Mary Padian Biography, Age, Family, Height, and Net Worth

Mary Padian Biography

Mary Padian is an American television personality born on 24th August 1980 in Dallas, Texas, United States. She starred in the reality show ‘Storage Wars’ and is nicknamed ‘The Junkster’ for her ability to turn “junks” into pieces of art. She also owns an online store ‘Mary’s Finds’.

Mary Padian graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, in 2003, with a degree in photojournalism.  She worked as an intern at D magazine after graduating. Later on, she got the job of an assistant editor for Architectural Digest and moved to New York City. The actress also collects home decoration and furnishing items of unique design that were available at a reasonable price. in addition, she has developed a blog “Mary’s Finds Video Blog” as a section on where she showcased her collection. In 2010 she returned to Texas after her mentor Paige Rense retired.

In 2011 Mary Padian opened her own shop, “Mary’s Finds”, in Dallas. One of her customers, Moe Prigoff, who used to buy various products from auction houses used to sell her some of those products. He introduced her to storage unit auctions.

Her first appearance was on the “Storage War: Texas” where she was acting alongside Moe. In the second season, Pardian was the main cast member and appeared in three episodes in season five, and as the main buyer in season six. 

Padian Age

Mary was born on 24th August  born on 24th August 1980 in Dallas, Texas, United States.


The television personality was born to John Gerard Padian and Teresa Ann Padian. Her father is of Irish ancestry while her mother is of Lebanese descent. Her parents divorced in 2009. She has a younger brother, Luke Padian

Net worth

The actress has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand.

Mary Padian Storage Wars

Mary Padian stars in the reality show ‘Storage Wars’ as a buyer. She not only has a keen eye and creativity and she is famous for finding “treasures” while searching through trash. The actress was specifically chosen by Moe Prigoff, who introduced her to the show, for this specific reason. He was immediately impressed by her potential to turn most of his salvaged items into sellable artwork for his gallery.

She initially placed bids on items on her own for some time after she became a permanent cast of the show but later teamed up with Moe or Jenny to buy items together. She began buying items solo again after she gained confidence.

Mary Padian Store

Mary Padian owns an online store ‘Marys Finds’ where she sells treasures she have acquired on A&E’s TV Series: Storage Wars.

According to the sites ‘About section’ it reads: “Great design is everywhere. You just need the patience to dig and ability to see possibility. If you have good taste you can do anything; it’s not a question of value, it’s a question of style.

The majority of treasures I have for sale I’ve found in the plethora of storage lockers I’ve acquired on A&E’s TV Series: Storage Wars. I rummage through storage to salvage vintage!”


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