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Veronica Dunne Biography

Veronica Dunne (Veronica Louise Dunne) is an American actress. She is famously known for her role as Marisa Miller in the American television series KC Undercover.

She acted alongside Zendaya as her best onscreen friend. Dunne started her acting career when she was only four years old and the acting in her seems to be in her blood.

She got her first taste of professional theater acting when she starred as Cinderella in the Lythgoe Family Production of “Cinderella”with Hollywood veterans Jennifer Leigh Warren and Freddie Stroma.

Dunne has starred in many other films including; “Into the Woods,” “Chicago,” “Cabaret,” “The Black Suits” and “KC Undercover”.

Veronica Dunne Age | How Old Is Veronica Dunne | Veronica Dunne Birthday

Dunne was born on March 2,1995. She is 28 years old as of 2023.

Veronica Dunne Height

Dunne is 5 feet 7.5 inches (1.71M) tall.

Net Worth

Veronica is Worth approximately $1 Million as of 2023.

Veronica Dunne Family

There is little information about her family. We will review soon.

Max Ehrich And Veronica Dunne | Veronica Dunne Dating

Veronica was dating her boyfriend, Max Ehrich, but they broke up in 2017 after dating for three years. The breakup seemed like it was bitter. However in 2018 Veronica seemed to have moved on and for several occasions that they been spotted together with Taylor Noblet, we can conclude that the two are a couple.

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Veronica Dunne Movies | Veronica Dunne Kickin It

  • K.C. Undercover
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Kickin’ It
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass
  • Nerd with a Cape
  • Domino 4: The Mask
  • Do You Want to Know a Secret
  • K.C. Levels Up
  • Keep on Truckin’
  • Teen Drama The Domino Effect
  • The Get Along Vault
  • Tightroping the Shark
  • Undercover Mother
  • Unmasking the Enemy
  • Web of Lies

Interview | Veronica Dunne Kc Undercover | Zendaya

Q: Marisa has a lot of fun on K.C. Undercover. How similar to your character are you?
Veronica Dunne: We have some similarities and differences. I think I can be bubbly and she’s kind of like the life of the party.

I definitely have that in me, but I think she’s just a heightened version of me. Also I like to read and I don’t think Marisa likes to read, so we have some differences, too.
Q: You and Zendaya are so close as characters on-screen — how does that translate off-screen? Is it a similar relationship behind the scenes?
Veronica Dunne: Yeah, we’re actually really close off-screen. I had a chemistry read with her and we connected immediately and instantly.

We share so many fun inside jokes and interests. We just like dance to Beyoncé on set together and we have sessions with our nails.

For some reason, we always were getting our nails done at the same time and would always come to set on Monday with the same color and we did not coordinate it. It was kind of a running gag that we have similar taste. I think she’s absolutely amazing and we have a great time together.


Q: What Beyoncé songs are we talking about here?
Veronica Dunne: Honestly in our eyes, Beyoncé can probably do no wrong. We love all of her songs! How it all started was the sound crew can hear us when we’re talking and filming, so we’ll start talking about a song like “Love on Top” or “Single Ladies” or “Halo” — I mean, any of them — and they’ll play them over the loudspeaker, no matter what song we say. They turn it on over the loudspeaker and we just start dancing.
Q: You both have strong musical backgrounds. Could you see yourselves teaming up on a song?
Veronica Dunne: Yeah, absolutely! I’m actually meeting with some producers and have been talking about what direction I want to go in.

In the future, a collab would be awesome — we’d have a lot of fun. Zendaya and I sing together a lot on set, too!
Q: What’s your go-to karaoke jam?
Veronica Dunne: Oh my gosh, I’d probably get a group of girls on stage and we’d do Spice Girls, for sure.
Q: Who would be which Spice Girl in your group of friends?
Veronica Dunne: I would want to be Baby Spice. Everyone else can kind of fend for themselves. Even at Halloween when we talk about doing that, I always call Baby Spice first.

And for some reason, a girl always tries to fight me for Baby Spice! I’m not going to go to battle for this, so I always end up being Ginger Spice or something. I get really jealous when she has the pigtails on and we go to the party and she looks so cute in the pink outfit and the chokers and I have to spray my hair red. That just happened this past Halloween.


Q: Do you have a costume in mind for this year yet?
Veronica Dunne: I kind of want to be Penny Lane from Almost Famous. It’s one of my top five favorite movies and top three favorite characters of all time. Kate Hudson was just spectacular. She’s like my spirit animal.
Q: Would you rope your boyfriend, Max, in to be William and do a couples’ costume?
Veronica Dunne: Yeah! I was just about to say that. I would totally love for him to do that. We’d have fun with those two.

