December 1, 2022

Lisa Eilbacher Biography, Age and Actress Career

Lisa Eilbacher Biography

Lisa Eilbacher is an American actress whose native land was Saudi Arabia, a daughter of a well-known oil executive. She is known for her first scenes in acting way back when she was still a child. She later made a transition into adult roles in films. These films include The Amazing Spider-Man and Beverly Hills Cop one of the best Box office versions.

Lisa Elibacher Age

She was born on 5th May 1956, as of 2019 she is 63 years old.

Lisa Elibacher Marriage

She is married to Brandford in 1988. Their marriage has gone pretty well for years but with no children.

Lisa Elibacher Actress Career

She started her acting career as a child, appearing on shows like My Three Sons and Gunsmoke. She later made a transition into adult roles on such shows like The Amazing Spider-Man. She is best known for her roles in An Officer and a Gentleman and Beverly Hills Cop released in the 1980s.

She played Navy Aviation Officer Candidate Casey Seeger In An Officer and a Gentleman. In bodybuilder in real life, she stated that the hardest aspect of this role was “pretending” to be out of shape. She was also featured in the 1983 miniseries The Winds of War. Her last film before she retired was  919 Fifth Avenue Janet Van Degen TV film.

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Lisa Elibacher Photos

Lisa Elibacher Movies

She Has featured in Many films back in the day which includes:

»1983 10 to Midnight Laurie Kessler
»1984 Beverly Hills Cop Jeannette ‘Jenny’ Summers
»1988 Deadly Intent Laura Keaton
»1991 The Last Samurai Susan
»1989 Leviathan Bridget Bowman

»1992 Live Wire Terry O’Neill
»1988 Never Say Die Melissa Jones
»1982 An Officer and a Gentleman Casey Seeger
»1981 On the Right Track Jill Klein

»1977 Run for the Roses Carol
»1977 Spider-Man Judy Tyler
»1972 The War Between Men and Women Caroline Kozlenko

Television Shows

»1996 919 Fifth Avenue
»1971 Alias Smith and Jones
»1977 The Amazing Spider-Man
»1974 Apple’s Way

»Bad Ronald
»1992 Blind Man’s Bluff
»1973 The Brady Bunch
»1975 Caribe

»1995 Dazzle
»1987 Deadly Deception
»1992 Deadly Matrimony

»1973 Gunsmoke
»1975 Gunsmoke
»1974 Happy Days

Lisa Eilbacher 2016

In 2016 people became aware of Lisa and her ability to give powerful support to the top leading and top actors

Lisa Eilbacher 2015

This year her moves were archived in and watched by many like The Beverly Hills cop.

Lisa Eilbacher 2013

In this year the movie Thunder Alley a 1985 film, featured her and was crown funded through Kickstarter.

Lisa Eilbacher Then And Now

She was an Elite top Actress but she decided to step out of the Hollywood Scenes in 2000. She now mentors and coaches the top actors and actresses.

Lisa Eilbacher Net Worth

Her estimated Net worth is Not Available.

Lisa Eilbacher On Johnny Carson

Johnny overlooks the movies snubbed in the Oscar nominations and one of them is Lisa with Beverly Hills Cop in 1984.

Lisa Eilbacher Height

She stands at 5 feet 7 inches.

Lisa Eilbacher Beverly Hills Cop

She plays the role of Jenny in this fun-filled Movie, Cop Axel played by Eddie Murphy, Checks in with her under the auspices of a vacation to investigate the murder of his childhood buddy.

Lisa Eilbacher Bodybuilder

She was an amateur bodybuilder and yet she played in the movie which she said it was hard for her.

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