November 29, 2022

Lil Tjay Biography, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Career, Songs,Songs Lyrics, Concert and Net worth.

Lil Tjay Biography

Lil Tjay better known by his stage name Lil Tjay is an American rapper and songwriter from the Bronx, New York. He is best known for his singles “Resume” and “Brothers”, with the latter receiving 32.7 million plays on SoundCloud, which led to his signing with Columbia Records.
Lil Tjay was born Tione Merritt and raised in the South Bronx with his mother and siblings. In middle school, Lil Tjay began to get into fights and getting involved in robberies leading him to serve multiple two and three-month sentences. At the age of 15, he was sentenced to one year in a youth detention center.
This longer time period influenced Lil Tjay to begin writing lyrics. Late 2017, Lil Tjay made a promise to his family that he would no longer be involved in crime. Before recording in a studio, he made several songs on his phone and computer, using bars designed to work in hip hop style. He was inspired by Usher and Michael Jackson, which his mother would play as he was growing up.LIL TJAY’S PHOTO

Lil Tjay Age

Lil TJay was born on April 30th, 2001 in the Bronx, New York City, New York, USA. He will be turning 18 years old come 30th this month 2019. Lil TJay stands about 5ft 10m tall and his weight is about 67 kg or 148 pounds he’s of African-American ancestry. Tjay has a rose tattoo inked on his body.

Lil Tjay Family and Personal Life

He was born on April 30, 2001, in The Bronx, New York, USA. He was raised alongside his two younger siblings not far from the birthplace of hip hop. Despite this, TJAY does not possess much knowledge about the history of his genre. He and his siblings lived along with their mother in a roomy apartment at 183rd Street in The Bronx.
During several interviews, TJAY has stated he was the problem child of the family. When he was in middle school, he started fighting with other boys in his neighborhood and school. He even committed petty thefts. According to him, his mother was shocked when she found what he had been doing when he was not home.
He was apparently a very well-behaved child at home. Whenever he felt the need to curse at someone, he would first go out of the house, and then do it.
In 2016, at the age of 15, he was incarcerated for a robbery and spent a year in a youth detention center in New York. While he had gotten used to spending two or three months in prison during his middle school days, the year-long sentencing forced him to reconsider the choices he was making in his life. During his time at the center, he started writing lyrics and decided to seek a life without crime.
Sometime in 2017, he was released from the center. Immediately, his mother asked him to promise her that he would mend his ways. He did but he knew that it was not true. While he was trying to put his past activities behind him, he was still “stuck in his old habits”.
The shift ultimately came when he started visiting a recording studio. In an interview with ‘Pitchfork,’ TJAY has admitted that he has never been in a relationship. While he harbored feelings for various girls over the years, he never committed. He also admitted that he is currently interested in a non-celebrity girl from his neighborhood.

Lil Tjay Girlfriend

The uprising rapper has just finished his sweet sixteen, and there aren’t any rumors buzzing over the internet about his dating affairs. So, his current relationship status is single. He is just living his life in developing different types of music for his fans. Tjay has no girlfriend at present. He might be dating someone but has not revealed anything regarding his girlfriend and his relationship yet.

Lil Tjay Career

In 2017, Lil Tjay began releasing music on SoundCloud, including the singles “Resume” and “Brothers. “Resume” was released while Tjay was still 16 years old, and was paired with a homemade video of Tjay hanging out in a small apartment, which soon began to spread online.
On March 10, 2018, Tjay competed and placed first at the Coast 2 Coast NYC All Ages Edition, where his performance gained the attention of a record label A&R who was in attendance to judge the showcase.
He signed with Columbia Records after they noticed his song “Brothers”, which had amassed millions of streams on SoundCloud. On it, Tjay raps about death, dejection, and incarceration.
Within the first ten months of Lil Tjay’s music career, he had released five tracks that recorded over a million plays on SoundCloud. “Resume” gained 14 million views in just over a year. “Brothers” has accumulated 32.7 million plays on SoundCloud. Other notable singles include “Goat”, which has 15.7 million plays on SoundCloud, and “Leaked”, which has 13.6 million plays.
In July 2018, Lil Tjay worked with producer Cash Money AP to release “None of Your Love”, which amassed 18.2 million plays in eight months. Cash Money AP has produced tracks for rappers such as Lil Skies, Ty Dolla Sign, and YoungBoy Never Broke Again.
In January 2019, He was featured on a single with Polo G titled “Pop Out”, which has 27 million views on YouTube. When the artist released “Leaked” in September 2018, the song gained over 600,000 plays in less than a week on SoundCloud.
He released his debut EP No Comparison at the end of 2018. The EP contains one feature who is YNW Melly, the 19-year-old rapper from Gifford, Florida who began gaining buzz around the same time as Lil Tjay. Their song “Ready for War” was the most successful from the EP and has over four million plays on SoundCloud

