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Mike Stone Biography

Mike Stone

Mike Stone (Michael “Mike” Stone) is an American martial artist, retired karate fighter, fight choreographer, stuntman, actor, author, and motivational speaker.He was born and raised in th Island of Maui.

Mike’s life has been filled with many experiences,which have allowed him to create a comprehensive and dynamic program,that allows anyone to make positive lifestyle changes.

‘Living your Dreams Now’ is his famed seminar program and it has changed the lives of people who have heard and applied the effective and simple principles.


Mike Stone was born on 29th June 1943 in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii. He is 80 years old as of 2023.

Early Life

Mike Stone was first introduced to the martial arts while he was a student in Lahainahuna High School.After graduating he was enlisted in the US army in 1962.

It was while he was stationed at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas that he met his karate instructor, Sgt. Herbert Peters.

Mike earned his brown belt in 3 months at Shorin-ryu.Later he established a world record for achieving his black belt rank in 6 months from the day he started training.

His legendary rise into karate came from winning all the major tournaments in his prime-from nations to internationals and to the World Championships in Chicago.

At the age of 20,Mike became the youngest and only undefeated Karate Champion in history,winning all consecutive black belt matches.

Stone was worked with martial artists like Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee among others.

Stone’s Wife | Married | Mary Ann | Francine Doxey | Taina

Stone has been married three times. He first married Mary Ann Dobbs, while in the army stationed at Fort Chaffee.

He later married his second wife, Francine Doxey in Newport Beach where he was working as a bouncer. 

In 1985, Stone sold all his possessions and moved to an isolated island in the Philippines where he and his current wife Taina live.

Mike Stone Education

He was introduced to martial arts was in Aikido while as a student at Lahainaluna High School. After his graduation, he enlisted in the US Army in 1962.

Stone began studying Shorin-Ryu Karate earning his black belt in only six months under Herbert Peters while stationed at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas.

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Mike Stone Karate | Career

Stone began his career gaining fame for his karate tournament success in the 1960s, Stone is known for his aggressiveness earned the nicknamed “The Animal” would amass a record of 91 consecutive wins.

He later won the sparring grand championship at the first-ever International Karate Championships in Long Beach, California.

Furthermore Stone has also authored several books, most notably Mike Stone’s Book of American Eclectic Karate.

He later met Elvis and Priscilla Presley in 1968 at the Mainland vs. Hawaii Karate Championships promoted by Elvis’ longtime karate instructor Ed Parker.

In February 1972 Priscilla walked out on Elvis and moved in with Stone with whom she had been having a long affair.

Stone had a small child and a pregnant wife. Stone had been working as a bodyguard for record producer Phil Spector.

After the show, Elvis invited him back to the couple’s penthouse suite where Elvis suggested that Priscilla train with Stone. Three weeks later Priscilla made the 45-minute drive to Stone’s school in Huntington Beach.

Due to the distance, Priscilla opted to train with Chuck Norris who had a school in West Los Angeles, which was closer to the Presley home.

Stone would make occasional trips to Norris’s school to train Priscilla.

The relationship soon turned romantic, contributing to Elvis and Priscilla’s split in February 1972 and divorce in “73.

Stone and Priscilla would eventually split up because he sold a story to the Globe tabloid entitled “How I stole Elvis Presley’s Wife From Him”. Priscilla said she split with Stone then, “because he went to the press”

Stone’s Championships

In 1963, he won the Southwest Karate Championship in the black belt division. The promoter is Allen Steen who holds a victory over Stone and Chuck Norris.

At Ed Parker’s 1964 International Karate Championship, Stone defeats Harry Keolanui in the finals to become Grand Champion.

In Chicago that same year, Stone scores victories over Ray Cooper and Mills Crenshaw to win the First World Karate Tournament.At the U.S. National Karate Championships in 1965, Stone wins the championship by beating Walter Worthy.

The same year, Stone again wins Ed Parker’s International Karate Championship by defeating Art Pelela and Tony Tulleners.

He later won the World Professional Karate Championship on November 24, 1968, by beating Bob Taian by points decision. In 1969 at the U.S. National Karate Championship, Stone loses an upset decision to Victor Moore.

Mike Stone Net Worth

Mike estimated net worth is $1 Million to $5 Million. His primary income source is Celebrity, Currently, We don’t have enough information about Cars, Monthly/Yearly Salary.

Mike Stone  News

Many reading this will be too young to remember Mike Stone. First, he was one of the original karate champions, back in 64 and 65. Second, he was born in Hawaii and was a gifted, natural, athlete.

Third, he competed in all sports and decided to enter the Army at an early age. Forth, he learned Karate from Herbert Peters and credits him as a great instructor.

Lastly, Mike won 89 straight matches in an individual black belt competition.

He was also the Light Heavyweight Champion, crowned in 1968, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, along with Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, and Skipper Mullins.

Mike was a Vegas blackjack dealer, real estate investor, tennis player, and excellent golfer.

Anything he set his sights on he achieved. Mike wrote a screenplay, which later became the movie, “Enter the Ninja”.

Mike was also the stunt double for Dean Martin [who by the way was a bare-knuckle boxer] in the Matt Helm movies. Additionally, he is known in the media as part of the Elvis and Priscilla Presley breakup.

Mental aspects of the fighting arts.

In an interview in Black Belt Magazine years ago, Mike said that mental training in martial arts was a lost art. He was fortunate that his instructor stressed the mental aspects of the fighting arts. He gave a few examples.

One trick was to mentally ‘fight’ an opponent, bigger, faster, and stronger than any human, and beat him over and over in your mind.

He used this successfully and didn’t allow defeat to happen. It just wouldn’t enter his mind.

While in the Army he would sleep with his left leg outside the covers, imagining a nighttime attack and being ready for it.

It is a type of mental anchor that reminded him of being vigilant. The next drill was used throughout the day.

He would go through a crowd and as people brushed close or passed into his space, he would imagine a sudden ambush.

It would force him to key himself up, then return to a calmer state with more efficiency. He said that this training was as important as his physical training.

The last hint was to get an emotionally charged word, like “Fire!” and visualized the word in your mind as you exploded to bridge the gap.

Since repetition is the mother of skill, you want to do it over thousands of times.

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