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Mos Def Biography, Age, Real Name, Spouse, Kids, Songs

Mos Def Biography

Yasiin Bey, popularly known as Mos Def is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, record producer, and activist and is also known for his music, Mos Def.

Mos Def Age

He was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States on  11 December 1973.  He is 45 years old as of 0218.

Mos Def Real Name

His real name is  Dante Terrell Smith.

 Mos Def Height

He stands at a height of  ‎5 Feet 9 Inches( 1.77 m).

 Mos Def Weight

He has an outstanding weight of 76kg(168Ib).

Mos Def Net Worth

His  has a net worth of $1.5 million

Mos Def Family

The rapper was born to Sheron Smith and Abdulrahman. He was raised by his mother in Brooklyn, while his father lived in New Jersey where he was a member of the Nation of Islam but later followed Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, who merged into mainstream Sunni Islam from the Nation of Islam. He was exposed to Islam at the age of 13.
Mos has 12 siblings and a step-children.

Mos Def Image

Mos Def Spouse/Kids

In 2005, he married Alana Wyatt. In 1996, Def married Maria Yepes. They both had two daughters: Jauhara Smith and Chandani Smith. The two then divorced in 2006.
He now has six other children from four different women including the two for Maria Yepes.

Mos Def Education

Mos  went to middle school at Philippa Schuyler Middle School 383 in Bushwick, Brooklyn where he became more into acting. He then dropped out of high school in his sophomore year after shooting the film, You Take the Kids in Los Angeles. He had gotten into a relationship with an older girl.

Mos Def Movies




Where’s Marlowe?
Wilt Crawley
Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme
Big Blak Afrika
Also recorded a song for the movie’s soundtrack with other members of the Mau Maus
Robbie J
Carmen: A Hip Hopera
Lieutenant Miller


Monster’s Ball
Ryrus Cooper
Lazy Boy


Civil Brand
Michael Meadows


Brown Sugar
Chris ‘Cav’ Anton Vichon


My Wife and Kids
1 episode: Chair Man of the Board
The Italian Job
Left Ear
The Woodsman
Detective Lucas


Something the Lord Made
Vivien Thomas
Nominated – Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie
Lackawanna Blues
The Bandleader


The Boondocks (2005-2008)
Voice over for the animated series


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Ford Prefect
Dave Chappelle’s Block Party


16 Blocks
Eddie Bunker


Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby


Journey to the End of the Night
Prince Among Slaves
Be Kind Rewind


Cadillac Records
Chuck Berry
Next Day Air


Season 5, Episode 19, “Locked In”
I’m Still Here


Bouncing Cats


Yo Gabba Gabba!
Super Mr. Superhero
Season 3, Episode 44, Superhero
Brother Sam
Begin Again
Life of Crime
Ordell Robbie


The Getaway
Season 2, Episode 7, in Morocco. as Yasiin Bey

Mos Def Songs

“Another World” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 4)
“A Brighter Day (with Ronnie Jordan)” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 1)
“A Ha” – Mos Def – True Magic
“A Soldier’s Dream” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 1)
“A Tree Never Grown” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 4)
“All My People (The Body Rock Party Break Remixed by Dr. Luke)” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 2)
“All Praises Due (A.D.L.I.B.)” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 3)
“Another World (Ambivalence Remix)” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 2)
“Another World” – Black Star – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 1)
“Another World (Remix)” – Mos Def – We Are Hip-Hop, Me, You, Everybody (Disc 3)
“Astronomy (8th Light)” – Black Star – Black Star
“Auditorium (featuring Slick Rick)” – Mos Def – The Ecstatic

