Patrick Allen Spikes Biography, Age, Height, Networth, And Disney

Patrick Allen Spikes is a former Disney World employee who is accused of stealing and re-selling more than $7,000 in costumes and other memorabilia from the Orlando, Florida, theme park.

The 24-year-old founded BackDoorDisney to post online about his exploits as he explored backstage areas at the Walt Disney World parks. After the 24-year-old was arrested on felony grand theft charges on May 16, Spikes deleted his personal and Disney World-themed social media pages. Spikes had been under investigation for several months and news of the alleged thefts had spread throughout communities of Disney fans online.


Patrick Allen is 26 years of age as of 2021.

Patrick Allen Florida

Spikes is a Florida native and lives in Winter Garden, Florida.

It is not clear how long Spikes worked at Disney World or what his job with the company was. A now-deleted Linkedin profile shows that Spikes studied to work in the entertainment industry at Full Sail University.

Patrick Allen Spikes Image

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Patrick Spikes Cousin

Spikes’ has a  cousin, Blaytin Taunton, Taunton has not yet been charged as part of the investigation, but police have said that the investigation into the thefts and re-selling of the stolen property remains open and ongoing. Taunton is a 23-year-old Panama City, Florida, resident, according to online records. Taunton does not have any previous arrests in Orange County, according to court records.

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Information Regarding his Measurements and Height of Patrick is Still under Investigation. We will Soon Update when Information Is available.

Patrick Spikes Disney

Spikes, 24, became a suspect when his Twitter profile included pictures of valuable items two months after they were swiped from the theme park in Orlando, Florida, according to the arrest affidavit.

He became combative when questioned about the photos of “Buzzy,” a character missing from the “Cranium Command” attraction at Epcot, leading to an initial charge of resisting arrest, the records show.

A search warrant of his home and phone then turned up photos of stolen Disney wigs, skirts, and jackets, according to the document.

He is accused of also using his Disney employee ID to access underground tunnels to get to Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion, where some of the costumes were stolen.

Financial records showed that Spikes received about $30,000 via PayPal from two buyers, according to the affidavit, with police saying the missing items were far more valuable on the black market.

One of the buyers returned 18 items that Disney World said had all been stolen, according to the document.

Detectives say they are still investigating and trying to track down the rest of the items that have been documented as stolen.

Spikes was shown smirking in his mugshot as Orange County Sheriff’s Office charged him with burglary, grand theft, and dealing in stolen property.

Disney said the case was a “law enforcement matter.”

Patrick Spikes Networth

His exact Networth is Still under Review. Though it Is Believed That his Networth is Staggering Thousands. This is after he was Alleged To Steal Goods worth $14K from Disney.

Patrick Allen Spikes Social Media

Spikes appeared to be trying to build a brand for his “behind the scenes” content on social media, YouTube, and through a podcast, all using the name “BackDoorDisney.” Spikes did not appear to have a big following, but some of his photos and videos from the backstage areas of the Disney World parks spread in online Disney communities prior to his arrest. He also was interviewed by another Disney podcaster.

Spikes had already gained some notoriety in the Disney online community after his 2018 arrest.The court documents revealed his possible involvement in the theft of the EPCOT animatronic. There was speculation about whether the animatronic had actually been stolen.

After his arrest on the theft charges, Spikes deleted the videos from his BackDoorDisney YouTube channel and took down his personal and BackDoorDisney social media pages, including Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Disney World employees investigated Spike’s BackDoorDisney accounts. This is according to court documents. “Disney Security Investigators” were made aware of an employee named Patrick Spikes. Spikes was taking pictures backstage while employed. Police said they discovered that Spikes was developing an online social media presence to display these photos. This was during their internal investigation.

He posted a photo of the animatronic “Buzzy,” with clothing still attached in October 2018, according to court documents.

Patrick  Charges

According to the complaint, Spikes was then detained while police searched his phone and home. Although Spikes complained that he was sick and felt like he was going to vomit. Afterward, he began to make strained breathing noises and stated he couldn’t breathe. So, Spikes was given water and later taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

Court documents were  filed after Spikes’ second arrest in May 2019. Police that in August 2018 clothing was stolen from an animatronic in the closed “Cranium Command” attraction at EPCOT. The clothing had been closed for years and was set to be archived by Disney. Clothing stolen, includes a bomber jacket, large headphones, and a green hat.

According to court documents, investigators also learned “the entire Buzzy animatronic was later stolen from the attraction.”

Patrick Allen News

Patrick Allen Spikes, 26, faces burglary, grand theft, and trafficking in stolen property charges. News outlets reported.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office began investigating Spikes when he posted a picture on Twitter. The picture was of a retired animatronic character wearing its clothes two months after the reported theft of the robot’s garments. Spikes had created a social media platform to post Disney backstage content for movie and theme parks aficionados.

Investigators said that the stolen items belonged to “Buzzy,” a character from the now-closed “Wonders of Life” attraction at Epcot. The estimated value of the items is more than $6,800. Moreover, the entire animatronic was later stolen, according to Friday’s arrest warrant.