Tom Holland Bio, Age, Family, Height, Girlfriend ,Net Worth, Movies, Brothers Trust

Tom Holland Biography

Tom Holland also known as Peter Parker for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a British actor( spider-man). His real name is Thomas Stanley Holland.

Holland played an important role in the popular act ‘Billy Elliot The Musical’ which granted him an opportunity to meet the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown.

Tom made his first appearance on television in September 2008 when it was his first time to be interviewed.

In 2011 he made his first film debut where he went on to act in super hit movies like spider man.

He gained recognition for playing darker roles in crime dramas like Cherry in 2021, The Devil All the Time in 2020, among others.

Tom Holland Personal Information

Name: Tom Holland

Real Name: Thomas Stanley Holland

Date Of Birth: 1st June 1996

Place of Birth: London,England

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Parents: Dominic Holland(Father),Nicola Elizabeth(Mother)

Siblings: Harry Holland,Sam Holland,Paddy Holland

Girlfriend: Zendaya Maree

Occupation: Actor

Age: 27 years old as of 2023

When was Tom born? | Age| How Old Is Tom?

Tom Holland was born in 1st June 1996. He is 27 years old as of 2023.

He recently celebrated his 26th birthday and he received a very sweet message from his girlfriend Zendaya Maree ‘Happiest birthday to the one who makes me happy’ part of the message read.

Tom Holland’s Family | Parents

Tom was born in London England and his parents are,Dominic Holland(Father) and Nicola Elizabeth Frost(Mother). His father is a comedian and an actor while his mother is a photographer.

Siblings| Brothers| Twin Brothers

Holland has three other siblings,namely:Harry Holland,Sam Holland and Paddy Holland.All of his three brothers are also actors.Harry Holland(Feb 14th 1999)is an actor and a director,he has made appearances on The Impossible together with his twin brother Sam Holland.Paddy Holland(Dec 16th 2004)is also an actor.

Tom Holland with his three siblings

Tom Holland|Zendaya|Girlfriend

Spider man has been dating Zendaya Maree since November 2021.In December 2022,there were rumors that the two were engaged,but Zendaya’s mum cleared the air and confirmed that the rumors were not true.

Tom Holland with his girlfriend Zendaya.

How tall is Spider man?

He is approximately 5 foot 7 inches tall. 5′ 7”

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Tom Holland’s Partnership

He has a partnership with Prada fashions,where he is one of their model and a brand ambassador.

Tom Holland Net Worth

He has achieved a networth of $18million for the last five years after he first joined the MCU where he received $250,000 after playing the first spider-man movie.

After that he received extra $10 million to film the next Spider-man movie.

Brothers Trust

Brothers Trust was set up in 2017 by Tom’s parents(Dominic and Nicole). It is also founded by Tom and his other siblings.

It’s main aim is to raise funds and bring voice to those charities that might be struggling to be heard.

Did Tom Holland Delete His Twitter Account?

Last year Tom took a break from social media for mental health related reasons.Holland said he deleted his Twitter and Instagram apps from his phone.

”I find Instagram and Twitter to be overstimulating and overwhelming, so i decided to take a step back and delete the apps”Tom said

Tom Holland Recent Movies

1.Chaos Walking


3.The Impossible

4.No Way Home

5. Unchartered