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Lenny Clarke Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Image, Net Worth, Schedule, Weight Loss & YouTube  

Lenny Clarke Biography | Lenny Clarke

Lenny Clarke is an American comedian and actor, famous for his thick Boston accent and role as Uncle Teddy on the series Rescue Me.

Age|How Old Is Lenny?

Lenny Clarke is 69 years old as of 2022. He was born on 16 September 1953, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Lenny Clarke Wife|Jennifer Miller

He has been married to Jennifer Miller since October 19, 1996.

Lenny Clarke with his wife Jennifer Miller

Lenny Clarke Siblings

He has a sibling is name is Mike Clarke his brother

Lenny Clarke Height

He has a height of 6′ 5” in (1.95 m)tall.

Lenny Clarke Career

He was the most famous “saloon comic” in Boston during the 1980s, the heyday of the Boston comedy scene. The DVD release When Standup Stood Out (2006) details Clarke’s early career and affiliations with other famous Boston comics, such as Steven Wright and Denis Leary, his good friends.

In 1980, Clarke wrote and starred in a local television show Lenny Clarke’s Late Show featuring Wright and Leary, in collaboration with Boston comedy writer Martin Olson. Clarke and Olson were roommates, and their apartment, known by comedians as “The Barracks”, was a notorious “crash pad” for comics visiting Boston, per the film.

Lenny starred in his own short-lived network sitcom Lenny (1990), and in such TV shows as Contest Searchlight, The Job, The John Larroquette Show and It’s All Relative and movies like Monument Ave., Fever Pitch and Southie.

From 2004 to 2011, Clarke appeared in the recurring role of Uncle Teddy on the FX comedy-drama Rescue Me.

In 2006, Clarke and Leary appeared on television during a Red Sox telecast and, upon realizing that Red Sox 1st baseman Kevin Youkilis is Jewish, delivered a criticism of Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic comments.


In 2007, he played the role of Ron Abbot on the short-lived Fox comedy series The Winner. The show was canceled after six episodes due to low ratings on May 16, 2007.
Lenny is also an occasional guest on the WEEI radio shows in Boston. It was on this show that he announced he would be a regular on the 2009 Fox Sitcom Brothers as the racist neighbor who is married to a black woman.

He wound up appearing in three episodes before the series was canceled. In the 2011-12 TV season, he landed a role as the main character’s father on the NBC midseason replacement sitcom Are You There, Chelsea?.

On the evening of January 19, 2010, Clarke appeared on stage at the victory speech of Republican Senator-elect from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, who was elected to the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy.
He had appeared on ESPN’s 30 for 30 – 4 Days in October alongside ESPN sports and pop culture columnist Bill Simmons as a narrator giving insight on the 2004 ALCS comeback by the Red Sox against the New York Yankees.

Lenny Clarke Net Worth

Wondering how much Lenny Clarke is worth? Or maybe you’re curious about Lenny Clarke’s salary this year? Fortunately for you, we’ve got the details on Lenny Clarke’s net worth for 2019. In 2019, Lenny Clarke’s net worth was estimated to be $500 Thousand.

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Smart Alex


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Meet Wally Sparks


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Ted Demme


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Ron Burrus

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Ted 2


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Coffee House Ghost

Paul Feig

Tv Shows







Lenny Callahan

Series Lead (1990–1991)


The Sunday Comics




The John Larroquette Show

Officer Adam Hampton



Love Boat: The Next Wave

Casey O’Keefe

1.01 “Smooth Sailing”


Touched by an Angel


6.03 “The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life”


The Job

Frank Harrigan



7th Heaven


7.06 “Regarding Eric”


It’s All Relative

Mace O’Neil



Rescue Me

Uncle Teddy



The Winner

Ron Abbott





1.05 “Lenny”; 1.06 “Commercial/Coach DMV”; 1.11 “Christmas”


‘Til Death

Mr. Donnelly

4.23 “Joy’s Mom”


Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe


Television film


Are You There, Chelsea?

Melvin Newman



Clear History

Poker Buddy

Television film


Jim Zimmer

1.01 “Pilot”; 1.04 “The Visit”



Johnny’s Father

1.04 “Famous Last Words”; 1.06 “The Finger”; 1.10 “Shotgun Wedding”

Wicked Bites


1.22 “Pitching in for Kids with the Boston Red Sox”




2.01 “Sh*t Man, I’ve Literally Failed”


Lenny Clarke Schedule | Lenny Clarke Upcoming Shows

  • Fri, 12 Apr
  • Lexington, MA, United States
    Isaac Harris Cary Memorial Building
  • Wed, 7 Aug
  • Scituate, MA, United States
    The River Club

Lenny Clarke Stand Up

Weight Loss

His friend and costar Denis Leary encouraged him to get into the weight loss journey.Denis has been his biggest supporter and encourage r.

