September 26, 2022


Who Is Tom Holland

Tom Holland is a british actor well known by many people as (spiderman).He played an important role in the popular act “Billy Elliot the Musical” which granted him an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,Gordon Brown.He made his first appearance on television in September 2008 when it was his first time to be interviewed.

In 2011 he made his first film debut where he went on to act in super hit movies like spiderman.


Thomas Stanley Holland known by many as (SPIDERMAN) was born in 1st June 1996.


5 ‘ 8″ (1.73m)

Movies Acted

1.Spiderman (Homecoming)

Casted in 2017

2.Spiderman (far from home)

casted in 2019

3. Spiderman (No way home)

casted in 2021

4.Uncharted (Which will be realesed on 18th February, 2022. Check the trailer in the link below:

5.Avengers endgame (casted in 2019)

6.Captain america (casted in 2016)

7.Avengers Infinity war (casted in 2018)

“To name a few”

Dating Rumours Confirmed

Zendaya and Tom Holland solidified their off screen romance with a passionate kiss on Thursday in Los Angeles. The two of them have been rumored about for a while to be have dating till recently where Tom Holland confirmed the rumour that they are dating.

Tom Holland and Zendaya kissing

Screen Cast

Tom Holland started acting at the age of 19 years old when he filmed in the movie (Spider-man)in 2015.


He has a partnership with Prada fashions,where he is one of their model and a brand ambassador.

Dress with prada

Social Life

Tom Holland’s Instagram Page

Here is the link to Tom Holland’s Instagram page

He has 6.9M followers in Twitter

It’s unfortunate that Tom Holland has no Facebook account,but has a huge number of followers in both Instagram and Twitter.

Tom Holland’s Net Worth

He has achieved a networth of $18million for the last five years after he first joined the MCU where he received $250,000 after playing the first spiderman movie. After that he received extra $10 million to film the next Spiderman movie.

Some Unknown Facts About Tom Holland

  1. He doesn’t smoke.
  2. Drinks alcohol (yes).
  3. Tom is a great actor who has won many medals and awards of his own acting.
  4. Holland is very fond of playing tennis and volleyball.


Mother: Nicola Elizabeth Frost

Father: Dominic Holland

Siblings: Harry Holland,Paddy Holland and Sam