Mos Def Mathematics|Mos Def Black On Both Sides Video

Mos Def Mathematics Lyrics

Ha ha
You know the deal
It’s just me yo
Beats by Su-Primo for all of my peoples, Negros and Latinos
And even the gringos
Yo, check it one for Charlie Hustle, two for Steady Rock
Three for the fourth coming live, future shock
It’s five dimensions, six senses
Seven firmaments of heaven to hell, 8 Million Stories to tell
Nine planets faithfully keep in orbit
With the probable tenth, the universe expands length
The body of my text posses extra strength
Power-lifting powerless up, out of this, towering inferno
My ink so hot it burn through the journal
I’m blacker than midnight on Broadway and Myrtle
Hip-Hop past all your tall social hurdles
Like the nationwide projects, prison-industry complex
Broken glass wall better keep your alarm set
Streets too

Mos Def Hip Hop Lyrics

You say one for the trebble two for the time
Come on y’all let’s rock this!
You say one for the trebble two for the time
Come on!
Speech is my hammer bang the world into shape
Now let it fall… (Hungh!!)
My restlessness is my nemesis
It’s hard to really chill and sit still
Committed to page I write rhymes
Sometimes won’t finish for days
Scrutinize my literature from the large to the miniature
I mathematically add-minister
Subtract the wack
Selector, wheel it back, I’m feeling that
(Ha ha ha) From the core to the perimeter black,
You know the motto
Stay fluid even in staccato
(Mos Def) Full blooded, full throttle
Breathe deep inside the trunk hollow
There’s the hum, young man where you from
Brooklyn number one
Native son,

Mos Def Auditorium Lyrics

The way I feel sometimes its too hard to sit still
Things are so passionate times are so real
Sometimes I try an chill mellow down blowin smoke
Smile on my face but its really no joke

You feel it in the streets people breathe without hope
They goin’ through the motion, they dimmin’ down they focus
The focus gettin’ clear and the light turn sharp
And the eyes go teary, the mind grow weary

I speak it so clearly sometimes ya don’t hear me
I push it past the bass no nations gotta feel me
I feel it in my bones, black, I’m so wide awake
That I hardly ever sleep, my flows forever deep

And its volumes or scriptures when I breath on a beat
My presence speak volumes before I say a word
I’m every where penthouse pavement and curb
Cradle to

Mos Def Travellin Man Lyrics

Here we go y’all
Ge ge ge ge ge get down and get down
Ge ge ge ge ge get down and get down and it’s yours
Ge ge ge ge ge get down and get down and it’s yours
“here we go there it is” (run dmc sample)
Memories don’t live like people

I have to pack up my bags and leave you
When you’re gone i am longing to see
I’m a travellin man movin through
I’m leaving on a jet, when you’re gone i get so upset
I’m a travellin man, movin through places

Packed my bags, arranged my suitcases
I got to tie up both my shoe laces
Kiss my cheek and see me gone

I’m leaving, but god willing i’ll be back
I’m leaving, headed on the fast track
Aiyyo six in the morning, i’m up at dawn crackin

Wash up my face and start my back packin
Get my head together for the fantastic voyage
On a

Mos Def Discography

This is Mos Def discography and List of Mos Def songs
Solo albums
Black on Both Sides (1999)
The New Danger (2004)

True Magic (2006)
The Ecstatic (2009)
Negus in Natural Person (TBA)
Collaborative albums

See also: Black Star discography
Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star (with Talib Kweli, as Black Star) (1998)
Manifest Destiny (with Ces and DCQ, as UTD) (2004)
Dec 99th (with Ferrari Sheppard, as Dec 99th) (2016)
As Promised (with Mannie Fresh) (TBA

Mos Def Auditorium

Mos Def Quotes

You’re not gonna get through life without being worshipful or devoted to something. You’re either devoted to your job, or to your desires. So the best way to spend your life is to try to be devoted to prayer, to Allah.

Focused. I’m a hustler. And my hustle is trying to figure out the best ways to do what I like without having to do much else.

It’s possible and available to any artist to be himself or herself on their own terms, to be accepted and embraced by black people.

You don’t have to be a thug to get love from black people.The ability to have somebody read something and see it, or for somebody to paint an entire landscape of visual imagery with just sheets of words – that’s magical. That’s what I’ve been trying to strive for – to draw a clear picture, to open up a new dimension.

There are a lot of people who call themselves teachers or leaders, but they’re really just propagandists

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