Since 2015,Lenny has lost almost 190 pounds and has kept it off for more than 5 years.Lenny says that his eating healthy includes taking black coffee,having no meals at night and eating light dinners.

A pic of Lenny after loosing weight and before loosing weight

Weight Loss Success Story: Comedian Lenny Clarke

Find out how the actor and comedian Lenny Clarke, star of Rescue Me and Are You There, Chelsea? shed close to 200 pounds and has kept it off for 5 years.
By: Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.
Actor and comedian Lenny Clarke (star of Are You There, Chelsea? and Rescue Me) shed close to 200 pounds and has kept it off for 5 years. How’d he do it? I had the opportunity to chat with him about his weight loss success.
Q: You weighed 388 pounds, then went on Weight Watchers and lost 182 pounds. What was your “aha” moment that made you start taking action to lose weight?
Everything bad that I could do, I did do, including years of booze and drug abuse. To weigh myself, I had to go on a truck scale— at my heaviest it said 388 pounds. People were coming up to me and said “you look good” with horror in their eyes. They would rub my belly like Buddha and that was hurtful.
Even when I was filming my weight was an issue. During a scene in Fever Pitch, I was supposed to drive Jimmy Fallon to a baseball game. I was so fat I couldn’t fit behind the steering wheel and they needed to adjust it for me. When they shot There’s Something About Mary, I played the fireman who was supposed to come through the window to help Ben Stiller when he got himself stuck in his pants. I was too fat to fit through the window, so they needed to rewrite the scene.

Q: You followed Weight Watchers to help shed your weight. Do you attend Weight Watchers meetings? Could you tell us how you ended up at your first meeting? What or who motivated you to go?

I do attend Weight Watchers meetings. One day I was riding on my truck in Martha’s Vineyard and saw my banker Margaret. She looked great. Later I saw her at a Red Sox game we were all watching and I was checking out what she was eating—water and peanuts (and she didn’t even eat all her peanuts). She told me she lost 70 pounds by going to Weight Watchers.
The first time I went to a Weight Watchers meeting I pretended to be the janitor. It was like I was auditing the meeting. I went home and started reading Weight Watchers Magazine and buying the foods at the supermarket. Then I went with my friend Margaret to a meeting (I was the only guy) and was really blown away. The women were so compassionate and welcoming. You know, it may have started for women but women are a lot smarter than men in a lot of things. If you’re a man looking to lose weight and don’t look at how successful these women are . . .

Q: Besides the meetings, how else did you find the Weight Watchers program helpful to your weight loss efforts?

I am a 58-year-old man—I’m no kid. I go to the gym when I can and I have a 6-pack! If I can do it then anybody can. You need to remember that weight is one of the only things in your life you can control. You can’t control many things but you can control what you eat. Y
I also keep a food journal. If I bite it, I write it. It’s important to concentrate on what you’re eating and eat to live—no mindless eating. It may seem overwhelming but it’s up to you to make the right decisions. If you want chocolate cake, have it but cut it by one-third. It’s not as hard as many people make it out to be.

Q: What did you find to be the toughest part about losing the weight?

The goal is to keep it off. I’d lost weight in the past and it came right back. This time I said I would lose so much weight that if I got lazy, I wouldn’t even be able to gain it all back. I now keep my weight within a 5-6 pound range. I find it is 85% of what you eat and 15% of what you do.
The hardest thing is not to slide—meaning, one cheat day turns to 2 cheat days which turns into a cheat week.
Q: What are 3 changes that you have made in your life since you started your weight loss journey?
  1. I take my coffee black. I’m still not used to it. Do I miss cream? YES! Do I miss sugar? YES! However, my pants fit—all of them. I’m not going back.
  2. I don’t eat at night.
  3. I don’t eat heavy dinners.
Q: How long have you kept the weight off? What did you find to be your biggest challenge to keeping the weight off?
For 5 years. When you starting doing the right things, they become a habit. My healthy habits have become second nature to me, like brushing my teeth.
Q: Having gone through the experience of losing 180+ pounds, what words of wisdom would you give folks who want to lose weight?
I’m passionate about weight loss. If I could help one other person lose weight, it makes me happy. Some days will suck and some days you’ll look in the mirror and say “not bad.”

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