Q: You and Max are adorable on social media and have that balance of showing you’re in a happy relationship but not throwing it in people’s faces. Do you have any relationship advice for sharing your significant other on social media without being crazy about it?
Veronica Dunne: I always tend to post when I’m really, really feeling something in my heart. Most of my posts from Instagram and Twitter don’t come from a publicity standpoint necessarily or just to brag about anything.

Whether it’s about my relationship with Max or my career, I only post when I’m truly happy or elated or had a really great time that night. I think when it comes from a real place — like when you just had an awesome adventure or experience and want to share that — you can tell when it’s coming from the heart and that’s the best way to post about it.

Your Instagram is about you and it’s important to show your independence and your sense of style, not just being in a relationship.


Q: How did you two meet?
Veronica Dunne: We met at a charity event because we had the same representation at one point and I thought he was so gorgeous and so cute.

I guess I was just feeling really confident, so I just went up to him and was like, “Hey, I’m Veronica!” We just hit it off immediately and when we started talking, somehow musical theater came up because I’m such a musical theater nerd and he was like, “Oh, I’ve done a bunch of musical theater, too.”

I was doing a production of The Last Five Years in LA at that time and was putting it on myself because no other company was doing it and I had to play Cathy.  karaoke track in my car and we were talking about it and he said, “I know that whole show.

Do you want to go to your car and sing through the show?” We went to my car and sang through the whole entire show of The Last Five Years. Even when we got to “The Next Ten Minutes” where Jamie proposes to Cathy, he legit took my hand and sang it to me.Q: And this was about a year ago, right?
Veronica Dunne: About a year and a half ago. We were friends for a bit first but we knew we liked each other, then he kind of wooed me.

He took me out to dinners and we hung out a bunch, then he asked me to be his girlfriend the day of the Emmys. He was nominated and he was like, “What am I going to introduce you as?” It was perfect.

Swapping Shows

Q: Have you ever thought about swapping shows, with him on K.C. Undercover and you on Under the Dome?
Veronica Dunne: We’ve actually talked about that. Our creator, Rob Lotterstein, loves Max because he always comes to set and hangs out. Everyone loves Max — they’re like, “Where’s Max?” too and I think they talk about him more than they talk about me.

They think Max should come on and be Marisa’s boyfriend for a few episodes. It would be cool to go on Under the Dome, too.
Q: You are such a musical theater person. What’s your dream role?
Veronica Dunne: My No. 1 dream role is probably Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. I was actually offered standby on Broadway as Glinda in Wicked this year, but I couldn’t do it because I was filming.

Hopefully during one of my hiatuses I can work something out where I could do some sort of limited engagement with Wicked. It’s such a classic cliché musical theater thing to say, but I’ve seen that show so many times and I cannot get sick of it.

I used to think Glinda was written for me because I love that part so much — her comedy, her heart, and that whole show.
Q: Do you have anyone that you’d love to work with in the industry?
Veronica Dunne: Girls is my favorite show and I think Lena Dunham is incredible and I admire her work so much. I would love to work with Lena.

I love everything she’s done and her writing is so brilliant and true to society right now and so funny at the same time. also l Jennifer Lawrence and would do anything with Amy Schumer. Trainwreck was amazing. Those are my three female role models right now.


Q: Being on K.C. Undercover, you’re now a role model to young girls. Do you have any advice for teens who are struggling with themselves and self esteem?
Veronica Dunne: It’s so difficult just being a teenager in society, growing up in these times with social media and all the exposure and what beauty is.

That’s one of my causes, actually: self-confidence, body image, and all that. I think it’s becoming an epidemic, just this hatred of ourselves and driving for perfection that just doesn’t exist. My advice is just to understand that what we see right in front of us isn’t real.

Knowing that perfection truly doesn’t exist and we need to learn to love ourselves more. Imperfection is beauty. Look at yourself every morning and be proud of what you see — don’t try to be something else or change things. Just be proud and confident of yourself and know that each individuality makes you beautiful and unique.
Q: Lastly, if you could describe yourself in one emoji, what would it be?
Veronica Dunne: My favorite emoji is the monkey with his eyes covered because I think that can be used for so many different things. If I’m laughing too hard or if I’m crying or embarrassed — it’s kind of this cute little emoji that you can literally use for any feeling.