Njeri Makena Biography, LGBT, Age, Family, Height, and Net Worth

Chris Muriithi formerly known as Makena Njeri is a former television producer, television actor, and director who is famous for her personality on Instagram.

She has worked with BBC, Citizen television, and NTV Kenya. Currently, she is the CEO of Founder Bold Network Africa which advocates for LGBT rights.

Chris Muriithi formally known Njeri Makena
Chris Muriithi formally known Njeri Makena

Date of Birth | Age

Makena was born on December 1991.She is 31 years old as of 2022.

Early Life

The former producer/actress struggled with depression while growing up. This is after she found out that her father had infected her mother with HIV/AIDS.

The former actress admitted on live television that her father was not only abusive to her mother but he used to cheat on her with several women. She would meet her father in town with different women when she was growing up.

Her mother underwent serious depression to a point of nervous breakdown alone without informing her children about what was happening.

She also used to take ARVs and lied to the children that it was for a nervous breakdown. At some point, Makena bumped through the drugs while cleaning her parents’ bedroom. Her mother passed away in 2013 and the actress never spoke to her father until when he was dying in 2015.


The first time Chris came to the limelight was in her role as Makena in Tahidi High, a Kenyan television film that used to air once a week. The character opened more doors for Makena due to her effortlessly executed character in the play.

She is also the producer and director of a teen republic, a famous show in Nation Media Kenya. Apart from that, she has worked with BBC as a producer for a period of three years.

When she left BBC, she founded and is currently running her organization Bold Network Africa, based in Nairobi. Her organization aims to educate the society of Africa about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community through films, training, and documentaries in order to end the constant discrimination against the community.

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In 2019, an incident of her fighting with her gay partner made exposed her to the limelight. The incident was widely discussed on the social media platform making her sink into depression.

Valentine Nyokabi vandalized Makena’s Mercedes Benz after finding out that she was cheating on her Mukami.


On the latest news, Makena is in a relationship with Dr. Claire Kinuthia. She has also been involved with Mitchelle Ntalami and Valentine Nyokabi. There are speculations that she has had a relationship with Fena Gitu as well.