Sophia Umansky Bio, Age, Height, College,Accusation, Net worth

Sophia Umansky Biography

Sophia Umansky is an american television personality  and a daughter to Kyle Richards’and businessman Marcio Umansky. She has also featured on a reality show.

Sophia Umansky Height

At 5 feet 2 inches, Kyle is one of the shorter reality stars on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. In a real sense, Sophia her daughter is probably a feet and some inches taller.

Sophia Umansky Age

She is now 23 years old as of 2023, being born on January 2000. She was born to Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. This is after her parents were married in 1996 and she was born four years later.

Boyfriend |Relationship

Sophia`s has kept her love life private from the public eye. We will update soon once we get some information.

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College |Education| Where Does she Go To College

She started college at George Washington University in Washington D.C. to begin work on her bachelor’s degree at George Washington University.“Sophia has a very strong personality.

When she’s not home, the house just feels very quiet. Like, oh, Sophia’s not here. You can tell the second you step foot in the door,” Kyle said in a video on Bravo’s site. “So when she goes to college, it’s gonna be a very big adjustment.”

Sophia Umansky Accusations on the college scandal going on

After recently sending her third daughter off to college, on March 14 she’s been unfairly dragged into the recent college admissions scandal that her friend, Full House star Lori Loughlin, was involved in.

Kylie called out at an online troll after Sophia was attacked regarding her recent admission to George Washington University. Kyle Richards shared a screenshot of the exchange to her Instagram story and praised her college freshman daughter for defending herself against online trolls.

Previously The Inquisitr shared that Kyle Richards had already gone on record saying she never heard anything about the college admissions scam until the Operation Varsity Blues scandal blew up later that week.

Richards also told Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen that she was “Shocked” by the scandal that allegedly involved Lori Loughlin’s payment of $500,000 to get her daughters, Isabella and Olivia Jade, recruited into USC under the pretense that they were members on the crew team.

source: Us Weekly

Sophia Umansky response to critics

“I actually graduated high school on the dean’s list and worked really hard to get into a good school thank u for your concern though sweetie,” read Sophia’s response.

Sophia Umansky Gwu

She said earlier that she ordered a 4-RIDE from CVS at 3 a.m. to her dormitory hall two weeks ago after hearing of an attempted robbery at the pharmacy earlier that week but received a “pretty rude” response when she tried to confirm the driver was there to pick her up.

Umansky said her driver sarcastically pointed out that if the car had a 4-RIDE label then it was her ride, which made her feel inhospitable.

Sophia Umansky college decor

Kyle, 49, went to Home Goods for the bulk of Sophia’s dorm decor and the duo opted for a blush and white “retro glam” style to spruce up her new takes.  Sophia landed a suite-style set-up, so she and her roommate are the only girls to share their bathroom.

Although she shares her room with a roommate, they both have their privacy. To ensure that her daughter had a reminder of her family in her room at all times, they added a pin board for Sophia to hang all of her pictures with loved ones.

For once a time, Alexia had to take a year off of school following a vicious dog bite inflicted by her aunt Kim Richard’s pit bull in 2014. The trauma affected her seriously Alexia’s and played a role in her decision to transfer from the University of Arizona to Emerson College in Boston and ultimately move even farther away from her Los Angeles-based mother.

Sophia Umansky Networth

Sophia`s networth is still under review it will be updated soon.


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