Lil Tjay Concert

His upcoming concerts are as follows;
1. Saturday 27 April 2019Lil Tjaywith Kur…         LIV Nightclub, Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, FL, US
2. Friday 24 May 2019Lil Tjaywith Young NudyThe Observatory, Santa Ana, CA, US
3. Saturday 25 May 2019Lil TjayComplex Oakland, Oakland, CA, US
4. Friday 31 May 2019Lil TjayStarland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, US
5. Saturday 29 June 2019 – Sunday 30 June 2019Lil TjaySummer Smash 2019Douglas Park Cultural & Community Center, Chicago, IL, US

Lil Tjay Songs

Teenage rapper Lil TJay has built a growing fanbase with comparisons to viral hits such as;  
1. Goat
2. Long Time
3. Brother
4. Pasto
5. Leaked
6. Resume
7. Forever
8. Move Right
9. Pop Out
10. Tear Us Apart
11. Ride for You
12. None of Your Love

Lil Tjay Songs Lyrics

Lil Tjay Brothers Lyrics

Lil Tjay Long Time Lyrics

Lil Tjay Forever Lyrics

Lil Tjay Move Right Lyrics

Lil Tjay Net Worth

The Lil Tjay is not as popular, he is still growing. His worth is not yet calculated even though he is making the income from his videos and shows, we can say that his net worth is estimated at $300 thousand as per now.

Lil Tjay Facts

The 18-year-old American rapper is known as Justin Bieber of the Bronx due to his melodic flow.
Lil Tjay is the rapper who was involved in a brawl with YBN Almighty Jay, TJ Porter and Bay Swag, in New York City. TMZ was the first to report that YBN Almighty had been robbed outside of Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.
The site says that Almighty had been shopping with friends when Lil Tjay, 17, and his friends showed up. The two groups got into some verbal sparring before everything turned physical. On his Instagram page, Tjay goes by the moniker, “Prince of New York.” The rapper is a native of The Bronx.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Police Were Called to the Scene of the Robbery, But No Report Was Filed
Eventually, Almighty was separated from his group at which point he had his wallet, chain and shoes stolen. The TMZ report adds that the NYPD was called to the scene but no report was filled out. YBN Almighty Jay was last in the news at the beginning of March after it was reported that he was dating Blac Chyna.
2. Most Recently, Tjay Collaborated With Sky Katz
Most recently, Tjay collaborated with teenage singer Sky Katz. Katz told Billboard in February 2019 that her DJ is a close friend of Tjay’s, which is how the collaboration came to be. Katz went on to say that Tjay was six hours late for their first studio date and was “even later” for their video shoot at Brooklyn Zoo.
The pair’s video was directed by Spike Tarantino. Despite this, Katz said that she would work with Tjay again saying, “I’d want to work with Tjay again, but I’d tell him four hours before the scheduled time. The Prince of New York is what he calls himself. He holds his own and has a cool flow. He’s up next to New York.”
3. Tjay Has Just Signed With Columbia Records
Billboard reported on February 28 that Tjay had recently signed with Columbia Records, home of Beyonce and Pharrell Williams. A Rolling Stone feature on Tjay from earlier in 2019 describes his style as “insanely joyful pop music with a sobering edge.” In that feature, Tjay described his “older influences” as Meek Mill and Drake.
Tjay told Rolling Stone, “I feel like a lot of times when stuff is on my mind, I really don’t show it. I know how to hide my emotions. I can say what’s going on and not make you want to feel down. A lot of time I like to sing music that people can relate to, but not necessarily put them in a depressed mood.
In ‘Brothers’ I’m saying, ‘Bodies drop all the time, I don’t feel anything.’ Basically, I’m trying to say I’m bringing the struggle into a more of joyful, melodic sound.”
4. At 15, Tjay Spent Over a Year in Prison
Tjay told Pitchfork in an interview that at 15, he was sentenced to serve time in a youth detention centre after he was found guilty of committing a string of robberies. Tjay did not go into details about the incident. As he was a minor, his record is sealed.
In his Rolling Stone interview, Tjay said he had been sentenced to serve “little over a year.” Tjay added, “It was not fun. It’s nothing that I would want to do again, but I learned a lot from it. I feel like if I wasn’t to go to jail, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am — I wouldn’t.
Cause I wouldn’t have sat down and written those songs and I never would’ve been able to focus on what I want to accomplish. So it’s like it was actually a good thing for me. It made me open my eyes and stuff like that.”
5 Lil Tjay Is Being Dragged Online Over the Incident
As news of the brawl involving YBN Almighty Jay spread, Lil Tjay has been dragged on Twitter by fans.