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Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson Biography

Roxann Dawson (full name: Roxann Biggs Dawson) an American actress, producer, director, and writer in Los Angeles, California, best known as B’Elanna Torres on Star Trek’s TV series: Voyager. 

The multifaceted personality is best known for her portrayal of ‘ B’Elanna Torres ‘ in ‘ Star Trek: Voyager. ‘

Besides acting in it, Roxanne has also been associated with other areas of the ‘ Star Trek ‘ franchise. She has directed a few franchise episodes.

Roxann Dawson Age

She was born Roxann Caballero, on September 11, 1958, in Los Angeles, California, to Richard and Rosalie Caballero. In addition is of Hispanic descent. She is 64 years old as of 2022.

Dawson attended ‘Beverly Hills High School,’ where her interest in music and drama grew further. She often participated in stage productions in high school. 

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Roxann Dawson Family

Dawson is a son of Richard Caballero (father) who is a Chilean macroeconomist who holds the Ford International chair of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He is a director of the World Economic Laboratory at MIT and an NBER Research Associate, Rosalie Caballero his mother.

Roxann Dawson Husband

Dawson married twice. She was initially married to her fellow actor ‘ Star Trek ‘ Casey Biggs who is an American actor.

She best known throughout the Star Trek community for starring as the Cardassian Damar, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. and then to Eric Dawson. She’s a two-child mother now.

Roxann Dawson Children

Roxann has two daughters. She gave birth to her first daughter, Emma Rose, on January 16, 1998. Roxann and Eric have also adopted a girl child, Mia Meicai, from China.

Roxann Dawson Net Worth

The American actress, producer, and director who has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Roxann Dawson Career

Roxanne began her career in 1982 with the” Broadway production of’ A Chorus Line’ being staged at the’ Shubert Theater,’ New York City.

She played in the musical the character ‘ Diana Morales.’ She was then seen in plays such as’ Daughters,” Tropicana,’ and’ The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. Roxann also wrote the stage play ‘ Desire to Fall’ 1986.

In 1985, Roxann made her TV debut as’ Adrienne Morrow’ in the’ Another World ‘ soap opera’ NBC.’ This was the first time she was credited as’ Roxann Biggs.’

Subsequently, Roxann appeared in a few more TV series and continued to work simultaneously in a theater.

Her first recurring role was as’ Yolanda’ Yolo’ Elena Puente in the’ NBC’ drama’ Nightingales.’ Roxann was also seen in the revival of Tennessee Williams ‘ play’ The Rose Tattoo’ (as’ Rosa Delle Rose’).

Roxann played two characters(‘ Alyssa’ and’ Debbie Morton’) in two episodes of’ CBS’ crime drama’ Jake and the Fatman.’

1990- 1999

In seven episodes of the’ NBC’ series’ The Round Table,’ she played the character ‘ Jennifer Clemente.’ Roxann played’ Lt. Torres’ in the 1991 TV film ‘ N.Y.P.D. Mounted.’

In 1992, she made her film debut, portraying’ María Croce’ in the TV movie ‘ Mortal Sins.’ Her first feature-length film, however, was the 1993 crime drama’ Blood In, Blood Out.’ Unfortunately, Roxann’s role in the film was uncredited.

In 1994, Roxann was seen in two movies (both credited), namely’ Pointman’ (as’ Rosie Alvarez’) and’ Greyhounds’ (as’ JoJo Golina’).

She started playing the most important character of her career the following year, a Klingon–human hybrid and the chief engineer on the’ Federation’ starship’ Voyager,” B’Elanna Torres,’ in the’ UPN’ science fiction series’ Star Trek: Voyager.’

Roxann remained on the show for 170 episodes and even directed two episodes of the series.The first’ Star Trek ‘ episode Roxann directed was called’ Riddles’ and was aired in September 1999.

Roxanne initially didn’t like her look as’ B’Elanna Torres’ and even cried when she saw the prosthetic layers on her face. She eventually got comfortable with it, though.


Her hard work paid off when she received an’ ALMA Award’ in 2001 for her outstanding series performance. 

Roxann also bagged 3 other ‘ ALMA ‘ nominations, one ‘ NCLR Bravo Award ‘ nomination, and one ‘ Online Film & Television Association Award ‘ nomination for the same role.

In the documentary ‘ Inside the New Adventure: Star Trek – Voyager, ‘ Roxann was also seen.

Meanwhile, in 1997, Roxanne wrote her second play,’ Passage through the Heart.’ Staged at Duluth’s’ University of Minnesota,’ the play was a finalist of’ Irene Ryan Scholarship.’

She was seen as’ Dr. the same year. Teresa Puente’s TV film ‘ Foto Novelas: Seeing through Walls,’ for which she was awarded an’ ALMA Award.’

After her directorial experience in ‘ Star Trek – Voyager, ‘ Roxann explored her leadership skills in several of her upcoming projects. She directed 10 episodes of ‘ Star Trek: Enterprise ‘ and even gave her voice for an episode.

Roxann debuted as an author with the science – fiction novel trilogy ‘ Entering Tenebrae ‘ 2000, ‘ Tenebrea’s Hope ‘ 2001 and ‘ Tenebrae Rising ‘ 2001, co-written with Danie Tenebrea’s Hope 2001.

She became a producer with the crime-drama series’ NBC” Crossing Jordan’ in 2007. After making 17 episodes of the series, she took up the police-procedural drama ‘ Cold Case’ (41 episodes)’ CBS.’

Roxann was also the overseeing producer of the political-thriller’ Scandal’ series’ ABC.’ The upcoming 2019 Christian drama movie ‘ Breakthrough ‘ will be Roxann’s first feature film as a director. The film’s official trailer received over 30 million “views” within 2 days, which is a record.

Roxann Dawson Film





Mortal Sins

María Croce


Blood In, Blood Out




Rosie Alvarez



JoJo Golina


Darkman III: Die Darkman Die

Angela Rooker


The Lost World

Elizabeth Summerlee


Jesus The Driver


Roxann Dawson Television





Another World

Adrienne Morrow (as Roxann Biggs)





The Fortunate Pilgrim




Yolanda ‘Yolo’ Elena Puente (as )






Vicki Mariani


Equal Justice



Jake and the Fatman



Jake and the Fatman

Debbie Morton


The Round Table

Jennifer Clemente


The Hat Squad



The Untouchables

Gina Perino


Star Trek: Voyager

B’Elanna Torres


Any Day Now



Seven Days

Commander Helen Keagle





The Division



The Lyon’s Den

Asst. District Attorney Linda Solis


Without A Trace

Mrs. Erica Palmer


The Closer

Detective Ortega

Roxann Dawson Star Trek | Voyager

This article is about the series Star Trek. USS Voyager (Star Trek) for the spacecraft featured in the series. See Star Trek: The Motion Picture for the Voyager VI space probe. See Voyager (disambiguation) for other uses. best known as B’Elanna Torres on the famous television series Trek.

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