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Lisanne Falk Biography, Age, Family, Husband and Films

Lisanne Falk Biography

Lisanne Falk is an American actress and film producer born on December 3, 1964 in Long Beach, New York. She is a former child model who worked at the ‘Ford Modeling Agency.’ In 1981 she graduated from Long Beach High School in Lido Beach, New York at the age of 16 years old.

Lisanne Falk Age

Falk was born on December 3, 1964 in Long Beach, New York . As per 2018, Falk is 54 years.

Lisanne Falk Family

Lisanne is a daughter to Bruce Robert Folk (Father) and her mother Rose Falk. She has two older sisters: Joanne Linda Falk and Suzanne Falk-Gitli.

Lisanne Falk Spouse- Husband

Falk got married to Mark Morris in 1999 up to date.

Lisanne Falk Chilrden

Falk has not displayed any information of her children.

Lisanne Falk Photo

Lisanne Falk Height

Falk is approximately 1.69 m tall.

Lisanne Falk Career

Falk is a former child model ‘She was signed to the Ford Modeling Agency and, before her film career, landed a few notable gigs. In 1988,  She also played a role of ‘Heather McNamara’ in the black comedy film ‘Heathers’ alongside Winona Ryder.

Lisanne Falk Films

She acted in the following movies:

  • ABC Afterschool Specials …. Karen (1 episode, 1990 Over the Limit)…. Karen
  • Aftermath: A Test of Love (1991) (TV) …. Gretchen
  • Night on Earth (1991) …. Rock Manager
  • Runaway Father (1991) (TV) …. Marjean
  • Dead Silence (1991) (TV) …. Joan Reducci
  • Leather Jackets (1992) …. Shanna
  • Suicide Kings (1997) …. Marty’s Wife
  • The First to Go (1997) …. Anne
  • Shattered Image (1998) …. Paula/Laura
  • Casablanca short film (2002) …. Wendy
  • Born Beautiful (1982) (TV) …. Model
  • Violated (1984) …. Judy Engele
  • Prince of Bel Air (1986) (TV) …. Stacy
  • Less Than Zero (1987) …. Patti
  • Werewolf (1987) (TV) …. Michelle (1 episode)
  • In the Mood (1987) …. Jamie
  • I Love N.Y. (1987) …. Linda
  • Heathers (1988) …. Heather McNamara
  • The Preppie Murder (1989) (TV) …. Alex LaGatta
    Say Anything… (1989) …. Sandra

Lisanne Falk Awards

Falk has not received any awards yet.

Lisanne Falk Twitter

Falk’s twitter account tweets are protected.

Lisanne Falk Instagram

Lisanne Falk InterviewLisanne Falk News

‘Heathers’ star Lisanne Falk and director Michael Lehmann reflect on film’s 30th anniversary and why the TV show failed

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Published: 6 August 20186

When you think of teen movies from the 1980s most people would recall the John Hughes classics starring Molly Ringwald, but none from that era quite stood out as much as Heathers.

The film tells the story of Heather Chandler, Heather Duke and Heather McNamara, the most popular girls in school as well as the cruelest, and their friend Veronica Sawyer who is fed up with the ennui and guilt of being a part of their clique. Then arrives JD, an anarchic outsider who seduces Veronica into helping him dismantle the social hierarchy of Westerberg High, by murdering the key players and making each death look like a suicide.

Made in 1988, the high school-set black comedy redefined the genre and rebelled against the more clean-cut teen movie offerings by delivering a witty and darkly resonant commentary on the issues young people were facing. Eating disorders, sexual assault, bullying and, of course, teen suicide are all explored in Dan Waters’ film and told from the “morally ambiguous” perspective of Veronica, played by Winona Ryder.

“Dan really hit on something in conceiving this character,” director Michael Lehmann tells Yahoo Movies UK. “She could be on either side of the fence. She can hang with the geeks and hang with the people that were not being included, but could also fit in with the group of powerful girls who rule the roost. The whole point was that she was morally ambiguous and morally ambivalent.”

The ambiguity over Veronica’s character is exactly why she has been a cult icon for the last 30 years; she’s relatable in the fact that she exists in the grey area of being good and bad, like most of us did when we were young and trying to fit in at school, but ultimately chooses authentic friendship over boys and popularity.

“[Heathers] was about friendship and discovering who you are and what it means to be a friend,” Lisanne Falk, who played Heather McNamara, explains. “And then there’s the thing of her falling for a guy, the teen crush, whether it happens or you lust from afar.

“I do love that at the end of the movie it wasn’t about how [JD] broke [Veronica’s] heart but rather how she found her voice and realised she has a choice.”

Lisanne had appeared in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero, opposite Robert Downey Jr, before she came across the script for Heathers. Her agent didn’t want her to take the first part she was offered, a small role called Courtney, as he felt she should be getting bigger gigs but Lisanne wouldn’t hear of it.

“I said I’d do any part in this movie, I was determined because it was so different to most of the auditions I was going on,” she says. “My agent tried to dissuade me from taking the small role, but I didn’t listen and literally a week after they booked me they asked me to do Heather McNamara.

“I guess it was my destiny to be ‘Yellow’ Heather.”

Kim Walker played “Red” Heather Chandler, Shannen Doherty played “Green” Heather Duke, and Christian Slater took the male lead as JD, but it was Veronica, AKA Winona, that Lisanne was the closest with.

“Kim was dating Christian so when she was on the set he’d be hanging around but I didn’t get to know him well at all,” the actress explains. “The person that I bonded with the most was Winona as we had similar sensibilities, and laughed a lot, just had the same passion for the movie and interest in filmmaking.”

No one on the film could have expected the enduring love people would have for the movie in the years after, especially as it was a box office flop when it was first released. “I remember at the time it was the beginning of regular people paying attention to box office reports,” Lehmann recalls, “before then nobody knew or cared.”

The company who produced the film was known for making exploitation genre movies but went out of business so, as the director explains, there was “no money being spent on advertisement,” which meant that despite it getting good reviews and earning a place at Sundance Film Festival, it failed to make the money it obviously deserved. However, like The Shawshank Redemption and Blade Runner, Heathers started picking up in popularity in the subsequent years.