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Rex Grossman Biography

Rex Grossman (Full name- Daniel Grossman III) is a former American football quarterback who was born on August 23, 1980, in Bloomington, Indiana, the U.S. He played in the National Football League (NFL) for nine seasons.

Grossman played college football for the University of Florida. He was selected by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft and has also played professionally for the NFL’s Houston Texans, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, and Atlanta Falcons.

In his first three NFL seasons with the Chicago Bears, Grossman spent most of them sidelined with injuries. In 2006, he completed his first full NFL season leading the Bears to a National Football Conference Championship and a Super Bowl berth.

Rex Grossman lost his starting job three weeks into the 2007 season, and primarily served as the team’s backup quarterback afterward. In 2009, he spent a year as a back-up quarterback for the Houston Texans, before becoming the Washington Redskins’ starting quarterback in the final three games of 2010; and throughout most of the 2011 season. He was also a backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons in 2014 and 2015, but never made a regular-season appearance with either team.

Rex Grossman  | Family

Grossman comes from a football family with his father and grandfather having been football players for Indiana University. Rex, his grandfather, also played for the Baltimore Colts (1948–1950) and Detroit Lions (1950), playing in 12 games during his career. Grossman’s sister and nephew live in Lincolnwood, Illinois.

Does Rex Have a Wife?

Rex Grossman got married to Alison Miska Grossman on July 9, 2005.Together they founded Florida Medical Staffing in 2009.Rex’s wife Alison acts as the manager at the Florida Medical Staffing. The couple resides in Bloomington, Indiana during the off season.


Rex Grossman was born on August 23, 1980, in Bloomington, Indiana, the U.S. He played for nine seasons in the NFL before his retirement. Grossman is 42 years old as of 2022.

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Rex Grossman College | Super Bowl

Rex Grossman led the Florida Gators as a college quarterback, to the 2000 Southeastern Conference (SEC) championship, the 2001 Sugar Bowl, the 2002 Orange Bowl, and the 2003 Outback Bowl. He was a consensus first-team All-American and was the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy in 2001.

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Rex Grossman’s Photo

Rex Grossman Named Redskins Starter: The 10 Worst QB Performances This  Season | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Rex Grossman Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears selected Grossman during the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft, and he played for the Bears from 2003 to 2008. Under the leadership of coach Dick Jauron, Rex Grossman was sidelined as a rookie in favor of veteran quarterbacks Chris Chandler and Kordell Stewart. Grossman only saw playing time during the later portion of the season after the Bears had been eliminated from playoff contention.

Grossman’s season ended when he was forced to leave the final game with a broken finger. Prior to the start of the 2004 NFL season, the Bears fired Jauron and hired Lovie Smith, who declared Grossman the team’s starting quarterback. Rex Grossman was criticized when he threw a game-ending interception against the Detroit Lions on opening day. Criticism of his durability intensified when he damaged his knee ligaments while scrambling for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings. The injury forced Grossman to spend the remainder of the season recuperating.

Grossman threw three touchdowns and one interception over the course of three and a half games after reclaiming his starting role. He was replaced once again by Griese when he sustained a knee injury during his fifth consecutive start. Grossman was forced to relinquish his starting position to Kyle Orton, who had previously temporarily relieved him after his 2005 preseason injury.

On March 1, 2009, Rex Grossman became a free agent. Lovie Smith (Bears Head Coach) said that Grossman was not in the team’s plans for the 2009 season.

Rex Grossman Net Worth

Rex Daniel Grossman III was a professional quarterback in the NFL for several teams including the Chicago Bears. Grossman has an estimated net worth of $8 million.


Grossman is a tall man standing at a height of 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m). He weighs a massive  225 lb (102 kg).

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