work so hard, for so many hours – his jokes would often diffuse fatigue and lift spirits.

10. Your character on “Community”, Prof. Michelle Slater, often gloated about her doctor’s degree. Does it appeal to you, too, to achieve a doctor’s degree?

Sure, I’d love to be a doctor! In fact, I have considered many times – and still consider – going back to school, but not for statistics – I’m afraid I would fail! I am interested in holistic medicine.

11. How could Jeff and Michelle have moved forward with their relationship if he hadn’t chosen Britta?

In order for Jeff and Professor Slater to have moved forward, Jeff would’ve had a bit of convincing to do. Even if he had chosen Slater, it was pretty clear that his feelings were torn. I think they would have definitely needed to go on a vacation or something, away from Greendale! And Slater and Britta would’ve had to find a way to like each other. A tall order, indeed!

12. You also play Agent Pearce on “Burn Notice” season 5. Is working on an action show different from shooting a drama or comedy show?

Well, in the case of “Burn Notice”, it is a heck of a lot hotter and more humid – the show shoots in Miami. In the summer! You know every project is unique – whether it is a comedy, action, drama, etc. The specific genre puts one in a specific “world”, but within that world, every project has its own world, its own story. Two shows can fall within the same genre and be as different as night and day. Every project is unique.

13. You are a married woman but between us girls, who would win you over: the dreamy surgeon (Derek Shepherd), the mysterious daddy witch (Charles Meade), the snarky ex-lawyer (Jeff Winger) or the protective ex-spy (Michael Weston)?

Oh, I can’t choose! Look at that line-up. Could you?? They’re amazing! But at the end of the day, my husband beats them all. He is spectacular!

14. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

My favorite show is currently “American Horror Story”. Absolutely blows my mind! If you haven’t seen it, WATCH!

Thank you, Lauren, we wish you all the best for your next projects!

Thank you so much!!!

Adopted from Nicole Oebel – myFanbase

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Lauren Stamile News


‘Good Girls’ Casts Lauren Stamile; Ashleigh LaThrop Joins ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Complications alumna Lauren Stamile is set for a recurring role on NBC’s drama series Good Girls, from The Family creator Jenna Bans. Good Girls follows three suburban moms (Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman) who get tired of trying to make ends meet and decide it’s time to stick up for themselves by robbing the local grocery store. But when the manager catches a glimpse of one of them and the loot is far more than they expected, it doesn’t take long for the three best friends to realize the perfect getaway will be harder than they think. Stamile will play Gretchen Zorada, a confident, intelligent and pedigreed defense attorney working on Manny’s (Manny Montana) case. Stamile was a series regular on USA’s Complications. She also recently worked on American Horror Story and recurred on Blindspot and Chicago Fire. Stamile is repped by Mark Schumacher Management.