Lucien Greaves Biography, Age, Family, Height, and Net Worth

Lucien Greaves born Douglas Misicko also known as Douglas Mesner is the Co-founder of the Satanic Temple and a Social Activist.

Lucien Greaves
Lucien Greaves

Graves is a public speaker and an essayist who has contributed articles to publications including Skeptic Magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, The Washington Post, and International Business Times.

He wrote the foreword ‘The Little Book of Satanism’by La Carmina,and it was published by Simon and Schuster in October 25th 2022.

Greaves was born in Detroit Michigan and studied neuroscience at the Harvard University. AS an Activist he has provided Commentary on various social issues.

Moreover, Greaves has spoken on topics such as Satanism, Secularism, and The Satanic Temple at Universities throughout the United States.

However, Greaves has received many life threats thus why he doesn’t use his real name to protect his family.

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He has hazy vision due to cataracts that have clouded the lens inside his right eye.In 2016,he tweeted in relation to his eye”My eye is actually scarred,but I’m happy to learn that this disfigurement might have the appearance of a fashion statement”

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